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Mike's GiantBoys.Tk

It's a decision I've been contemplating for some time now. I, Mike (also known as BigMike), am redesigning and expanding my old site. As of right now, the date that the site will be finished is unknown. Therefore, my old site will stay online with all current features until I get the new site finished. As for my plans for my new site: I will be redesigning all the old pages, creating more features such as character profiles (I stole this from Nathan, sorry buddy =] ), a possible interactive story area, picture stories, photo gallery, an "About the Author" page, simpler navigation, and a background that is much easier on the eyes. As of right now I am not sure of all the new features I will be adding. There will not be any updates until the site is done, and then I will upload all the new pages at the same time.

I am promising at approximately 2-3 new stories by me when the site is uploaded, and I also encourage new stories. I currently DO have a few new stories to post that I promised the writers I would upload. Sorry guys, but its gonna have to wait until the new site is done, even though I have had them for well over a month. However, please DO send me new stories to add to the site by emailing me here or leaving a message on my Forum



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