Bad Scout Boys

( Part of “Children of Chaos Chapter 170” )


Written by Nathan, April 2005


     Rasmund BlueBojer was a scoutmaster from Finland, accompanying his small troop of Finnish boy scouts on a trip to New York.  The boys called themselves the Black Wolves, ( Mustat Sudet in Finnish ), and they wore blue and black neckerchiefs. They had spent the day camping and hiking in Central Park, and just that afternoon, one of the boys—weirdly named Raino-- found a suitcase containing nearly half a million dollars in the bushes. The problem was that a drunk homeless man was holding onto the suitcase and wouldn’t let go of it, even when cute 13 year old Raino started kicking him.  “Let go you bum!!” he yelled. “That belongs to the Black Wolves now!!”


    This attracted the attention of several of the other scouts.  Antti and Erkki were both 12, and they came over to help their friend Raino, who was also the assistant patrol leader of their group, which meant he had more patches on his shirt.  The bum shouted “You’re not wolves, you’re just stupid cub scouts!!”


    Within a minute, he lay dead… with footprints on him.  The three boys were still standing on top of him, bouncing and laughing. Central Park was not like the deep, beautiful forests  of their homeland, but there were still a few trees, and the joggers and business-morons on their lunch breaks hadn’t seen the wolflike Scandinavian scouter-boys dancing on top of the dead man and crushing his face…Then they grabbed the money and ran back to their camp, which was about 200 feet away, under a small bridge.


     There, they showed the money to their patrol leader, 14 year old Tuukka, and the other boys Jussi and Tommi, and to their scoutmaster Rasmund, who was sitting on a chair sketching pictures of them like he always did.


     “Holy crap!” he shouted, though speaking in Finnish. “We can stay at a fancy hotel tonight, boys!!”


     They deserved it.  They’d been camping in the park for two weeks and had used up all their money buying food. They’d been planning to hike back to Finland by going up through Canada, then across the North Pole, using a big Canoe to navigate the Arctic Ocean.  Now they could afford to fly back…on an airplane!!


    “Good.” Tommi said to Erkki, “I didn’t want to go across the North Pole anyway… we’d probably die.”

     “Oh, no we wouldn’t. Remember, I’m a RANGER.” Rasmund boasted. “We could hunt walruses and build igloos, and explore the ice!”

     “And we wouldn’t get home for two years…” Tuukka commented.

      “No, we wouldn’t get home at all. We’d all freeze and die. We don’t even have coats.” Jussi said.


     And so here they were at  the Cat-Praxiss Hotel. The scouts wanted the money for themselves.  The scoutmaster wanted to keep it for all of them, or so he said.

      “I can’t give this to YOU!” he explained, “We need to donate it to the Scout Headquarters in Helsinki!! Then good little Finnish scouts all over Finland will be able to benefit!!”

    He was actually scheming to keep most of it for himself so he could buy a bigger house.


     The boys were not impressed by his supposed altruism. They knew that he had fantasies about boys beating him up and stepping on his face, making him their slave, because he was always sketching pictures like that. And yesterday they’d noticed that he was spying on them while they took showers. It was time for him to be put in his place… under their feet.


    They went in the other room, and when they came back, Rasmund gasped in a combination of disbelief, fear, and delight—his 6 scouts had changed out of their scout uniforms and were now wearing big black t-shirts with skulls and devil-heads on them, along with knit caps on their heads like mushrooms, and big baggy skater pants with various words and slogans stitched on the cuffs. They were all wearing Puma sneakers.


     “On your knees, moron!” Tuukka shouted, pointing at the baffled scoutmaster.  “We’re Red Devils and AllMighty Boys, and you must be punished!!”

    “No!! Noooooo!!” Rasmund BlueBojer screamed. “This can’t be happening!!”


     His fantasies had come true before his eyes—but they weren’t supposed to!! Not for REAL!! Not like this!! He didn’t actually want to be beaten and molested by a gang of evil boys!! It was just an artistic fantasy!!


