The Birthday Party

By Nathan

and Killer Kid

Written June 2005


 The Beginning

     My name is John. It was a typical hot summer Saturday afternoon. School was out, and I was bored.  I was 16 but I didn’t have a car because somebody had stolen it three weeks ago.  It was found later in a junkyard, on fire, but that was normal for Baltimore. So here I was with nothing to do. I decided to go visit my friend Dave who lived 2 blocks down the street. 

     I walked down the sidewalk, passing Old Widow Dirt-Berty’s home—all the windows were broken and there was a dead cat on the front steps.  It had been there for weeks.  I passed the green brick house where Fat Bald Marty lived with his 7 adopted children—they all had wooden legs and pig noses.   What can I say, it was a bad neighborhood.  I was an okay kid I guess, I mean there was nothing freaky about me.

     When I got to Dave’s house, I saw that there were a lot of cars parked in front.  From inside the house, I heard a bunch of people singing “Happy Birthday To Youuuu!!” in a variety of off-key voices.  Okay, it must be somebody’s birthday.  Probably Dave’s 11 year old brother, Matt.  Whatever.  I hardly knew the kid.  It’s not like I hung out with 11 year olds, I was a sophomore in high school!!

     I went creeping in the back door to avoid the party, and made my way up the stairs to Dave’s room, where he spent most of his time when he wasn’t out with the guys somewhere.

     “Happy Birthdayyyyy TO YOOOOOOOOO!!!” the people downstairs screamed again, insanely.  I heard balloons popping and cake splattering on the floor.  What the hell was going on down there!? Actually I didn’t care.  I went into Dave’s room.  He was laying in bed with the covers pulled up to his chin and a bag of ice covering his face.

     “Dude, what are you doing?!” I blurted humorously at him.

     “John, I’m sick.  Go away or you’ll catch it too!! It’s the flu or something!” he mumbled from underneath the ice bag.

     “Why do you have ice covering your head?” I asked.  But I didn’t go any closer.

     “Because I have a fever, dipshit!” he laughed at me.  It was strange—I could only see his hair.  “It’s my brother’s birthday in case you couldn’t tell.” He added.  “They’re all going to Chunky Cheeser after they’re done here.”

      “Good for them.  Stupid little 6th graders!!” I hissed.  “Why don’t they shut up and let you get some rest?”

     “It’s okay. I’m used to it.” Dave said. “I’ll dump oatmeal on Matt later when I feel better, to pay him back.”

     “Okay, whatever.  See ya.” I said, then hurried from the room.  I didn’t want to catch the flu.  I could always go over and see if Billy was home. He didn’t live too far away.  He had a new game for his Play Station called “Sonic The Hedge Hog Eats Babies” and I’d been wanting to play that. 

     As I began to walk away, birthday-boy Matt called to me from the back yard.  He must’ve been done throwing cake around the kitchen or whatever had been going on in there.  I went over to see what the kid wanted.  There was nobody else around, just him and me. 

     Almost at once, he started giggling at me like a brat, for no apparent reason.

     “What’s so funny?” I asked.

     “Today’s my birthday…didn’t you get me a present?” he giggled, dancing about strangely.  His brown eyes were glimmering with an unknown mirth.

     “Um…no I didn’t. Why would I?” I said.

     “Because it’s my birthday!” Matt laughed. “That’s why!”

    “Look kid, have fun with the fat stupid mouse at your pizza party.  I got important stuff to do.” I said, then turned to leave.  This was a mistake. If I had played along with him and been nice, none of the following horror might have happened… well, it would have happened, but maybe not to ME.

      “You must hate me then!” Matt yelled.  “And so now I hate YOU, too!!”

     I ignored the brat and continued to walk…and all of a sudden, I had a very strange feeling come over me.  Like being on a roller coaster.  With each step I took on the sidewalk, the fence along the side seemed to grow a few inches taller. It was so weird I stopped and just stared at the fence… and it continued to grow.  It wasn’t just getting taller… the boards were actually growing wider.  The tree on the other side of the fence was getting bigger too. I looked down at the ground… the texture of the concrete sidewalk was rapidly expanding, enlarging… a bottle cap near my left foot had grown to the size of a CD, and then a frisbee. And then I understood…

     Nothing was growing.

     I was shrinking.


     I let out a scream of fear and my knees buckled.  I was shaking and felt sick as I went to my hands and knees, unable to stand.  My heart was beating fast.  I was covered in a cold sweat.  And then Matt came through the gate, laughing down at me, stepping closer.    I was four inches tall. His vast shadow covered me, and I felt a chill. 

     Without a word, he began to lower his sneaker onto me.  He lightly pushed me down, flattening me to the ground.  I tried in vain to push his giant warm rubber Vans sole away from me, but it was—as I’ve said—in vain.  My arms were as thin as pencils.  He pressed me flat, and I braced myself for the surely horrible feeling of being squished like an egg, but just at the last moment, before it was too late, the giant boy-shoe lifted off me and came back down on the ground nearby.

     Matt crouched down over me like a house, looking at me with his great big eyes.

    “Are you scared?” he asked me, smirking.

    “Yes.” I cried.  I was unable to help it—tears were streaming down my face.

    “What happened to me? Matt, what did you do to me?  Please don’t kill me!!” I wept like a baby. Suddenly shrinking and being at the mercy of a gigantic huge enormous smirking 11 year old brat with feet the size of small cars can really do a number on your sense of reality, and your control over your mind.  I really felt terrible.

     “I might kill you.  Or I might not.” He said.  “But for now, since you didn’t give me a birthday present, YOU will be my birthday present.  A cool little shrunken dude to play with. I’m gonna bring you to my party at Chunky Cheeser and show you to my pals!!”

     “Oh no, please don’t do that!! They might kill me!” I begged like a fool.

     “Shutup.” He said simply.  And then his hand came down on me.  I shrank back in terror… the palm of his hand was as big as my bed.

     Darkness.   Warmth.  His hand pressed me to the ground.  I couldn’t breathe.  My tiny face was buried in his smooth, warm skin. He apparently knew he was smothering me, because I heard him giggling as he just held on.  And then his fingers slid underneath me, and he lifted me up high into the air.  I could breathe again.  He held me in his fist, with my head sticking out the top and my lower legs sticking out the bottom. My arms were trapped at my sides.

     “it would be so easy to kill you.” Matt said, holding me close to his huge face.  As he spoke, his warm sugary breath flowed over me like a sweet spring breeze. I saw pieces of cake in his teeth.

