Jason's Story

Written in December 2005 by BigMike

    The first story in the "Jason" series, Jason gets revenge on the death of his family by crushing the driver in the opposite truck... Story is somewhat violent, hope you enjoy it.


Jason, hurry up for breakfast or you’ll be late for school” Jason’s mom called upstairs. Jason finished getting dressed and hurried down the stairs. Jason was a 14 year old boy in 8th grade, he had a great life, he was on the student council at school, he was pretty much everyone’s friend, and he had a great family and had pretty much everything a 14 year old kid could want. He was always upbeat and happy, and no matter what kind of mood you were in, he could make you laugh.

Jason sat down in the dining room to eat breakfast, while watching the T.V. The morning news was on, and the weather forecast.

“Today expect highs in the lower 40’s, and an 80% chance of Thundershowers. Tonight, those Thundershowers will be switching over into snow showers as temperatures dip into the 20’s. Tomorrow, there will also be more thunder showers as that front continues to make it through the area. I’ll be back with your 5 day forecast, in 10 minutes, back to you at the news desk. His mom interrupts:

“I guess you guys won’t be going out to play basketball after school today huh?”

“Nope, guess not, darn. Oh well, no great loss” He said as his mom patted him on his head. Jason finished up eating, grabbed his coat and backpack and headed out to the bus stop with his little sister.

They waited at the bus stop with their neighbors, who happen to be their friends, until the bus came. The bus finally got there 10 minutes late, and they all got on and headed off to school, on the miserable day. They finally arrive at school, and they all had to hurry to the lockers, so they would be on time for homeroom. They all ended up being late, and all of the teachers were okay with this, that is, except for Jason’s.

“Jason, you’re late, do you have a late pass? His teacher asked.
“No, my bus was late and uh…” Jason says as his teacher interrupts.
“I don’t care if your bus was late, you need a late pass.”
“But…” He says
“No buts go get a late pass from the office, now!” She says. Jason sets down his books and reluctantly goes to the office to get a pass. He gets back to class, just in time for the bell to ring for first period. First period that day was Chorus class, one of Jason’s favorite classes. He gets to class, and quickly takes his seat.
“Class, I want to say, that last Thursday at the concert, I thought you guys did well, but I talked to some of the people in the audience, and they basically said you guys sucked. So for homework, due on Wednesday, I want you all to write a 3 page essay on how we could improve our performance.” He said. At that time, a quiet sigh came from all of the 20 kids in the class. They were all given the rest of the period to start the paper. After that, the rest of the day went pretty much normal, up until lunch time. They sat down to lunch, Jason and Josh (his neighbor/best friend) talked to each other.

“Jason, I got some bad news…” Josh said.
“Well tell me, you know you can tell me anything” Jason said.
“Well okay…. Jason, I’m moving” Josh said.
“You’re what?” Jason said, afraid.
“I’m moving, we’re leaving this weekend, I’m moving to Oregon.”
“I can’t believe this, how could this day possibly get any worse”
“Jason, don’t worry we can still talk to each other online.” Josh says.
“Yeah, I guess” Jason said, depressed Jason bit into his lunch sandwich, and he feels something in his mouth snap.
“Aww crap, one of the rubber bands on my braces broke” Jason said. He gets up from the table and tells the lunch lady, who tell him to go to the nurse’s office. He gets to the nurse’s office, and she tells him to sit down.
“So what exactly happened?” She asks Jason.
“I don’t really know, I just bit into my sandwich, and it snapped.” He said.
“Uhu, Let me look in there.” She said.
“You probably shouldn’t worry about it; tell your parents when you get home to make an appointment to go to the Dentist, okay?” She said. Jason thanked her and left to go back to lunch, and continued the rest of the day, pretty average.

                                        This is the real Jason I based the character on, he was made into a giant thanks to Ivor for his great photo editing ability

It was finally the end of the day, and they got on the bus to go home, when they got of the bus, their neighbor greeted them, and told them to come over to their house.
“Why? What happened? Where’s the truck? Its not in our driveway…”
“Shhh, Jason, Kristen, calm down (Kristen is Jason’s little sister) Something happened and I need to tell you something…” She said.

Their neighbor walked Jason and Kristen to her house and let them in.
“Guys, what I needed to tell you, is that earlier today, the nurse from the high school called, and your parents had to go pick your brother up because he was sick. On their way home… well…. turn on the T.V.” She said. Jason walked over to the T.V. and turned it to the news channel.

