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Stories listed in order of date written, from oldest (top) to newest (bottom).

A Problem With the Giant Friend BigMike's second story, his first one is lost forever somewhere, but enjoy this one. This is an older story and the date in which it was written is unknown.

 Cody and Colby

This is an older story, date in which it was first written is unknown.

Jason's Story *

When a boy's family dies in a traffic accident, he takes revenge on the other driver... by becoming a giant and cruelly crushing his family while making him watch. 
Jordan the Little Giant Jordan is tired of being short, so when he grows to 200 feet tall, he decides to crush people and destroy the city... then his friend Jason also grows big and they fight.

Giant Jason's Justice

Jason rescues helpless tiny boys from the abusive teen Benson, then gives him a taste of his own medicine-- shrinking him, torturing him, finally crushing him.
Fourteen Forever

Jason must rescue the girl of his dreams from terrorists, and Jordan helps... thousands die under their feet! A great story with much more happening than just that...


*The boy Jason of who is in those stories is a classmate of mine and also a good friend. So is Jordan. I just want them to know if they ever happen to stumble across this site that I love them like brothers and do not wish them any harm at all. I love these kids so much, and I hope that if you guys ever find out that I wrote this stuff that you will understand. I love Jason and Jordan (in a NON gay way) with all of my heart, and I really mean that. Jason showed me understanding when few others would and is a very nice compassionate 14 year old kid. Jordan is nice and very friendly and I care about them more than most of the kids in my school. Thanks guys!

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