Massacre on the Airplane

( Part of  Children of Chaos Chapter 143 )

By Nathan, December 1996



The Scene: Nathan and his gang of evil young friends are traveling on an airplane. We join them mid-flight...


      Nathan pointed at the stewardess and said “I ordered a BOYSENBERRY DAIQUIRI... and this thing you have presented to me tastes like ROTTEN PEACHES! What is your problem!?”

     The stewardess gasped in horror.  The guy in the weird suit was about to throw the drink in her face, she was sure.  But then, and old woman came over.  “Excuse me?” she said politely. ”I believe that is my drink.  I ordered a Rotten Peach Fizz.”

     Nathan stared at the woman. The stewardess blushed. “Oh, I’m sorry... yes, you did..” she said.  The old woman seemed about ready to graciously take the drink from Nathan’s hand when she instead abruptly went insane. She snatched the drink furiously, then splashed it all over another passenger who happened to be walking past. The businessman screamed as if he’d been doused with acid, then went sprinting away down the aisle in horror.  He threw a glance back over his shoulder and shouted “You vile old HAG!” at the woman.

     The hag now slapped the stewardess, then produced a bottle of perfume and tried to dump it on Wil’s head, but Kelly grabbed her wrist, which promptly broke in his grasp.  She screamed madly, then thrust her head forward, biting at the perfume bottle with her teeth, trying to open it.  Her teeth broke and fell out of her mouth.  Everyone was gaping at this spectacle with shock, confusion, pity, disgust, and of course amusement.

     With her other hand, the madwoman tried to slap Kelly, but his pal Josh grabbed her fingers, and they broke.  In fact, they came off in his hands.  He threw them in her face in disgust.  They bounced to the carpeted floor like dry twigs.  The hag moaned, then began hissing like an idiot.

     Nathan shouted at the stewardess “Get this madwoman away from us!!”

The stewardess grabbed the hag by the shoulder and pulled. Surprisingly, the old woman’s arm didn’t come loose, or even break. She went tumbling backwards.  Her hand came off in Kelly’s, however.  He waved it jokingly in Wil’s face. 

     “Oh Gross!” Wil and Burandon both shouted at the same time, causing them both to crack up laughing. 

     “Kellybear, stop playing with that hag claw!” Nathan comically scolded.  Kelly obliged, tossing it over his shoulder, where it landed in Brandon Call’s lap, he squealed with disgust, causing ALL the guys to crack up laughing.  ( there were ten of them in their group ).

     Meanwhile, the old woman had broken loose from the stewardess and begun to hobble maniacally across the cabin.  Her perfume bottle had fallen near Ross, so he picked it up and threw it at her.  The carved glass bottle hit her in the head and shattered.  The stench of decomposing vegetables flooded the plane, and five men in tuxedos vomited in unison.  The hag apparently favored the repulsive scene known as “Bad Smell #5".  Nathan wrinkled his nose in disgust.  This had gone on long enough.  He said “Kelly, Josh, do us all a favor and go bash that woman’s head against the floor until she dies, would you?”

     The eager, big-eared boys clambered up from their seats, but it would seem that another passenger wasequally fed up.  The businessman who had been splashed with the madwoman’s Rotten Peach Fizz reappeared in the first class cabin– holding a boomerang! Without saying a word, he flung it.

     The boomerang, an 18 inch crescent of polished quartz, spun across the cabin towards the madwoman, who was screaming and belching, and it cut through her head, spraying blood and brain tissue onto the ceiling. The corpse wobbled weirdly, then fell over. The boomerang circled back across the cabin and the businessman caught it, then sat back down in his seat.

      The stewardess dragged the dead body into an airlock and ejected it into the atmosphere, after checking with the pilot to be sure it was alright. It was.

      Brandon Call had thrown the old woman’s mummified, detached hand across the cabin, and it hit a little girl.  She screamed.  Her mother angrily marched over towards Brandon, apparently intent on yelling at him.  Nathan saw this however and sprang up, stepping in front of her.  “Stop angrily marching towards my friend, you hideous Jewish bitch!” Nathan said brusquely. The woman gasped. “ DARE–“ she began to scream, but Nathan slapped her and shouted “Shutup! You have offended me! Prepare to die!!”

     He flung the woman back towards his friends, and she tumbled to the floor among Kelly, Josh,. Wil, and Shawn-Bo. They slid from their seats and knelt on her, then reached down to grip at her with their hands.  Kelly and Josh put their boykid hands on her face, suffocating her to death as Willy and Shawn immobilized her.  While this was going on, Barrett and Ross went and did the same thing to the woman’s 7 year old daughter. None of the other passengers interfered for about 30 seconds, and then a 7 foot tall man who weighed 300 pounds rose from his seat, but quickly sat back down after Nathan threw a steak knife at him.  The 5 inch blade crunched into the man’s forehead, sinking all the way to the hilt. He was dead within seconds.

     Nathan stood and addressed the rest of the first class passengers. “Listen up you people. Nobody get any funny ideas about anything. If you want to live to see New York, you’d better just mind your own business and pretend that this is all a dream.”

      At once, a hag-like woman rose and pointed at him. “You are--” she said, but Nathan’s big 16 year old skater pal Burandon tackled her. Her head cracked against the wall and she died.