“And so we continue coverage of our breaking news story. On Clever Road today in Robinson, an accident involving a blue Ford Expedition, and a Tractor Trailer, resulted in the death of all 3 occupants in the SUV. Right now, police are not releasing the names of the deceased, but we do know that it was a mother, father, and one child that were killed. We have been told that the accident occurred when the driver of the tractor trailer looked down to check his invoice slips, when he unknowingly crossed the center line. When the driver of the Expedition swerved to miss the truck, it left the road and hit an embankment causing the large SUV to flip, resulting in the death of the passengers. We’ll update all of our viewers as this…” said the reporter on the T.V.

“You two do know that that was your truck right?” their neighbor said. Jason and Kristen said nothing; they both silently acknowledged that it was their truck that was in the accident, which means that was their family that was killed. Kristen sat down and stared forward with no expression. Jason said nothing, and left his neighbor’s house, to go back to his own house.

He goes upstairs to his room, and he just sits down to think, he eventually falls asleep because the events of the day had drained his energy. Jason woke up from his nap around 5:30 pm. And he signed onto his computer to tell his friends what happened. As soon as he signed onto AIM his friend Josh IMD him. (Note these are both real people I know, and happen to be friends with them, but for confidentiality reasons, I will not put their actual sn’s on here)

Josh: Jason! I heard what happened on the news, and I’m so sorry man.
Jason: I can’t believe it happened, I just… I’m not sure what to think right now
Josh: I can understand that
Jason: yea, I’m just depressed.
Josh: You depressed, I never thought I’d see the day lol cheer up man, you know everything will be okay
Jason: yea I guess it still doesn’t make it go away. I have to deal with this.
Josh: Well you know I’ll be here for you if you need me
Jason: yea thanks bud
Josh: ne time
Jason: I gtg ttyl

Jason has signed off at 5:42 p.m.

Jason walked back downstairs, to find his little sister crying on the couch, and his uncle George sitting on the couch next to her trying to comfort her. Jason asked why he was here. He explained that he was their godparent, meaning that if something were to happen to their parents he would become their legal guardian.
“Now I want you two to go upstairs and get whatever you need for the night, and we’ll leave to go to my house for the night.” He said. Jason and Kristen went upstairs to get their stuff for the night. They came back downstairs, and went outside to get in the car. They left the house and, on their way to Uncle George’s house, they had to go past the place of the accident next to the high school. They found that both vehicles were still there and so were the investigators. They pulled over and tried to walk over to the truck to see the accident.
“Stop! This is a crime scene I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.” The officer said.
“But you don’t understand…” Uncle George tried to argue with them, meanwhile Jason walked over to their wrecked SUV to look at what happened. The Truck had been flipped back upright from when they took the bodies out of the truck, and Jason looked at it and almost started crying. The whole top of the truck had been crushed flat after being flipped onto its roof. He looked around on the ground below the truck, and found his mom's necklace, broken. He picked it up and, they all got back in the car and left.

Jason knew in his heart, that this was the truck driver’s fault. He went from being depressed to being angry, he swore someday, somehow he would get revenge for the death of his family. He knew it in his heart. His sister was his only true family left, he felt alone.

About two weeks later, the case was ready to go to trial.

“Everyone take your seats, the trial of case number 312 in the matter of truck driver Philip Chamberlain versus the State and the Rizza family is about to begin” the bailiff stated. Everyone sits down and the judge takes his seat.

“Now, as I understand the case, Mr. Chamberlain was driving his tractor trailer truck, towards Kennedy on Clever Road, when the now deceased Mr. (name removed to protect the person i used as the character) was headed in the opposite direction towards Robinson after picking a child up from the high school. From what I understand, Mr. Chamberlain, had looked down to check delivery invoice slips, when he crossed the center line. Mr. (name removed to protect the person i based the character), driving the SUV swerved to miss the truck, the SUV left the road, hitting an embankment, causing the SUV to flip onto its roof, killing the driver and both passengers. Is there anything else the defense would like to add?” The judge stated. The defense attorney said no, and the judge asked the plaintiff the same question.
“Yes, I would like to ask Mr. Chamberlain some questions.” The attorney said, as the Truck driver approached the bench.