     “I could squash you with my foot, or with my hand, or just my fingers…I could throw you to the neighbor’s cat…I could sit on you…I could roll over your body with my skateboard wheels…or just stick your head in my mouth and suck the air right out of you and kill you!!”

     I felt like I was going to faint.  He was squeezing me too tight. 

    “You are coming to the party with me.” he finally said, and loosened his grip just a bit. “And since you’re too tiny for a car seat, I guess you’ll be safe traveling in my SHOE instead!”

     “What?” I stammered, not understanding. 

     He stepped out of his loosely laced beat up sneaker and then took off his white sock.  He did this with one hand, while hopping about on his other foot. The hand that held me waved about as he balanced.  It made me sick and I threw up.  Fortunately for me, the puke flew through empty air and didn’t splatter on Matt’s fingers which held me… that surely would have pissed him off. 

     Now that he had his sock off…he stuffed me into it!! It was sweaty and smelly, a sharp odor.  I went in headfirst, sliding down to the toe of the sock.  It was a really big sock… the size of a tent or something. But of course, since I was so small, the fabric of the sock was very thick, and it was hard to breathe.  I ended up face down in the toe of his sock, with my arms and legs moving about, pressing against the strange, stretchy material.  I felt like a bug trapped in a spider’s web. 

     “Have fun in there. I hope you like the ride.” He said…and then put his huge foot into the sock. 

     “No! Matt, don’t!!” I yelled in panic.  I was sure that he was going to kill me now. I was trapped.  I was upside down.  I felt his foot push past my legs, slide over my chest, and then my head was stuck between his toes.  His very big toes. I was held tight to his foot by the sock.  It was very hard to breathe now.  I was afraid my neck was going to break.  What was he going to do? Was he going to set his foot down on the ground and crush me? Surely he wasn’t going to put his shoe back on…I’d be crushed and smothered to death within a minute.

     But that’s exactly what Matt did.  He put his shoe back on, with me trapped inside. The hot stinky vapor of 11-year-old-boy shoes worn every day all summer filled my senses, filled my lungs, and I felt so dizzy.  I felt so hot.  I couldn’t move.  There was pressure over every square inch of my body.  Darkness and hot sweaty pressure. And great fear.  My heart was beating very fast… it had been doing that ever since I first shrank, as one terror was replaced by another, and then another.  And this time I was sure I was done for.  Even if he didn’t set his shoe down and stand on me like I was a Nike Air insert, even if he didn’t walk on me and pulverize me, I would still suffocate and die.  Oh, I could breathe—there was air moving in and out of my lungs—but it was so hot, so moist, so…so stinky!! There couldn’t have been much oxygen. 

     And then Matt started to walk. 

    I didn’t know it, but he deliberately treated me with as much care as he could.  He wanted to torture me and walk around with me in his shoe, yes, but he also wanted me to live…for a while longer at least.  He tried to walk on the side of his shoe, sparing me most of the pressure.  But that’s not how it felt to me.

     To me it felt like the end.  I was ground down against the padded insole, buried and suffocated in hot, spongy rubber with the immense, unbearable pressure of his huge foot squeezing down on me, then letting up, then squeeeeeezing me down again as he took another step.  I passed  out.  Way out. Far out.  Starry skies of the mind for this poor shrunken teenager slowly dying inside an 11 year old boy’s shoe.



Upstairs Again

Matt walked back into the house.  It was almost time to leave for Chunky Cheeser, the kid-themed pizza place with games and amusements for kids, where a leering plastic rat in skateboard gear hung from the roof.  It was a huge place, with many different rooms, and all sorts of fun things to do.  Kids always had birthday parties there.  And so Matt was having his there too.  The cake earlier had been a family celebration, for the relatives.  Next came his party with his friends.  They were going to meet him there.

      But first…


     Matt went upstairs to his big brother’s room.  Dave was still laying in bed with ice on his face. 

     “Hey, bro.  Are you coming to my party?” Matt asked, standing right next to the bed. 

    “No, I’m sick.” Dave said. 

     “So what.  You can come anyway!” Matt said, then waved a green feather in the air and chanted something that made no sense.  In less than 10 seconds, Dave was 4 inches tall, invisible under his sheet.  But he could be heard screaming in a tiny voice.

     “Matt, what did you do to me!? Cut it out!! Make me get big again right now, or I’m gonna…I’m….” and then he said nothing more.  He realized he couldn’t do anything. 


     Matt lifted away the sheet, revealing his tiny brother Dave. He looked down at him for a little bit, smiling. “You know, I changed my mind. I don’t want you coming to my party.”

     He looked around the room, then looked back at the tiny boy in the middle of the bed. “You know, I always wanted your room.  It’s bigger than mine.  I bet if you disappeared, I’d get your room.” Matt said evilly.  He put his huge hand on the bed next to his shrunken brother.

     “W-What are you talking about?” Dave stammered in fear.  “Matt? Hey, don’t do that!! What are you—NO!!” he shouted in panic, and then just made a kind of gurgling noise.  Matt was pushing on his throat with the tip of his finger, choking him.  He wiggled his finger back and forth gently.  But gentle to him was murderous to Dave.  It didn’t take long to choke him to death. Matt really loved it. He showed no remorse for his brother.  He smiled as the tiny legs kicked helplessly on the bed, as he slowly crushed his throat… with the tip of one finger.

     A minute later, from the upstairs bathroom came the sound of a flushing toilet.

     And Matt came trotting down the steps happily.  He felt the lump in his shoe, and remembered that it was John, that guy from down the block.  He was Dave’s friend.  Matt giggled.   He hoped he survived all the way to Chunky Cheeser, he really wanted to show him to his friends.  But if he died, so what.  He could just shrink somebody else.


     “Matt, come on.  We’re going to be late.” His dad said from the kitchen. 

     “Hold on dad, just let me finish packing some stuff.”

     Matt got some stuff out of the drawer and out it in his backpack… it might come in handy at the party. And then they went out to the car and headed away across Baltimore. Several times during the 20 minute drive, Matt felt the strong urge to wiggle his toes around really hard and squeeze the tiny guy in his shoe to death, but he resisted the urge by reminding himself how much fun he’d have at the party with him. 


     As we can see, Matt was a Very Evil Boy…   which is the best kind!! 