       “Nooooo!!” he screamed again, and then unable to help it he added “Please, boys…Mercy!!” just like all of his cartoon drawings which usually showed some guy with boys beating on him or sticking their feet in his face, and the victim is always shown begging “Please…m-mercy…Tommi…” or some variation of that.  Now he said it for real. His glasses steamed up instantly, then flew off his face as the cute boy named Antti stepped forward and kicked him. Whap!! Blood flew from his mouth in an arc, and he flopped backwards, crashing to the floor.


     The six boys descended, sitting on him, holding him down, immobilizing him. First, Antti sat down and folded his legs around Rasmund’s neck, squeezing hard, making his face turn red.  He was almost ready to pass out when the boy released him and moved away, giving his friends a chance to have fun too.  Jussi started beating on Rasmunds face, while Tuukka put his hand on his throat and pressed, choking him. He tried to protect himself, but there were six of them. Soon he was begging for mercy and licking their shoes, bleeding from his mouth and trying to breathe.  Tuukaa and Erkki were both choking him with their warm young hands, lying on top of him to hold him down, looking in his eyes, smiling.  They were AllMighty Boys.


     “Arrrghhhh…gurgle… p-p-please…m-m-mercy…mercy Antti…” Rasmund coughed and gurgled, with Antti’s Puma shoved in his face, hurting his lips. He licked the sole of the shoe, feeling dirt in his mouth, feeling wet rubber pressing down hard on him, hearing the laughter of the gang of evil Finnish brats as they abused him.


     “We’re going to take all the money.  We found it.  It’s ours.” Raino said.  “Please, no!! I mean, please, I beg mercy!!” Scoutmaster Rasmund begged pitifully, twisted on the floor under the boys.

     “Shut up, Moron!” Raino said. “You’re a spy and a punk and a molester! We saw you hiding in the bushes taking pictures of little Tony last week when he was undressing! He was scared and ran away and fell off the cliff and broke his leg!! For this crime too you must pay… plus we want all the money.”


    “What!? No! That never happened!! That was just a comic I drew!!” Rasmund protested.

     “Oh shutup.” Jussi said, then punched him in the face. Tommi took off his Pumas and stuck his bare feet in the scoutmaster’s face.  “Lick my feet.” He said.  He pushed hard. Rasmund licked the beautiful feet of the happy boy, he cried, weeping and bleeding, totally helpless as they pinned him down and beat him, as they covered his face with their feet, as they stood and hopped on him like giant evil Scandinavian hip-hop forest-bunnies with big feet and ankle bracelets.


     “Crush him flat!” Tuukka cheered, hopping around, stomping on him.  He was wearing an upside down cross on a chain, and it swung back and forth as he danced around, soon joined by Antti, and they were pulverizing Rasmund under their feet, while the others boys held his arms and legs, offering his defenseless body and head in a sacrifice.


     “Don’t kill me! I’ll be a good slave!! Arrghhh!!” he screamed.

     “Hey, make him be quiet.” Jussi said. “Punish the moron!”

     Tommi helpfully put his hand over Rasmund’s mouth, silencing his screams. “Just remember my hand’s here now! I don’t want you breaking my fingers!” Tommi cautioned his friends, who were jumping around kicking the scoutmaster.


    “Aw, don’t worry. We won’t stomp on your hand.” Tuuka said. He kicked Rasmund in the side of the head. “See? I didn’t hurt your hand.”

     “Cool.” Tommi said. He moved his friendly, young hand a little bit, blocking Rasmund’s nose as well as his mouth.  It was fun for Tommi, taking his breath away.  He made his victim gasp and snort in horror under his smooth, young hands, even as his friends continued to trample on his body.


     “We’re AllMighty Boys!!” Erkki said proudly, looking cute, wearing a shirt that said “All Mighty Boys” on it. It was a gang in Finland, made up of cute, evil boys…. Actually Rasmund had invented it for his drawings, but the boys had made these shirts just to mock him. As I said, they are evil… and cute!