“Mr. Chamberlain, at approximately what time did the accident happen?” The attorney asked.
“I guess about quarter after 1 p.m.” Mr. Chamberlain replied.
“Then could you please explain to us, that while investigators were searching for evidence, they found your cellular phone on the seat of your tractor. When they checked phone records, they found that the phone was used at 1:14 pm, and was disconnected at 1:17 p.m., which is about the same time the accident occurred, correct?” the attorney asked. The truck driver responded yes,

“Then is it fair to say that the accident could have been due to the distraction of your phone, not these alleged ‘invoice slips’? Which means you knew that the accident was going to occur, and you simply just did nothing to avoid the accident” The attorney stated.

“No, that’s not true” he said calmly. Just then Kristen jumped up from her seat in the courtroom.
“That’s a lie and you know it!” she screamed, and in tears she ran out of the courtroom, Jason ran after her. Outside in the lobby of the courthouse…
“Kristen, wait” He said as he followed her outside. Kristen sits down on the interior steps of the courthouse and cried.

“Aww, Kristen, calm down its okay” Jason said trying to comfort his little sister.
“But, I can’t handle sitting in there watching him lie like that” She says.
“Yeah, I know, but it’s all gonna be okay in the end, you’ll see, no matter if we win or lose the case, I’ll make sure that guy gets what he deserves.” Jason said.
“How exactly are you going to do that Jas?” his little sister asked.
“Oh, well you know that our Uncle George is an inventor right?’ she nodded yes ‘well, after you went to bed last night, me and Uncle George talked, and he said his latest invention is a machine, sort of a laser type thing, that can make things bigger or smaller, and, if we lose this case, I’m gonna use that machine and, I’m gonna turn myself into a giant, and I’ll get our revenge on him. Remember, He doesn’t know I’m gonna do this, not a word to him okay?” he says. She nods her head yes, and they go back to the courtroom, as they enter the courtroom, they are just in time to hear the attorney say “No further questions your honor.” And they take their seats.
“Seeing as how the defense and the prosecution don’t have any more questions, I’m going to state the court go into recess, we’ll resume the case and the jury will state the sentence tomorrow, I’m sorry to give the jury such a short time to make the decision, but the upcoming holiday we have many cases to get in between now and then. I will see you all tomorrow, Court dismissed” The judge said.


“In regards to case number 312 and with the power of the state of Pennsylvania, The jury finds the defendant Phillip Chamberlain, not guilty due to a lack of evidence” said the speaker for the jury. So that was it, they lost, but Jason knew what he was gonna do, he knew…

Uncle George, Jason and Kristen went home that day, they felt defeated, except for Jason. It sounded strange, but Jason was actually hoping that they would lose the case.
Uncle George had to go to work the following Saturday giving Jason time to carry out his plans. After George left for work, Jason decided that it would be best to find where Phillip Chamberlain lived. It wasn't too hard, A local Truckdriver website listed all the details.

“Here we go" Jason said to himself," Phillip Chamberlain, occupation Truck Driver; Family Wife, 2 kids.” it then listed the address.
“Hmm, that’s not too far from here, it’s only in Scott Township.” He thought.

Next Jason went into the basement to where his uncle had his workshop with his inventions, Kristen followed behind him as they climbed down the stairs.

“Okay, I think we should move this into the backyard, If this thing works the way it supposed to, I don’t want to rip apart Uncle George’s house” Jason said with a slight smirk, it was the first time he smiled since the accident,most people who knew him, admitted that Jason normally smiled so much he made other people smile. Jason and Kristen pushed the odd looking machine into the backyard, it weighed a ton.

“Okay Kristen, I’ll stand right there’ he tilted the laser in that direction where he would be standing. "you just have to press that red button when I tell you” he said turning a large dial on the side, to 200 feet tall.
“Oh, and Kristen’ he said as he hugged his sister ‘no matter what happens, I love you sis” he said.

“And I love you too Jas” she said to her big (and soon to be A LOT bigger) brother. Jason walks over to where he said he would stand, and gestured to Kristen to press the button.

“Okay, here it goes” she said nervously.As she pressed the button, a blue-ish colored beam shot out of the front of the laser, and it made a terrible noise. She looked up and could see her brother growing to enormous size, he shot up to 10 feet, 20 feet, 30, soon he was at one hundred feet.
“Wow its actually working!” he exclaimed. Soon he was at 115 feet, 150, 175, finally as he neared 200 feet tall the growing slowed, eventually stopped and the machine turned itself off.