Chunky Cheeser


They arrived at the restaurant—if you really want to call it a restaurant—and saw that the joint was packed.  The parking lot was full of drunken parents, depressed and angry that their kids would like a place that had a fat stupid looking rat as a mascot. A woman leaned on the hood of a station wagon, mixing drinks.  A man sat in a folding chair, guzzling vermouth and belching horribly.  Somebody else was stumbling around, drenched with rum and cackling.  Others sat in a circle, bitching and moaning about how they couldn’t wait for it to be 8:00 so they could leave.  None dared go inside.  The place was disgusting to them.

    Matt rushed in the door, leaving his dad to join the other adults in their drinking binge in the parking lot.  The door led into a small room with red carpet and black walls.  Beyond, the vast exciting panorama of tables, games, colors and lights, hallways and doors and pizza and cartoons could be seen.  Beyond this entrance, there were balloons and brats and soda and bubble gum.  But the way was blocked by a wretched, bitter looking old man stuffed inside a moth-eaten navy blue suit.  He was sitting in front of a turnstile, barring the way.  He was grimacing horribly, looking like he’d been eating laundry starch.  He had no teeth. 

    “Yuck! You’re ugly!! Let me in!  It’s my birthday!!” Matt shouted at the man.

     “Stop rudely shouting at me, you hahrrible person!!” the man rasped.  Yes, he pronounced the word horrible with an A in it.  “Where is your TICKET, young fool!?”

     “Hold on, Bud.” Matt said sarcastically.  He produced his ticket and tossed it in the man’s face. 

     “Fine! Go in then!” the man snorted.  He unlocked the turnstile and Matt hurried through it, glad to be away from the freak.  What was someone like that doing working at Chunky Cheeser anyway? If he found one of those comment cards on a table, he’d really give them a few good comments about their doorman, or whatever they called him.

     Or perhaps he’d just shrink him later in the evening.


     The restaurant had many different interconnected areas… there was a huge space with games and rides and carnival-type pleasure machines, surrounded on all sides by tables and booths for eating pizza.  Farther back, a stage could be seen, with a group of lip-synching robot idiots that looked like giant plastic men with pig noses. They weren't operational at the moment.  There was a large area full of balloons where kids often danced around and stomped on the balloons for fun, and a wide hallway that opened into a dozen other rooms, which could be reserved for parties. 

     The whole place was a riot of sound, motion, and pizza odors.  Kids were running around everywhere, crawling through plastic tunnels on the ceiling, screaming, laughing.  Teenagers sat at booths, eating pizza and talking about evil teenage things.  Matt waded through the crowd and made his way to Party Room #9…


     Six of his friends were waiting there.  They blew those birthday noise maker things when he came through the door, but Josh’s wasn’t working, so he Kevin’s, pushing him aside as a joke. 

    “I should kill you for that!” Kevin smiled. 

     “Nuh-uh.” Josh said, blowing the springy paper thing in his face.

     “Uh-huh.” Kevin argued.  They started beating on each other… in a playful way of course.  Then they stopped.  Matt meanwhile was looking at his presents.  He set his backpack down.  Then Ryan, who was always late, came through the door.  He was pissed off about the old weirdo at the door. 

     “Damn! That guy at the front gate is a bitch!!  I wish we could kill him.” Ryan said.  He stomped his Airwalks on the carpet to show his anger. Matt looked over at his friend and said “Yeah… he deserves to die. And he will.”

    “Oh, right.  Like we’re gonna go out there and kick his face in.” Josh laughed. “We’d all get sent to jail, or someplace like that.”

     “Oh no we wouldn’t.  Remember that cool story I showed you online last week? NATHAN would come and rescue us. He’s a mystical hero who helps evil boys.” Ryan said. 

     “That was just a story, that’s not true.” Sam giggled.

     “Dudes, I got something really neat to show you.” Matt said at last. He took off his shoe.  As he did this, he constricted his toes holding tiny John’s head firmly between them. Then he  took off his sock and held his foot up for his friends to see the shrunken midget teen hanging there with his head caught between his toes.

     “See?” Matt said.  “This is one of my brother’s friends.  I shrank him and I’ve been walking around with him in my shoe!!”

     “Oh, cool!! He’s so tiny!!” Ryan said. They all crowded closer to take a look.

     “That’s not real, that’s a little toy or something.” Josh said, disbelieving… and then he saw the little person’s leg move.  He was real alright… and somehow, miraculously alive. 

     “Dude!! Look at that! He’s moving!” Sam said.  He poked at John with his finger.  “Can I hold him?” he asked.

“Sure.” Matt said.  Sam grabbed him and pulled away from Matt’s toes, then held him up and studied him.  Sam was a happy boy with blond hair and grey Nikes.  He licked John like a lollipop, then laughed as the little guy coughed and choked.  Matt was inspecting his sock to make sure John hadn’t  leaked any kind of gross bodily fluids on it… if he had, he planned to kill him right then and there.  He would squeeze him tight in his fist and then bring his thumb down on his head and push, crunching his neck.  But lucky for John, the only thing in Matt’s socks was sweat and lint.  As he studied his socks, he explained that he learned a magic trick from an online voodoo lady who accidentally got his AOL screen name and told him how to shrink people.


     “Dude.  An online voodoo lady? What the hell’s that?” Ryan laughed.

     “Whatever, it was some weirdo, okay?” Matt chuckled.  “Anyway, what you do is wave a green feather in the air and say ‘I want you to shrink!!’, except you have to say it in Dutch, backwards.  And when you’re doing this, you have to be looking at the person you want to shrink.  You control how little they get with the feather.  When you stop waving the feather, they stop shrinking.  So you can make ‘em any size you want.  Even like ants. Or just doll sized.”

     “Oh that’s impossible.” Sam said.

     Matt smiled at his friend and used him as an example.  He pulled out a green feather and waved it at him and said “Hoombo Soombo Sorbo Harbo!”

     Sam shrank fast.  Oh, you should have seen the look on his face when he was about 10 inches tall and Matt knelt down next to him.

     “Do you believe it now?” he asked.

     “Oh wow, look at Sam! He’s like, small!!” Ryan laughed, coming closer. Sam was really scared.  Sure, they were his friends, but he was the size of a Barbie doll!! He was afraid somebody would pick him and drop him or something.

     “I believe you, okay? Now make me big again!” Sam protested.

     “Oh, alright. But only because you’re my buddy.” Matt joked.  He waved the feather again and said “Obrah Obros Obmoos Obmooh!”

     Sam grew back to his normal size and promptly hit Matt on the arm, whack, to pay him back for shrinking him.  Matt understood.  It was expected.  They were 11 years old, and they were pals. 