     Antti and Jussi sat side by side on his body, with their feet covering his face, making him lick.  He moaned in fear and desire… it was hard to breathe!  They were hurting him! Somebody was stepping on his hand, too! But it also felt great… for a while. Then he started to struggle, trying to get loose…he needed to breathe, but boy feet were covering his entire face, covering his eyes, covering his nose, covering his mouth.  He licked helplessly at the warm smooth soles, begging for mercy, and then after about 3 more minutes  Rasmund passed out. He lay there on the floor in his rumpled, bloody uniform.  The boys took a break and relaxed for a while, lying on the floor and stretching their legs, yawning. They were tired, but also excited and happy.


     “That was really fun!” Jussi said, drying his feet with a towel—their weird scoutmaster had slobbered all over them before passing out.


     “We’ll wait for him to wake up again…” Tuukka said, looking over at Raino, who smiled back at him and said “Yes. Then we’ll beat him some more.”

     Erkki and Raino sat looking at sleeping Rasmund with evil smiles on their cute young faces.

    “I’m not tired at all.” Erkki said. He looked at his watch. It was almost 2:00am. “I’m not tired either.” Raino said. They sat there together with their fellow AllMighty Boy Scouts, talking and waiting for their former leader Rasmund BlueBojer to wake up so they could lie on top of him and choke him, because it was fun.



    Ten minutes later---

Consciousness returned slowly to the scoutmaster as he lay on the floor.  He felt like he’d been beaten.  There was dried blood on his face.  He opened his eyes and then gasped with shock—14 year old Tuukka was sitting right next to him, leaning over, with his face only inches away. He was smiling.

     “Hi. Welcome back.” Tuukka said. He put his warm, friendly scout hand on Rasmund’s forehead and caressed him gently. “How do you feel?” he asked.

    “I…I feel okay I guess…” Rasmund lied, still wanting to be Tuukka’s friend. “Well, that’s terrible!” Tuukka exclaimed. He sat back, then climbed to his feet. “We don’t want you to feel okay! We want you to feel like a dead animal!!”


     “Please boys, Mercy!” Rasmund begged. He began to weep, tears rolling down his bruised cheeks. The AllMighty Boys stood around him, looking down, dressed in a mix of scout uniform accessories and hip hop street boy clothes… they were totally hot, and I don’t mean they had fevers. And soon they had their feet on him, pushing down on his face, on his body. They stood on him, they teased him. Errki kicked him between the legs and then laughed as he turned green and moaned like a fool. Raino got down on the floor and grabbed Rasmund from behind, putting him in a friendly sleeper hold, squeezing his neck. Other boys held his legs still so he couldn’t get away.


     “No… errghhhhh… please!” he begged desperately. It was hard to talk… hard to breathe. He’s just woken up, and now they were putting him out again. Or were they really trying to kill him? No, why would they do that? They were nice boys!

    Antti punched him in the face, and one of his teeth fell out.


    It was so easy for the six boys. He had no chance. They held him down under their hands, under their legs, under their bodies. They squeezed his neck and stepped on his head and covered his face with a pillow that said “AllMighty Boys” on it, and they smothered him until he passed out again. Then they took their blue and black neckerchiefs and tied his hands and feet so he couldn’t escape if he woke up.  They zipped him up in a sleeping bag and trampled him, stepping on him purposely and laughing. The sleeping bag was soft and smooth, and their bare feet slid and slipped on it, pressing hard into the lumpy shape under the soft padding. Then they stuffed him under the bed.


     “We sure showed HIM!” Tuukka said proudly.

     “Yeah man.  Do you think he’s dead?” Raino asked.

     “No. He’ll be okay. When he wakes up later I guess we’ll let him be our slave.  He’s been punished enough tonight.” Tuukka said. He sat down and started putting on his shoes. “We’ll make him our pet and treat him kindly, but he must do as we say always.”


