A Problem With the Giant Friend

Date written, unknown


This story was the second one I wrote, The first one was where we got introduced to the main character Denny, but it has been deleted accidently and is nowhere to be found. I hope you like this one.

The night passed, and they both slept soundly, the storm passed through quietly. During the night however, unknown to the young giant, an army issue Hummer quietly pulled up, and 4 military personnel got out. They proceeded to take a large box out of the vehicle, and carry it to Denny’s head. The giant still asleep the men climbed up his arm to his ear. Ever so carefully they installed the box behind his ear, without making a sound. As quietly as they had appeared, they left, without Denny suspecting a thing. Morning approached and Denny woke up and stretched. Mike awoke to and wondered down the stairs and out the front door. He found his giant friend outside and they said good morning to each other, and both wiped the sleep from their eyes.
“I have to go see the other giants this morning, I hope you don’t mind” The young giant said
“No problem” replied Mike. Denny thundered away, and Mike went back inside to have breakfast. Denny came to the field where the other giants were, and he said good morning to them as well.
“Were supposed to have a meeting today, to get ready to go to that competition out west.” They groaned at the thought of a meeting, but they all got up and sat down in a circle together, to talk about planning the trip.
“Now you all know you can’t take anyone with you, this is supposed to be a secret” Denny announced
“Does that include that bug you call your friend Denny?” Michael laughed.
“Don’t call him a bug Michael.” Denny replied
“So what if I call him a bug, you aren’t gonna’ do anything about it” Michael laughed. Denny stood up, and stared at Michael.
“Oh, you wanna beat me up know eh?” Michael said tauntingly. The other giants stood up as well, not wanting to be in the crossfire. Denny lunged at Michael, and started punching and kicking him. The two fought for awhile, they were very evenly matched. Finally, the stronger giant won out, Michael was knocked-out cold. All of the giants ran, afraid of what the enraged Denny might do next. Denny calmed down, and stepped back, realizing what he’s just done. The young giant, then, ran home to Mike’s house and sat down next to it. Mike then ran outside upon hearing all of the commotion.
“What’s wrong buddy?” Mike asked his giant friend in a friendly tone.
“I just beat up Michael, and knocked him out” the giant replied sobbing.
“Denny, I’m sure he’ll be okay” Mike said
“You don’t understand, I just beat up my former best friend. He may be mean to me now, but I still care about him, I didn’t want him to get hurt” Denny said
“Alright buddy, Just calm down, everything’s gonna’ be alright. You’ll see.”
“No Mike, its just not me, I don’t go around beating people up, no matter how much I hate them. It’s the complete opposite of what I think other people should do.”

“Wait a minute buddy, there’s something behind your ear” Mike said.
“What?” Denny asked
“Behind your ear, I see a box.” Denny reached up to his right ear, and reached around behind it. He held the (to him) little box in his hand.
“Damn it” Denny said angrily.
“I think I know what happened to me this morning. I think the government is trying to control us giants. I’m thinkin’ I was the first one they tested this on and it went haywire” Denny assumed
“So that’s why you went berserk?” Mike questioned
“I think so” Denny replied
“So….. what are you gonna do about it?” Mike asked.
“I’m not sure…… I think we may be paying a visit to Washington D.C. in the near future, if you know what I mean.” Denny replied.
“No you can’t do that Denny. I won’t let you hurt those people.” Mike said.
“Mike, there’s no other choice, I have to do it.” he said.
“No you can’t!!” Mike is now angry at him.
“Mike, I love you like a brother, but I think I have to make my own decision on this” He said
“Okay…… you can go’ he said with a sigh ‘but can I go with you?” Mike asked
“No Mike, I don’t want you to go, you might get hurt” The giant replied
So they said goodbye to each other, and Denny set off for Washington. What Denny didn’t know however, was that Mike Planned to follow him there. Mike had an airplane ticket from Pittsburgh International Airport to Washington D.C. As Denny left Mike packed his things and left for the airport.

Several hours later…..
The giant nears Washington and, unnoticed he sits down to take a rest in a remote field away from the city.
Mike, who has been in the city for awhile now, tries to find a place to stay far away from the city…..

Denny sits and thinks to himself. “Do I really want to go through with this? I don’t want innocent people to be hurt. But, on the other hand if I stop this now no one else will be hurt, I will save all of the other giants from being hurt or hurting someone else. Yes, I must do this, they must be stopped.” Meanwhile away in the city everything is calm, if only they knew what was coming.

Denny stands up and starts walking closer to the city. In the city people start to feel the ground shake slightly, gradually becoming more severe as he gets closer. In the streets of Washington, there is chaos. People have no clue what was going on, not even the president had a clue. (In case you wonder I am a democrat so I’m not a fan of Bush anyway) Suddenly a shadow falls over the city, the people look up to see the smiling face of a 12 year-old giant boy. The people are in even more of a state of panic, trying to find somewhere to hide. But all attempts at hiding are futile, as the boy raises his giant Nike- clad foot over a building. He slams his foot down completely obliterating the building under the shear power of it. Despite his attempts at hiding his joy, he couldn’t help but laugh at the crowds running away from his shoe. Denny now completely understands how unstoppable he is. Not anyone or anything in this galaxy could stop him. He then takes his other foot and does the same as the other one, destroying another building. He continues to laugh.