     And then they turned their attention to John, who had been wrapped up in a napkin so he couldn’t escape while they were all looking at Sam shrinking and then growing again. 

     “Hey, I want to step on him.” Ryan said, moving closer to the little teenager, who was struggling weakly inside the napkin—it had been wrapped around him like a straight jacket.  He was on his back on the carpet, looking up as the towering 11 year old boys gathered around him like buildings, like tall pine trees.

     “Just don’t kill him.” Matt said.  “I want to keep him as a plaything.”

     “Dude, where’s the fun in that!? I want to SQUISH him!” Ryan protested.

     “We can always shrink other people later.  There’s tons of people around here… like the old nasty bitch man at the front gate.” Matt smiled.

     “Aw yeah. That’s a great idea.” Ryan agreed. “But first, we’ll punish your brother’s little friend.”


     Matt looked down at John on the floor there, ringed by huge boys.  He smirked and said “Hey John, guess what? I shrank my brother too.”

     “Dave? Where is he?” John asked, worried about his pal.

     “I flushed him… down the toilet.” Matt said slowly, grinning.

     “No.  Oh, no!” John mumbled in denial, and horror.

    “Yes.  But first I pushed on his little neck with my finger and choked him and killed him. Then I flushed him, like a turd! Ha ha ha!”

     John was afraid.  If Matt would kill his own brother, then surely there was no hope for him.  He didn’t have the luxury of time to think about anything, because Ryan’s huge Airwalk came down on him now, blocking out the view of the room, and all he could see now was the strangely giant-sized tread design on the bottom of the shoe.  It was BIG! His fingers went into the grooves on the orange-yellow colored sole as he tried in vain for the second time that day to hold a giant shoe away from him.  Ryan was giggling at him… all the boys were laughing and talking, saying mean things, making jokes.

     “He’s like a little mouse.” Sam said meanly.  “Crush him, dude.”

    “Please don’t!! I’ll do anything!!” John begged. 

     Ryan pushed his shoe down on him, not too hard, but just hard enough to squeeze all the air out of him. He held him like this for almost 30 seconds, then took his shoe away. 


     It was Sam’s turn.  He was still kind of freaked out from his own experience shrinking, but that didn’t make him take pity on John.  To him, to all of them, he wasn’t really a person—he was a play thing, he was something that was fun to squeeze and press and trample.  Sam had his shoes off, and his socks were loose and floppy on his feet.  He lowered his socked foot over the tiny midget boy and pressed firmly, laughing as he felt the little legs twitching and jerking.  Only after one minute did Sam take his foot away.  John lay there, unmoving, with his tongue sticking out.

     “Oh great! You smothered him!” Matt complained. He knelt down and performed midget CPR by blowing on him and very gently pushing up and down on his chest with his finger… the same finger he’d used to press the life from his poor, sick, shrunken brother 45 minutes ago. 

     “Sorry.” Sam said. But he didn’t really mean it.

    “Hey, it’s okay.” Matt assured him.  “I mean, it’s not SUPER important.  I just feel like keeping this guy alive so we can torment him over and over and over.  We can kill lots of other people, I just want this one to be our prisoner or something.  I don’t know.”  Matt tried to explain.

     John responded well to the emergency treatment, and he came back to life.

    “My turn!!” Mike promptly cheered.  He had orange hair and lots of freckles.  He put his big bare toes down on John’s face and pressed.


      They all took turns, some wearing sneakers, others in socks, others barefoot. They held him under their feet as he slowly passed out from the pressure and the lack of air.  They lightly kicked him about on the carpet, not hard enough to break his bones, but hard enough to bruise him and make him do little flips and rolls. They were having fun, like young evil brats will.  John kept trying to get away, to crawl away from them--  it was purely instinct.  He knew it was pointless, but couldn’t stop trying, and always a foot would kick him back the way he’d come from, or drop down on his back and mash him flat into the rug.  Once, a boy called Evan picked him up and drooled spit all over his face, then put him back down on the floor again and stepped on him, feeling his tiny slippery wet face under his smooth warm bare sole as he moved his foot gently back and forth, rocking lower each time, pressing him down, sealing off his breathing, smothering him horribly with saliva and the sole of his foot, and poor little John was sort of dying in the hot moist darkness, sucking desperately for air, feeling his ribs in pain, afraid they were about to go crunch, crunch, crunch.  But they didn’t.  He just passed out.  Again.  For the third or fourth time. 

     This time, Matt lifted him up and put him in a shoebox.  One of his presents had been a new pair of Vans.  He was wearing them now.  So the box became a storage pen for little midget John. Matt put the lid on the box, then punched a few holes in it for air.  He set the box in the corner and put his old shoes on top so if John woke up he wouldn’t be able to get the lid off.

     “Okay, so I guess we’re done with him for now, right?” Ryan asked.

     “Yeah.” Matt said.  “Let’s go shrink and kill that freak at the front door!”


     They went out into the overcrowded restaurant play zone, passing through it, headed for the front of the place.  Matt had given all of his friends green feathers of their own, and taught them the strange magic spell.  At first, they only planned to kill the doorman.  But they would end up shrinking and killing almost everybody in Chunky Cheeser that evening… and there were hundreds of people there. It would be a massacre, and it would all be so much fun!!


     The sour old geezer at the front gate sat on a folding chair, sucking on a lemon.  Ryan went up to him and recited the spell while waving the feather at him.

     “What’s your problem you little hooligan!?” the man was ranting. “Why, I oughta report you to the… the…No!! I’m shrinking!! Eeeeeeeee!” he screamed.

     The boys didn’t even wait for him to fully shrink.  As soon as he was under three feet tall they all crowded into the little area, knocking him off the chair and stomping on him.  They were close together, stepping on him, standing on him, even as he continued shrinking, and he began crunching and screaming as he got smaller and smaller and they got heavier and heavier.  His legs broke.  His arms broke. 

     “Die, you piece of shit.” Matt jeered, putting the heel of his brand new sneaker on the man’s egg-sized head and pushing hard.  There was a crunch, then a splat.  His new Vans weren't so clean anymore…. There was blood on the bottom of the right shoe.  But he wiped it off on the rug. 

     “So much for him.” Ryan said with triumph, looking down at the small, dead, ugly man he was standing on.  His big feet had flattened his body like a sponge. The boys did high fives, then headed back towards the play area in a pack, feeling strong, feeling cool, feeling proud.  Nobody could stop them. 


                                                  The Party Begins

    Chunky Cheeser was overcrowded, and the boys tried to go places and play games and do stuff but there were so many kids all over the place that they had to wait for everything. So they decided to do something about this overcrowding with their new found power.