     “Yes, of course.” Raino agreed.

     “So, what do you want to do now?” Antti asked the other boys.

     “Let’s go explore the hotel.”

     They went out into the hallway.  It was deserted, and very long. There were many doors. Stairways led to other floors. They saw a bottle of wine sitting outside a door with a ribbon and a card on it, obviously a gift left for somebody who hadn’t discovered it yet.  Well, it belonged to the scouts now. Tuukka grabbed it and they ran away and hid in the stairwell drinking wine.



     On another floor of the hotel, three 18 year old girls were sitting in their room, drinking wine.  They were members of an evil cult.  There was a 10 year old boy sleeping in the room right next to theirs.  They had seen him earlier playing video games and eating pizza. They planned to kidnap him as part of a sorority prank. 

     They went in the room where the boy was staying.  The lights were still on and he was in fact still playing his video game, which appeared to be Sonic the Hedge Hog 2.  He looked up in amazement when they entered the room. They ran towards him and threw a blanket over him, wrapping him up like a bundle of laundry. He yelled and protested, kicking his legs, so two of the girls held him on the rug while the third put a pillow over his head and sat on it, muffling his cries further. They were giggling now as he began to smother, the cute video game music providing background music to this shocking scene. When the boy eventually passed out, they jumped up and ran out of the room with him, back to their own room, where they promptly threw him onto the bed… and then took turns having sex with him while the other two held him down.  When the boy began to protest under them, his cries were smothered by sloppy strawberry lip-gloss flavored kisses.


     “Leave me alone you bitches!” he yelled, trying to push them away, but there were three of them, and each one was twice his size. Soon the boy was shuddering with an involuntary orgasm as Brandi rode him, shamelessly fucking a 10 year old boy!!

     The girls soon had their hands over his mouth to keep him quiet. “Kill him! Don’t let him breathe!” Brandi said.


     Angie giggled, rubbing her moist, greasy palm back and forth across his mouth, all the while keeping full contact with his nostrils too, so he couldn’t breathe. The third girl, Laurie, held her hands under the kid’s chin, keeping his jaw closed. Soon he was twisting about in desperation, trying to breathe. It was so totally unfair!! So horrible!  He was a boy—a fine, beautiful BOY, and these disgusting girls were taking his life!! He couldn’t believe it! He fought as long as he could, holding back the darkness that was slowly gathering around him. 


     The girls on top of him were laughing and giggling fiendishly. He smelled vanilla and strawberries—the scents of the greasy hand lotion the girls had smeared on their palms earlier in the evening.  Now, it was helping them to seal his face in an airtight grip of doom! Their skin was warm, smooth and soft, but this was little comfort to the poor boy, whose name was Alex by the way. He tried to bite the hand over his mouth, but he couldn’t open his jaw. He tried to inhale through his nose, but the nose was blocked by warm, firm skin. His socked feet kicked desperately on the bed, to no avail. They were sitting on him, holding him down….


     “Kill him…YES, Kill him!!” Brandi whispered maliciously, looking in the boys’ wild, fearful eyes and smiling at him.

   “Hmmmmm!!” Alex cried out in desperation. He felt his face growing hot.  His chest was racked with pain from trying and failing to breathe.


     Out in the hallway, the 6 Finnish scout boys were being bad. They had finished their bottle of wine and then, by luck, had discovered a bottle of Smirnoff vodka sitting in a crock of crushed ice, on a small table in the hallway next to the broom closet. What it was doing there, nobody knew, or cared.  The cute boy named Tuukka grabbed it at once and they hurried away in a pack, giggling, ducking into another stairwell, where they drank the chilled vodka.  Between the 6 of them, they finished off the entire bottle in 5 minutes.  Erkki was the last one to drink.  He drained the bottle, then pitched it down the stairs, where it shattered on the landing below.


     “Shhhh!!” Jussi hushed, “Somebody might hear!”