“Wow Kristen, everything looks so tiny from up here!” He laughed. He bent down and picked his tiny sister up so she could see the view.

“Wow Jason, you’re right everything does look small!” she said. Jason put her back down and said goodbye, and that he would be back soon,as he left. Uncle George arrived home, he entered through the front door. She rushed inside to greet him.

“Hi Kristen, where’s your brother?”
She said nothing,then he noticed the backdoor was unlocked.Stepping out onto the back porch he looked out into the yard where his machine sat, then he noticed a gigantic indentation in the mud that looks oddly like the bottom of a gigantic sneaker. He runs back inside.
“Kristen… did Jason do what I think he did?” He asked nervously.
“Umm…” she tried to think of what to say.
“Good lord, he did it didn’t he? I wish he didn’t do that, it hasn’t been tested, who knows what might happen…”


Jason is quickly nearing his destination, surprisingly he goes mostly unnoticed through the area, hardly anyone is home. He finds the house of the truck driver, sees the big rig parked outside, and knows he’s home. Even from his amazing height, he can see the damage to the truck, which reminded him off all the events that happened in the last month,Anger welled within him as he finds himself completely in revenge mindset.

Inside the truck driver notices the ground shaking, and so does his family, it gets more violent as Jason gets closer.
"Whats that? his wife asks
The truck driver says “I'll check it out, I don’t want you to get hurt” He searches for his coat so he can go outside, The shaking gets more violent with every step Jason takes toward the house. The truck driver finally goes outside as Jason's shadow not only falls over the house, but over the rest of the block as well. He looks up just in time to see Jason’s enormous sneaker slam down onto the street before him.

“Oh no” he shrieks and tries to go back into his house to hide, just then Jason reaches down and picks him up.

“Where do you think your going you little pipsqueak?” Jason says, knowing he is in power, he never felt such a surge of adrenalin rushing through his body.

“I know you lied in court today little man, and that’s unforgivable’ his voice boomed, and it would scare anyone, "I know you lied. Do you know how much that hurt me? Do you realize that I’ll never see my family again? Did you even have any consideration for my sister and me?"
“Okay, look kid, you’re right, I’m sorry” said the man hoping to be let go.
“You think you’re gonna get off that easily?" Jason laughed at the thought "being sorry doesn’t bring my family back” Jason said angrily
“Please don’t hurt me” the man pleaded.

“No, crushing you would be too easy, anything I do to you is too good for you” Jason sneered

“So I’m gonna make you suffer like I did" Jason began to raise his voice "Like My sister and I will have to suffer for the rest of our lives" he raised his voice even louder, "I’ll never be able to see my family again!” he said angrily,"and neither will you!" he lifts his gigantic white and black Adio sneaker over the truck driver’s house.
“No, please don’t do that, they didn't hurt anyone, there are kids in there, like you! at least let me say goodbye to them first!” pleaded the truck driver.
“Did I get to say goodbye to my family before you killed them?” Jason said with an evil laugh, slowly he lowered his foot onto the house, and slowly it was crushed to splinters. Knowing that he has killed the truck driver’s family, and everything else he cared about brought him pleasure. All the truck driver could do was scream “No” as he watches the house flattened under Jason’s sneaker.

After he crushed the house, he picked up the truck, and threw it as hard as he could into the distance.then he smiled and let out a whole-hearted evil laugh throwing the truck driver to the ground, crushing every bone in his body, but not killing him. Jason walks away, and leaves the man to suffer, and slowly die from his injuries. He doesn’t go far however as he wants to stay to make sure no one comes to help the man before he dies, no one does.
Feeling ecstatic, Jason walks back to his house, but along the way he takes a detour, crushing every house, and kicking a few into ruble as he heads back home.

He comes home and, Kristen and his uncle are waiting for him, He sits down to rest, and as he does, he realizes what he’s just done, he almost cries thinking about it.
Kristen and Uncle George tell him to lay down, in the large backyard, they tell him just to just relax, and everything is going to be okay.

In the weeks following Jason’s rampage, the police agreed not to press charges, since he’s a minor. One thing was certain though, no one would ever tick Jason off again. Eventually Jason reverted to his fun loving, carefree and happy self. But No one would ever forgot that day either. It lives on in Pennsylvania history forever.

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