     They began by going to the ball pit, where brats jumped and played in a sea of multicolored plastic balls.  There were probably 30 or 40 kids there, and one or two employees singing and dancing while handing out cookies.  Well, one minute later, there were 30 or 40 little midgets running around the room, screaming.  They sank to the bottom of the ball pit. They ran in circles on the carpet, squeaking like mice.  They were all only about two or three inches tall. 


     The boys started chasing them and capturing them as a game, seeing who could catch the most.  They put them in paper bags as they caught them.  After five minutes, Matt looked in his bag… there were about 10 little people in there, jumbled up together at the bottom of the bag.  Some were living, others were dead. One was cursing rudely at him.  So he neatly folded over the top of the bag, set it down…and started jumping up and down on it. The first few stomps was all it took, since they were so small. They were crushed together and destroyed.  Soon, blood was seeping through the flattened, crumbled paper bag. Matt kept jumping.  It was fun!!


     Next, the evil killer 11 year old boys went to the game area, which was sort of like a small carnival with arcade games and spinning robot lions and other amusements.  They shrank everybody there, but this time to various sizes.  Some were three inches tall, others were six, others still were nine.  A great variety.  Some were even two feet tall, almost big enough to be circus midgets in real life! But not quite.  Nobody is two feet tall.  That’s the size of a baby.  And these were normally proportioned people, not twisted dwarfs or hideous fat sausages. 

     Ryan grabbed one of the bigger midgets and stuffed it into a hole in the floor and played a game of Bop The Midget, whacking it on the head with a plastic hammer until it was bloody and unconscious.  Then he stood up and kicked it in the face, hard. 

     Meanwhile, Sam took a 6 inch midget girl and strapped her to the gas pedal of a racing game with some big rubber bands he had in his pocket.  The little girl cried and begged for mercy.  Sam ignored her and sat down on the seat, then pressed his foot down on her, operating the pedal.  The video screen showed a view of a road speeding along.  Sam laughed and enjoyed the game, and enjoyed his soft pedal too. By the end of the game she was dead.  He took the little corpse and tossed it in the trash, then got another one and did it again, but this time he did it barefoot, just to be different.


     The evil boys also sat on midgets, seeing how long it took for the midget to get crushed or smothered under their butts.  Ryan ended up getting midget blood  on the seat of his JNCO shorts, but the blood sort of blended in with the red and orange patch on the back pocket, so nobody really noticed.

     Matt laughed with glee as he settled his evil young butt over a screaming little kid—about 8 inches tall, that’s how little—and he sat down slowly.  Soon the tiny victim was making horrible noises and chewing on his ass in terror, but it just tickled.  Within a minute he died of suffocation. 


     Next, they went to the bathrooms, and shrank everyone there.  Yes, even the bathrooms were crowded.  But not for long.  They scooped up miniature people in their greedy young hands, squeezing and crushing them.  They flushed some down the toilet, just like Matt had done to his brother.  Ryan tossed one into the urinal and peed all over him.  The little guy was gurgling and choking, drowning in piss.  In his madness he chewed on the disinfectant tablet and died of bleach poisoning.  Ryan left him there dead.

      Evan, who was a very evil boy with golden hair and a red shirt with a cartoon picture of Nathan on it, found a 4 inch tall boy hiding behind the trash can.  He recognized him from school—it was a kid he hated, Scott Morgurch.  And he didn’t just hate him because of his name. 

     Scott was 14, and he was ugly.  Ugly!! UGLY!!! He was so ugly it was a crime. Everyone always laughed at him and hated him, because boys like doing things like that when they get together in groups.  At school, they had mocked him and thrown food at him in the lunchroom.  Now it was time to finish him forever.

     “Oh look, it’s Ugly Scott!” Evan laughed, pointing at his tiny target. He swung his foot and kicked Scott against the wall, breaking his legs.  He was crippled and helpless now.  He cried and begged in the corner. “Why are you doing this to me!?” he wailed, frightened by the giant boys around him, frightened by the bathroom ceiling which seemed hundreds of feet high.


     “Because we hate you, that’s why.” Evan said.  He shoved his foot into the corner, about to crush Scott, but changed his mind and picked him up instead. He held him under the hot air hand dryer thing and punched the shiny chrome button.  Hot air blasted out of the nozzle.  Little ugly Scott began to scream.  To a normal sized person, the air didn’t hurt.  But Scott’s skin was so much thinner… he began to turn red, an instant sunburn.  It hurt. After this, the boys tortured him by flicking their fingers against his back after tearing off his little shirt.  He was soon bleeding as the sharp taps from their fingertips tore slits in his fragile, burnt skin.


     “Ha ha ha ha ha!!” Matt laughed cruelly.  He took Scott’s tiny arm between his thumb and index finger, and rolled it in a circle, cracking bones and popping it loose at the shoulder.  He tore off his arm, then ate it like a pretzel. Because he was a Bad Kid!!

     Scott was screaming mindlessly in agony in a tiny, far-away sounding voice. It was so easy for these big bad boys to think of him as a little THING instead of a person, since he was so small.  It was so easy for them to act out their natural desires.  Evan pulled off his other arm and gave it to Matt, who ate it just like the first arm.

     “Thanks Evan!” Matt said, then swallowed the arm.


     Scott was dying of shock and blood loss now, held tightly in Evan’s hand.  He relaxed his grip , then let the armless boy slide off his hand and fall to the floor at his feet, where he finished him off by crushing him under the heavy, white rubber sole of his Nike basketball shoe.

      Snap, Crackle, Pop.



                                                  Room Raiders


    After shrinking and killing everyone in the bathroom, the boys went after the 8 Party Rooms next.  There was a ninth room, but that was the one they had started the evening in, so there was nobody there. 

     They went through all 8 party rooms turning the people into midgets and then killing them. They taped the midgets to the floor to immobilize them, and then killed them in various cool ways.  There was no mercy.  None were spared. 


     Yes, the tiny victims were taped cruelly to the floor, helpless and immobile, as the huge smirking boys cruelly ended their lives, one after another after another, crushing them to death with their bare feet, or smothering them with their hands, or by sitting on them.  Ryan crushed one midget’s chest with his thumb.  The little 2 inch tall weirdo gushed blue and green liquid, then died. 

     “Ha ha ha!! Kill ‘em all!!” Sam was laughing, capturing more shrunken people and taping them down. 