A fat man pointed at Burandon and roared “You just--” but Omri shot him with a 9mm pistol,  The fat man fell over and died. A bald man with one ear pointed at Omri and began to shout.  “You!” was all he managed before Omri shot HIM, too. In the face.

    “Omri?’ Nathan said. “It might not be wise to be shooting bullets in an airplane, ya know?”

     Omri agreed, putting away the gun. A 200 pound Egyptian woman in a blue silk dress emerged from the bathroom, and looked around. She saw—

            Two dead men with bullet holes in them.

            A dead woman with a purple face.

            A little girl being cruelly smothered.

            A dead man with a knife in his head.

            A dead hag slumped on the floor.

The Egyptian woman screamed insanely and pulled out a hat pin and began poking it into a man’s shoulder.  “Hey, OW! Stop that! What’s your problem! Bitch! Ouch!” he shouted, swatting at her with a newspaper. She had gone mad. Nathan pointed at her and said “Leave that man alone!”

     “No!” she screamed, ramming the hat pin into the man’s eye. Nathan grimaced, then picked up Kelly and threw him at the crazy Egyptian woman.  Kelly’s bear-like Nikes, which were white and green, smacked against her face as he hit her like a javelin. The woman’s head snapped back and her neck broke, and she fell back into the bathroom, into the toilet, which flushed, and she was sucked down the toilet and ejected out of the bottom of the plane.  Kelly climbed up from the floor, looked into the toilet in wonder, then sat back with Nathan, smiling bearishly at him. That means he was cute like a teddy-bear.

     Ross and Barrett were finishing up with the little girl.  They had sat down on the seats across from her, and had grabbed her, and held her across their legs, on her back.  Her little feet had tried to kick in the air, but Barrett held them down with one arm. Her little arms had tried to wave around, but Ross had held THEM down, also with one arm.  And they each had a hand on her face.  Ross, the friendly paperboy ( he carried his newspaper delivery bag around with him like a backpack ) had hands a little bit bigger than Barrett’s, so he had his hand over the girls’s mouth, while Barrett smiled like an evil monkey and held her nose shut.  She drooled feebly against Ross’s smooth, warm hand. She shook uncontrollably. The 13 year old boys leaned close to each other, smiling, as they smothered the innocent child under their wide, soft hands. Boys will be Boys. ( and boys are good. )

     The girl died in fear, and the dark haired adolescents stuffed the corpse under the seat and went back to sit with their friends.  Both were sporting noticeable erections inside their baggy jeans.  Shawn-Bo smiled.  He knew what it was to get excited over smothering defenseless victims. Willy meanwhile had found a 13inch tall Cambodian midget and was sitting on him, crushing him to death.  It really didn’t take long at all.  The man’s tiny wife emerged from a suitcase, screaming, so Wil dropped his foot onto her and ground her down into the carpet, snapping her spine under his heel, which was the same size as her torso.  She chuckled and gurgled in furious pain. Willy smiled and reached down, turning her over onto her back.

     “I’m paralyzed! You terrible freakish giant boy!!” she raged at him.

    “I’m not a giant, you’re a midget.” Wil said.

    “Yeah.” Shawn said from nearby, watching with pleasure. Then he said to Wil “Hey man, you should take off your shoe and put your foot on her FACE so she can’t breathe and dies!”

    “No, please! You mustn’t!” the midget screamed.

     “Oh, yes.” Wil said. He liked the idea. He kicked off his black Adidas sport sandal and slowly settled the  broad sole of his smooth, bare foot down over her face, pushing just enough to stop up her breathing. She gurgled and snorted, sucking for air against the slightly damp  skin and  soft warmth of the huge teenager’s foot. Being paralyzed from the neck down, she could do nothing to resist this humiliating execution. Willy wiggled his toes with pleasure as he felt the tiny woman’s egg-sized head under his foot, her face buried in the softness of his sole, the desperate gagging as she tried to breathe. It tickled, and he laughed. He could have crushed her head easily, but chose to let her suffocate instead. It was so much fun.

     “Do it, Willy. it.” Nathan said in appreciation, leaning over and watching as his cute 14 year old pal settled his warm foot down lower, sealing off the midget’s face from any hope of knowing air again.

     There was only darkness for her, darkness and soft, heavy pressure. Her lungs heaved , trying to draw breathe, but only managed a squeaky bubbling sound against the sweat and saliva moistened boy foot that covered her whole face, and her upper chest too. Willy laughed and put his other foot on her body, holding her down to the floor as she smothered to death, sucking in mindless hysteria at his soft yet firm skin, slobbering, drooling!! Her heart raced, her consciousness receded into a red fog of airless dementia, and sparks and stars swirled behind her closed eyes in the final moments.

    When at last she stopped moving her jaw around and passed out, Willy pushed harder until he felt her head flatten a bit and heard a faint crushing noise. He’d broken her skull, or her face, or both. She was dead, and destroyed. He lifted his foot away from her head and wiped it on the carpet, removing midget fluids which had seeped from her face.

     A 400 pound man in a green wig stood and began screaming that murder was wrong, so Nathan casually shot him in the face. He raced backwards and fell down a stairway into the luggage compartment, where he was eaten by aardvarks. Willy threw the dead midget down the stairs and it was also eaten.

     Now, the stewardess appeared and began serving drinks as if nothing unusual had happened. The other passengers went back to their newspapers and airport novels. Nathan said to the stewardess “Now, about that Boysenberry Daiquiri...”


— The End ---


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