2006 Dodge Charger

by Jason C.

(under construction)

New Charger may outperform Viper

2006 Dodge Charger- When you think of the name Charger you think back to when this famous Dodge was ripping up streets across America. So why is this one a 4-Door? Well before you say this car has to be weak consider this 5.7 litter V8 can take this thing from 0-60 in 6.1 sec and hit speeds of 160mph. Of-course if that's too much Dodge always offers a surprisingly fuel efficient 3.5 V6. When it comes to family this car has have covered with plenty of room for 5 adults to fit comfortably. It also has air bags all around and a base price around $19,000. But don't confuse this with the 300c as it only shares it's frame with the Chrysler. This Dodge also hides a secret…. Want to scare a mustang? Try the 6.1 Hemi with a 0-60 around 5.1 with an Automatic. So weather you're a Family man looking for a non-boring 4-Door or a young guy looking for that hot new car…Dodge has you covered.