     “No!! Noooo!!” a little 5 inch girl was crying.  Sam put a piece of duct tape over her face, and she was silenced, unable to breathe.  He watched her as she struggled and jerked, unable to break free.  He knew she was dying.  He waited until her struggles began to slow, as she was starting to pass out. Then he stood up and brutally ended it, smashing his foot down on her.  Under the duct tape, she crumbled like a soda can and died horribly. 

     Another midget was trying to escape, so he pounded on it with his fist, crushing it to the floor in a yucky mess.


After they got done with all eight rooms they decided to go eat pizza.


                                                   Eating Midgets

    They boys headed to the cafeteria, but the line was so full, to speed up the process they decided to shrink them all to midgets and kill them so they could get there food faster.   Not exactly a surprise, is it.  Anyway, they shrank everyone in the line, then used a big vacuum cleaner and sucked them all up into a plastic bucket, and out a lid on it.  Ryan took the bucket back to the dining area and hid it under a table, then went back to the food-counter to get his pizza and soda.  The man working there didn’t seem to notice that the 48 people in line had suddenly vanished.  He was either blind, stupid, or really just didn’t care.  Whatever, it was unimportant.

     They got their pizza, fries, and other food. They sat down at a big table with comfy seats and then began to eat. Underneath the table was a big plastic bucket full of midgets.  Evan brought it out and began poking around inside, taking out and discarding the ones that had been killed by the vacuum.  About half had survived.  They were frightened and confused, trying to climb out of the bucket… but they could not.  The plastic was slippery.


     Sam decided to put one of the midgets under the cheese on his pizza and thought it looked funny seeing him sealed under the hot cheese. Then Ryan double dog dared him to eat it. Sam was like what the heck why not and took one big bite swallowing the midget whole. ( he was a very tiny midget ).

     “Dude that was awesome give me another!” he laughed.  And the boys started to eat the midgets. They would put them under the cheese on their pizza, put them in their hot dogs, and smother them in ketchup and mustard, (preferring mustard because it was more disgusting). They even put them in their drinks, under the ice so they couldn’t escape, and so they would drown… and also would be kept fresh. Matt giggled as he pushed a tiny man down under the ice cubes in his Coke, forcing him all the way to the bottom of the glass.  He took his straw and jammed it into the little guy’s mouth and blew.  The midget swelled and then burst, fouling the drink with blood and chunks of flesh.  Matt laughed evilly and tossed the whole glass away over his shoulder.


      For desert they had cheese nachos. They would put the midget on their chip and then smother him in melted cheese. And let it sit for a minute watching the midget struggle to get free from under the sticky cheese. They finished the midgets off by eating them. It was pretty damned disgusting, actually.  But they were evil boys, what can we say.

     At the end they couldn’t find the container with about 5-10 midgets left.

     Well it turned out that Mike decided to gas the midgets by sitting on the opening to the container and then farting, (the gas couldn’t escape because it only let stuff in not out. ) The boys noticed Mike looked taller… it was because he was sitting on the bucket of midgets.  Actually the ‘bucket’ was a detachable canister from the vacuum cleaner.   

     “Are you sitting on the midget bucket?” Ryan asked.

     “Yeah.  You can have it back now.” Mike laughed, getting off and putting it on the table. “I think I farted in it though.”

     They watched the midgets in the clear plastic tank struggling to survive, but within a couple minutes they died of suffocation.  Then they threw the bucket away across the room. 


                                                The Rat Pays

  The man they’d previously killed at the front door wasn’t the only irritating employee on duty in Chunky Cheeser that evening. The worst one of all was of course the idiot in the rat costume.  Actually it was supposed to be a mouse, but you know the kind of costume I mean… a big, molded suit like the kind you see people wearing at Disneyland pretending to be Mickey Mouse.  The kind of outfit worn by team mascots.

     Well, the guy in the Rat Suit came dancing out of the kitchen, parading around the room, not noticing that there was nobody left except for Matt and his friends. All the table were empty.  The play area was empty.  A few tiny dead corpses could be seen scattered about, many of them flatter than normal.  Bloody footprints marked the floor at certain places. 

     Ryan lost no time and shrank Chunky Cheeser to the size of a real mouse. The costume shrank with him.  He ran away, squealing like a miniature pig. Ryan grabbed him and said “Where do you think you’re going!? I bet you’ll be sorry after I’m done with you, you idiot!”

     “No! Please!! I am a mouse!!” the man in the costume wailed.  Ryan pulled the ugly costume off the guy, revealing a 3 inch tall college boy.

     “Dude, don’t hurt me! My name’s Frank!! I’m not a mouse!! I was just kidding!! It’s my job!!!” the guy begged from the palm of Ryan’s hand.  Ryan made an evil face at ‘Frank’,  showing he had an evil idea. He went into the bathroom and locked the door. He then took off his sweaty sock and put the little person inside it, then rolled it up and held it tight between his hands, suffocating the 3 inch person. It was warm, moist, smelly and dark.

     The sock was squeezed tight around him from all sides, it was so big compared to him that it was thickly padded, like he was encased in firmly squeezed pillows from all sides.  It got warmer and warmer, and the air started getting stale and lacking in oxygen.  Frank felt Ryan’s huge hands pushing on him from the front and the back.  He felt one of the boys great big fingers over his face, holding the sock there especially tight. He heard his huge tormenter laughing and giggling. Then he passed out.

     When Frank stopped struggling Ryan took him out of the sock and then put the sock back on.

     He held the limp, unconscious little midget boy in his hand, thinking about what to do next.  It didn’t take long to decide.  He put him in his shoe and taped him to the bottom, only exposing his face, where his toes would be. Once Ryan taped Frank to the inside of his vans he then took off his sock and slipped his bare foot inside the shoe. “Have fun in there forever in my shoe Frankie,”  Ryan said evilly.

     Frank woke up just as the big toes came sliding up across his chest and then settled down over his face.  “No!” He cried out, “Noooooo!!” and then he was silenced forever.  Ryan wiggled his toes with pleasure, then pushed them down in a friendly way, covering Frank’s face completely, breaking his little nose, blocking his mouth, smothering him under his warm foot.  He walked out of the bathroom happy about his new padded insole. It was soft and warm.

     After a while it flattened out and got wet and gooshy, so he scraped it out into a trash can… and found another one to replace it. 

     He stuffed a screaming, freckle-faced 6 inch tall boy into his shoe, shoving his foot in on top. He took a few steps to settle the new mini-human  insole into place—there was a soft pop as the midget’s neck broke, and the muffled screams stopped.  It was comfortable again.