     “No they won’t, the whole hotel is soundproof.” Tommi said.  He sat down on the top step and laughed, then wiped a trickle of vodka from the corner of his mouth with the back of his cute hand. The sensation of his hand against his face was muted and distant—the boy was drunk! He laughed again.


     “What do you mean it’s soundproof?” Tuukka asked, amused.

     “See? I found this in a little desk in the hall.” Tommi said, fishing out a folded paper from one of the big deep pockets of his Diesel jeans. The boys gathered around and looked at the paper.  It was printed on official Cat-Praxiss Hotel stationery, and it basically stated that all the rooms in the hotel were completely soundproofed, so guests would not be disturbed by noises coming from other rooms.


     “Coo-ool” Antti said, then tripped over his baggy pants and fell down the stairs, bumping and rolling down to the cement landing one flight below.

     “Antti? Are you okay!?” Raino called down to him.  Then he and Jussi together hurried down the steps to pick up their friend, who lay below.  Fortunately for Antti, he hadn’t landed in the broken glass from the vodka bottle, or broken any bones either.


     “Ow, my knee hurts.” He complained. They lifted him up by his arms, and he stood there hopping on one foot while holding his knee and complaining about it. 

     “Sit down dude, let me take a look at it.” Raino said.  He’d been practicing first aid the week before—since he was a scout—and now he had a chance to test his knowledge.


      Antti sat down.  Jussi and Raino pulled the leg of his pants up above his knee—easy to do since they were so big and loose. His leg by contrast by thin and skinny, the leg of a 13 year old boy. There was nothing visibly wrong with his knee.

     By now, the other boys had come down the stairs and gathered around.

     Tuukka, making a joke, said “Poor Antti.  Maybe we should just put him out of his misery by jumping on him.”


     Erkki giggled.  Antti knew they were just playing, so he didn’t become upset. He liked to play.  Raino was feeling his knee with his hand, trying to see if there were broken bones. He pushed on the knee with his fingers, then said “Try moving it now.”

     Antti tried moving it… and there was no more pain.  His friend had fixed his knee, using his scout training—and luck.


     “Thanks Raino.” He said, climbing up from the floor. “You’re a real pal.” They smiled at each other, then spontaneously hugged.  Then they all went up the stairs. The sounds in the stairwell were magnified—the rubbery thud and shuffle of their shoes on the concrete steps, the rustling noises as their blue jeans swished about, following their moving legs. Erkki spit on the wall, just because he was a boy.


     “Don’t fall down the stairs again, dude.” Jussi joked when they reached the top. He raised up his hands and pretended to push Antii back down the stairs. “Don’t faaaallll!!” he said in a silly way.

     “I’ll take you with me this time, and use you as a pillow to land on.” Antti said, grabbing onto his friend’s shirt.


     “Hey, cut it out before you really DO fall down the stairs again. Remember we’re all sort of a little bit drunk.” Tuukka said, assuming his role as their patrol leader.  It was his job to look out for the boys and keep them safe.   “Let’s go…break into somebody’s room and rob them!” he suggested.

 ( keeping them safe and keeping them out of trouble were two different things. )

     “Oh cool! Yes!! Just like a rap video!” Erkki blurted with pleasure.  Back home in Finland, the boys all liked watching MTV and seeing hip hop  videos with Eminem or Tikki-Pikki T-Boy breaking into houses and robbing people while chanting their lyrics and striking poses.  It was the modern way.   The evil Finnish boys emerged from the stairwell and sauntered casually down the hallway.  They were boy scouts, they were AllMighty Boys, they were Black Wolves, and they were cute Scandinavian brats!


“So how do we pick which room to rob? And how do we get in?” Jussi asked innocently as he and the other bad Finnish boys walked down the hallway.