Meanwhile, news spreads fast and Mike decides that he should leave the city completely, not wanting to die under the foot of his best friend. The President also hears the news and scatters the military to stop Denny. A few F-18 fighters fly around his head, and he slaps one away sending it hurtling to the ground, it didn’t stand a chance. The other fighters flee after seeing what the giant did to their comrade. A tank rolls down the street, stopping at the feet of the 12 year old boy monster. Denny laughs as he lifts up his enormous foot and slams it down on top of the tank, crushing it flat under its power. The giant continues on in his rampage crushing building after building, laughing. He takes of his shoes and starts to continue crushing people on the street with his smelly socked foot, knowing that the last thing they smell was the bottom of his giant filthy socked foot. He doesn’t crush them instantly; he likes to feel them struggle under his foot, taking in every breath of the awful smell. He decides that he’s had enough fun, and should get back to the real reason he’s here. He puts his shoes back on and continues on in his quest, crushing more buildings as he nears the White House. He rips open the roof of the building with ease using his incredible strength. He picks up the terrified president, and now, in a dead serious attitude, he holds the man up to his face.
“I want an explanation for why you thought you could control us giants. And I want it NOW! The president not wanting to give away any secretes simply says:
“Do I need to explain to you that you really aren’t in a bargaining position right now’ Denny squeezes him a little ‘Now what are you going to say?” Barely being able to withstand the pressure his reply remains the same.
“No” Denny squeezes him a little harder. The President gives in, and in tears he says.
“Okay, we were trying to control you giants so we could use you as a weapon against our enemies. Please don’t crush me!” Denny sets him down back in the house.
“I’ll leave, but if you ever try to do that again, I’ll be back. If that happens, there wont be anything left of this city. You hear me?” The giant speaks down to him, Denny leaves the city, causing little more damage, one thing was clear though, when you piss off a giant like Denny, no matter how nice they are, there will be all hell to pay.

Mike hides in some woods on the outskirts of the town, thinking to himself. “How could he do that, I thought his whole persona was the friendly giant?” Meanwhile Denny leaves the city and calms down, and he sees his little friend hiding in the trees below him. Mike is terrified as Denny reaches down to pick him up, and carry him to a clearing.
“Please, Denny, I don’t know what’s wrong with you but just please leave me out of it” Mike said crying.
“Oh Mike, calm down you know I won’t hurt you” Denny said
“I don’t know that for sure, after what you did to the city” Mike replied. Denny lays on the ground so that he's face to face with Mike.
“Mike, what happened back there, I’m not proud of. I just went there to resolve this problem, and I got a little carried away with myself, in the sure ecstasy of it all.” Mike’s not impressed, he still doesn’t believe him.
“Mike, if only you could see what it feels like to be a giant. Crushing cities is fun, its just I don’t like people getting hurt. If only you knew how, how, exhilarating it feels. I never meant for anyone to get hurt, I just couldn’t control myself.” Denny is almost in tears as he recalls what he did. Denny pulls Mike close to him and hugs him.
“I wish I could have stopped myself from doing that” Denny says crying.
“Awww, Denny, ‘Mike Decides to forgive him’ I know you didn’t mean it. I’m actually on your side, you had to do that.” Mike says
“So are we friends again?” Denny asks.
“Yeah, I guess…… just don’t do that again okay?” Mike replies
“I promise” Denny says, and they both laugh. Denny picks Mike back up, and they start heading for home. It was truly amazing what had happened on this day. Denny had gone from being the sweetest, most gentle, friendliest giant on earth to being one of the meanest, heartless, monster of a giant on earth. And as quickly as he became evil he went back to normal. Could this be the end of our two beloved characters? Hell No!!!! I’ve got more ideas then I know what to do with right now…. But let’s get back to the story. Mike and Denny spend the next few months away, never visiting home. They are at first talking to the government, and despite the fact that you think this is Denny’s fault, the government takes full responsibility, since they were the cause of the attack. Plus there’s the fact to consider that even though Denny may be a 200 foot tall, Size changing and could be up to 3 miles tall, un-measurably powerful giant, he is still only 12 years old, which means he’s still a minor. The rest of the time they spend away, enjoying themselves, getting to know each other better, while Denny helps to rebuild the city. Eventually they leave to return home…… but when they arrive…... something strange happens.

They go to the field where all of the giants stay. As Denny comes in, everyone is there….. except Michael…. and all of them give Denny a bad look.
“Hey guys, what’s wrong….. you look like you just saw a ghost.” Denny asks. They all look at each other, trying to decide who should tell him what happened. Finally Ryan speaks up
“While you guys where gone, Michael’s been practicing. He’s been balking up, he’s even able to grow to a bigger size than you now. Which means, you’re not the most powerful giant anymore.” He says.
“Oh no… you’re kidding” Denny said
“Nope, he says he wants to meet you later…. He says he has a surprise in store for Baden, he said to meet him there” Ryan replies.

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