                                           The Real Party Begins

     The 8 evil boys looked around the place.  There was nobody left.  All the tables were empty, the games were deserted.  Matt smiled.  “We killed everybody in here!! Is that cool or what!?  We’re so BAD!!”

    “Hey dude, there’s more in that big plastic box in the corner, remember? We dumped a whole bunch of those tiny freaks in there earlier.” Nick said.

     “Oh, cool!! Yeah, we did!!”  Matt remembered.  They all ran over to the big plastic box in the corner.  It was filled with midgets.  About 300 of them!! They were swarming like gerbils, chattering and snickering like little freaks.  Apparently, the shrinking process drove many people insane, causing them to sort of lose their ability to think.  Not everybody, but many. 

     The boys took hold of the big box and dragged it down the hallway…they had decided to have a midget massacre in the party room.

     They gathered tape, balloons, chewing gum, and other supplies. They dragged all the furniture out of the room so nothing was in it but the supplies and the box of midgets. Then they closed and locked the door and window… just in case.


     The party room was small, with only one window and no place for a midget to hide. The boys then smiled and dumped all 300 midgets out of the box.  They began to run around the floor, like ants except they where about 4 inches tall. The boys then began to dance around barefooted, trampling any midgets that got in there way. And a lot of them got in their way. Crunch! Squish!  Snap!! Stomp!!

     “No! Please!! I am a MIDGET!!” one tiny man shrieked, trying to hide behind a hamburger that was laying on the floor for some reason.  Ryan grabbed him, put him in the hamburger between the bun and the lettuce, and then stomped on the hamburger repeatedly, laughing as his big bare heel came down, flattening and pulverizing the midget and the hamburger into a slimy mess.  Ketchup mixed with blood.  Bones and onions were between his toes.  He was laughing and squishing the remains, destroying all traces of humanity. 

     Matt got some of that ‘Silly String’ spray and started to spray it at the midgets, sticking them to the ground. They struggled, helpless like bugs in a spider web.  But instead of a spider, there were a couple giant boys stepping on them, one after another. Some were crushed slowly.  Others quickly.  Sam killed one by sitting on it. 

     Nick got some confetti and threw it all around. It swirled in the air, drifting to the floor, which was getting pretty cluttered with debris—dead midgets, living midgets, silly spray, smashed food, confetti--- and eight 11 year old boys running and jumping around, stomping on everything.  Another boy had a magic spray that froze the midgets in place, petrifying them, but only used it on some of them. He had bought it on eBay.

     A group of midgets got into a corner, trying to hide from the boys, so they boarded up the midgets with pieces of ply wood, containing them to a small corner, and then Mike sat on top of the group of midgets, pushing them down to the ground under his weight. He then farted, 4 times…and  then his stomach began to rumble and he had a huge fart that blew most of the midgets out from under him. 

    “Dude, that’s gross!!” Matt yelled, laughing. “Knock it off before you crap your pants!”

     “No, I like farting.” Mike said.  He looked down into the plywood pen where the midgets in the corner had been farted on… most were dead, but three of them were trying to escape by gnawing a hole in the floor with their sharp, beaver-like teeth.


     “Oh no you don’t!” Mike shouted at them. He grabbed the hammer that the boys had used to nail the plywood together, and started beating on the midgets with it.  The first one he hit on the head, and it was really sick as the grape-sized head exploded, spewing blood and brains and teeth.  The second one took a hammer blow to the back that paralyzed him instantly.  The third beaver-toothed midget tried to run away, but Matt picked him up and threw him at the wall, hard.  It stuck to the wallpaper with a splat.  Blood flew in a shower of little drops.  The dead midget slowly slid down the wall, leaving a blood smear all the way to the floor where he lay in a crumpled heap, robbed of his dignity and then his life by an evil 6th grade kid on his birthday. 

     The midget that Mike had hit in the back with a hammer was still paralyzed, but was now also dying, because Nick was gently holding one finger over the tiny guy’s mouth and nose… gently? Well, just enough to smother him, but not enough to crush his face.  He wanted him to suffer longer.  And suffer he did, unable to breathe, unable to move, turning blue and wetting his pants as his heart raced and he felt hot and lost and doomed.  Finally he passed out and died.  Nick laughed, lifted his finger of death away, then spit on his face.


    Meanwhile, the other boys continued to run around the room, stepping on midgets with their feet. Soon there were only about 100 midgets left. The boys each grabbed 2 or 3 and taped them to the ground. As we can see, these boys liked using tape to immobilize midgets.  They now played a fun game. Each boy had two midgets, taped to the floor in front of him.  One midget they stepped on, the other midget they sat on.

      The object of the game was to see whose midget would last the longest, and whichever one of them possessed that lucky, durable midget would be declared the winner, and would get to do whatever he wanted with the midget… kind of a dumb prize, since they were already doing whatever they wanted, but cut them some slack, they’re just kids and can’t be expected to think up clever things all the time.


      Matt ended up winning, when all the other midgets died and his still lived.  He decided it would be funny to put his midget in a balloon like the jumping bean things on TV. Matt grabbed a blue balloon and put his midget inside of it, pulling the rubber over the midget, laughing at how it stuck to his face, almost suffocating him, wrapping around his whole body. Matt finally blew up the balloon, making it a nice size not too big, just big enough so it wasn’t too easy to pop. Matt then peered though the balloon and saw the midget inside it.  He shook it, and the tiny man bounced around. 

      Evan said “good thing Mike didn’t fart in that balloon or the midget wouldn’t last long enough for us to do anything.”

      Everyone laughed.  Matt said “Hey you guys watch this!”, and then carefully laid the balloon down and pressed his foot into it.  The midget inside the balloon was being stepped on since the balloon gave some since it wasn’t fully blown. Matt stepped on the midget hard, smothering him into the plastic balloon., holding him down with his bare foot. The guys all crowded close to watch, because it was fun. 

     “Smother him, dude.” Ryan whispered evilly, laying down on the floor to look at the little midget-arms sticking out from under Matt’s foot on either side, sort of waving around in helpless fear inside the balloon.  


     After about 1 minute, the midget was unconscious.  Matt took his foot away, then heavily sat on the balloon, bouncing up and down trying to pop it, also mashing the midget inside the balloon, which soon went BANG and little pieces of balloon rubber flew around. The midget was still alive so Matt rubbed it into the ground with his butt, everyone was laughing. Soon the midget was dead.