     “Oh, I guess we just do…this!!” Tuukka said, then turned around and kicked a nearby door, kicking it hard with his size 9 Puma sneaker.  Remember that the doors in the hotel are 2 inch thick solid mahogany, so you wouldn’t expect his kick to have done anything besides hurt his own foot--- but it seems that the people in the room were drunk, just like the boys, and they hadn’t closed their door all the way. It wasn’t latched.  Tuukaa’s kick sent the door swinging wide. They rushed into the room and shut the door behind them, making sure it clicked. Then they saw what was going on in the room and paused.  It took a while to understand, because it was kind of abnormal….

     A 10 year old boy named Alex was lying on a bed, with three drunk 18 year old girls perching around him, holding him down, holding their hands over his face… they were smothering him--- killing him!! The boy in fact wasn’t moving.

    “Hey, leave that boy alone you evil bitches!” Tuukka yelled, ( in Finnish ) , then ran to attack.  The 5 other AllMighty Boys followed.  It wasn’t right for girls to kill a boy!! It was unnatural and mean!! It was so unfair!! The little boy looked cute and innocent!!

      The 6 young Finns attacked, jumping onto the bed, wrestling with Angie, Brandi and Laurie, punching them, soon knocking them on the floor. Alex was free to breathe again… but was it too late?


     “Who are you!? How dare you interrupt our sacred mission!” Laurie hissed like an idiot from the floor. “The brat must die!! Only then will we be accepted into the divine sisterhood of—oof!!”

     She said “oof!” when Jussi kicked her in the face. 

     Tommi and Antti were sitting on Brandi, taking turns punching her. The third girl, Angie, managed to grab a bottle of perfume, and she started spraying it at Tuukka. He fell back, coughing and holding his nose—the perfume stank like rotting flesh!!

     Then Errki threw a blanket over her head.  Before she could get loose, he and Tuukka grabbed onto her, hustled her across the room towards the window, and gave her a big shove.  She stumbled the last few feet, then hit the window.  It broke.


     “Eeeeeee!!” the wicked slut screamed as she exploded through the glass and went speeding away with the rain down towards the street 14 stories below. Splat. Her head hit first, and burst apart like a ripe melon. Her neck and shoulder bones broke, her back broke, her left leg came loose.  All of this grotesquery was concealed, hidden inside the blanket which was still wrapped around her.  It had become a shroud of death now, and her smashed corpse was quickly carried away by running water in the gutter.  She ended up in the sewer, where she was eaten by homeless people.


     Alex, the 10 year old boy who had been smothered by the demented college girls, lay unmoving on the big bed, not breathing. Jussi was trying to save him, by using his scout training to perform CPR, pushing on his chest to stimulate his heart, then pinching his nose and breathing into his mouth to give him air.  Jussi was a nice boy, he wouldn’t let this innocent kid die without trying to save him.


     The other 5 boys meanwhile took care of the remaining 2 girls.  Laurie went first, and she went quick—Raino, Tommi and Tuukka beat and stomped her to death, first pounding on her face with their fists until she fell back in a daze, then standing up and stomping on her head and chest until she was clearly and obviously dead.  Raino’s puma crushed down on her neck, and bloody foam spewed from her lips.

     “AllMighty Boys Rule!!” Raino said in triumph.

     They threw her out the window too.

And that left Brandi.  They tied her up with pillow cases, then put her on the floor under the bed so that only her head was visible.  Then they sat on the edge of the bed right above her head, smiling down at her.  Erkki, Antti and Tuukka took off their shoes, and their socks.  They put their bare feet over her face.


     “Lick our feet!” Tuukka ordered her.

     “No!! Eeeeee!” she screamed. “Get your stinky sweaty feet away from me!! Oh gross!!”

     “Shutup.  Our feet aren’t gross, they’re beautiful!” Erkki said. He pushed firmly, hurting her nose with his cute toes. Blood ran down her cheek.

     “Lick or die.” Tuukka said.


     She began licking their feet, cleaning them. Her warm tongue left  their soles wet, shiny, soft and smooth.  The boys looked at each other with smiles, then looked back down at her. “Smother her!” Erkki said, and they pressed their feet firmly into her face, stopping her breathing. She moaned and screamed, hot and wretched in the darkness under their soles. 