    Nick was chewing a big wad of blueberry bubble gum. He had been doing this for about half an hour, and it didn’t have much flavor left, so he spit it out onto the floor and then stuck a midget to the gum and then slowly stepped onto the midget, sticking it to his foot in a gummed seal of crushed death. The other boys also did this commenting on how cool of an idea it was.


     And then Matt recognized two of the surviving midgets—they had been to his house before… they were his dead brother’s friends!!  

     “Why hello, Tommy and Andy!!” Matt smiled in a friendly way as he scooped them both up in his hand, just in time to save them from being smashed by Ryan’s feet—he was bouncing around like a kangaroo. 

     “Matt, don’t hurt us!!” little Tommy begged. 

     “Shutup.” Matt said, bringing him closer to his face. “You used to pick on me. I killed my brother this afternoon.  Why would I show mercy to YOU?”

     “Please!! I’ll give you a hundred dollars!! I got it for selling my stereo yesterday!! Please Matt, I always liked you!!” Tommy begged.  Andy was too scared to speak, he just lay in Matt’s hand, afraid to even move.


      “I know just the thing! You guys know John, right? He was my brother’s friend too, I’m sure he’s your friend also. I bet you’re in the same classes at school!! I’ve got him in a box.  He’s gonna come home with me, and I’ll torture him for a whole week before slowly smothering him to death with my foot.  And you can join him!!”

     Matt took down the shoe box from the shelf on the wall.  He lifted the lid and peeked inside.  I was conscious again.  Yeah, that’s me, John.  The kid who started this story.  I was hurting all over.  Matt and his dumb friends had trampled me with their huge feet. The last thing I remembered before passing out was pressure, darkness, and the smell of feet.   I couldn’t even believe I was alive.  Call me lucky.  Or unlucky. 

     Matt looked down at me.  “So you’re alive.  Good.” He sneered. “I’ve got plans for you.  Have you enjoyed my birthday party? I’m sorry you missed most of it, sleeping in this box, but here, I got a surprise for you.  Do you know these two guys here?”

     And I couldn’t believe it—in his right hand he held Andy and Tommy, two of my best friends from school. They were shrunk, just like me. 

     “You can keep each other company.” The giant 11 year old boy said, then put them into the box with me.  Andy was really scared.  He sort of fell over next to me, and we both tried to scoot away into the corner of the box.  He had to help me a little bit, because I was so sore it was hard to move. 

    Tommy was brave.  He stood up and shook his fist at Matt and yelled at him

    “You can’t do this to us!! We’re people!!  Not toys!! Not mice!! What’s the matter with you big dumb psycho brat!?” Tommy raged. He was really pissed.  And really stupid too.  I guess he didn’t know Matt very well.

    “Tommy, No!!” I cried out in fear for my buddy when he started shouting at Matt… I knew he had just signed his own death warrant.  Sure enough, Matt frowned and reached into the box with one huge hand.  He pushed Tommy over onto his back and held him down with the palm of his hand, so that only his head stuck out.

     “Don’t hurt him!” I begged, but Matt wouldn’t listen to me.  I knew he wouldn’t, but I had to try.  It was pointless to argue, the kid was a real killer.  Me and Andy held onto each other in fear and horror, huddled in the corner, as Matt reached down with his other hand, closed his fingers around poor Tommy’s head, and squeezed, hard.  He pinched his head and crushed it. I heard his skull breaking. 

     After that, Matt flicked Tommy’s corpse towards us.  He tumbled into the corner and his smashed head landed on my lap.  It was the most horribly gross thing I’d ever seen.  His eyes were hanging out of their sockets, his jaw was split in half, his mouth was sort of squished open twice as wide as normal, and brains fell out on my leg. I puked on my dead buddy.  How totally embarrassing. 

     There was a shadow over me now, a big shadow.  Next to me, Andy closed his eyes.  I looked up, and saw Matt’s foot, right above me. That’s all I saw, and then it came down.

     But Matt didn’t step on me, or Andy.  Instead, he folded his toes over dead Tommy and scrunched him, picking him up with his foot and carrying him out of the box, dropping him to the floor just outside the box, and then stomping on a couple times, crushing his chest and his legs, then grinding him into the carpet by pushing and twisting his foot. 

     “See what I did to your friend?” Matt smirked, lifting up the flattened remains by one barely attached leg and dangling it in the air.  Tommy looked like a dead squirrel in the road that’s been run over more than once, only smaller. 

     “You better behave, or I’ll do the same to you.” He said.  Then the lid went back on the box.  Andy was freaking out. 

     “Oh shit, dude!! How is this happening!?  Did you see what he did to Tommy, and all those other people!?  Dave’s little brother and his friends squished everybody!! Oh shit, man!!”

     I just sat there in the dark.  I felt the box lift from the floor.  We were going back to Matt’s house. Andy was still freaking out. “John, he’s gonna torture us for a whole week before slowly smothering us to death with his foot!! I know he is!! He’s gonna break our legs and eat our arms!! We should kill each other right now.  I’d rather have you kill me than him.  We can just squeeze each other’s neck and choke to death.  That’s the only way out!”

     “Um, Andy, what kind of drugs are you on?” I mumbled.  “We can’t choke each other to death, that’s ridiculous.  And besides, all we have to do is wait for him to go to sleep, and then we can try to escape.”

     “Really? Okay.” Andy said.  Then he passed out unconscious, because of terror.  Oh, what a horrible day!! 


     Matt carefully put the shoe box in his backpack.  There were about 40 other midgets left alive besides John and Andy, and these were divided among the other boys as party favors for them to take home in little bags. Matt took 5 of these other midgets.  It would be fun to make them fight against John and Andy, he thought.  He could have little gladiator fights in his bedroom.  Plus, he just really liked stepping on them, and he could crush one every day for a week, ending with John, who would be begging for death by the time it finally came under his big, smelly foot. 

     Ryan and Nick and Sam and the other boys laughed.  They all said happy Birthday to Matt, and good bye to each other, and went home since it was 9 O’clock pm and they had to make it back home in time to watch the Pokemon cartoon show on TV. What a bunch of brats!!

     Matt got in the back of the car and his dad drove home, still drinking gin and complaining about how stupid Chunky Cheeser was.  Matt ignored him.  He was busy stuffing tiny people into his socks and letting them ride home all squished up in his shoes. He ran out of space in his socks and put the last one in the back part of his underwear.  The little midget person screamed and tried to escape, but Matt just sat back hard on the car seat, squeezing the breath from its lungs until it passed out.  

     John and Andy remained in the shoe box.



The End… for now