     Tommi and Raino crouched down and held the sides of her head in their hands, so she couldn’t turn away from the feet that covered her face. Soon she was blueish-purple and sucking madly at their hot, moist, airless soles. She died in horror and fear.  They threw her out the window.  Then they threw the TV out the window too, just because they felt like it.

     On the bed, Alex was awake.  Jussi, who had saved his life, was sitting next to him holding his hand.  “It’s okay now, dude. You’re alright.  We got rid of those stupid girls.”


     “Thank you!” Alex cried, holding onto Jussi. “I was so scared! Why were they doing that to me? They molested me! They made me stop breathing!”

     “They were girls, that’s why.” Tuukka said. “Girls are rotten and mean. You should stay away from them.”

     “Oh I know that!” Alex exclaimed. “I didn’t go near them at all—they kidnapped me out of my room!”  

     “Dude, that sucks.” Antti said.  


Alex  noticed that his shirt said “AMB” on it.

“What’s AMB mean?” he asked.

“All Mighty Boys. It’s our gang. Only strong, beautiful boys who beat people can be members.” Tommi said proudly.

“Yeah.  And we’re Scouts too.” Jussi added.  “Black Wolves!”

     “Oh, okay.  Cool.” Alex said, while thinking to himself with amusement Man, these Finnish kids sure are weird! But he was glad they had shown up when they did. They were cool and friendly…and had saved his life.

     A scout is always helpful. 



     Alex yawned.  He was sitting on the edge of his bed, with a video game controller in his hands.  The six boys from Finland, who had saved his life earlier, were sitting around the room also—some on the floor, others on the bed with Alex, a few on chairs.  They all had their shoes off and were relaxing, drinking Coke, and eating potato chips.


     “Uh! I got blown up!” Alex said, dropping the controller as the TV screen filled with a big orange digital explosion. “My turn!” Erkki said He took the joystick and started a new game, playing against Tommi. It was an aerial combat game with jets shooting missiles at each other. Alex flopped backwards and lay on the bed.  He was tired.  He turned his head to the side, and looked at 14 year old Tuukka, who was lying there next to him on the bed just relaxing.


     “So what’s it like in Finland?” Alex asked him.

     “We have lots of pine trees and lakes. It’s good for camping and hiking.  Lots of kids are scouts, and they hunt for mushrooms in the woods. We live in Helsinki, it’s a big city, and there are lots of street gangs with boys who fight in alleys and stuff.”


     “Really? Cool.” Alex smiled, closing his eyes and resting. “What are the gang names?”

     “Me and my friends here, we’re the All Mighty Boys.” Tuukka said. “Also there are Red Devils, Nasty Boys, Red Killer Kids, Evil Spiders, Blue Bobos, and others. Some of us are brothers, other times we fight.  Usually we like to capture rich people and beat them up and trample them, and then we strangle them.  Other times we just sit around our basement headquarters and play and have fun with each other.”


     “Just like here.” Alex smiled. “Only different.”

     And then he fell asleep.

     “Goodnight little Alex.” Tuukka said to their new friend.  


     The next morning, they talked more.  Alex told them that he was a lonely orphan whose parents had died two weeks ago.  They left him the family fortune in a suitcase, but a bum in the park stole it from Alex.  He had only enough money to go to the hotel and play video games.  He was so happy when his new Finnish friends brought out the suitcase they’d taken from the bum in the park.  “Oh thank you!” Alex cried, hugging Erkki.  “Can I join your gang and live in Finland with you?”


     “Yes.” Tuukka said.  He was happy and excited by this.  Rasmund, their former troop leader and now their slave, lay on the floor under their feet, and he agreed that it was a good idea too.


     So they went back to Finland with their suitcase full of money and lived happily ever after in a big tent.  Even  Rasmund was happy, for he loved and worshiped them for the beautiful young heroes they were.

     But every Monday night they beat him up, just for fun.



The End