Cody and Colby

An older story by BigMike, date not known

Cody and Colby were part of an average American family. They were brothers, Cody was 12, and Colby was 9, almost 10. They lived with their mom and dad in a 3 bedroom ranch-style house in a suburb nestled in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. Cody and Colby never got along very well; Cody never really appreciated his little brother. In an oddly warm day in December, Cody was inside playing his video games, and Colby was outside, enjoying what was most-likely the last warm day of the year. Colby went for a walk; it was trash day so he looked at all of his neighbors’ garbage, looking to see if anyone was throwing out anything good. He wondered around his neighborhood for awhile, until finally he came to his friendly neighbors house… this neighbor happened to be a scientist.

Colby walked up his neighbor’s driveway, the garage door was open. In the back corner, there was Dr. Patterson, moving some stuff around on the shelves and mumbling to himself. He picked up a few jars, bottles, and boxes and started carrying them to the street curb.
“Hi Doctor Patterson” Colby greeted him.
“Ahhh, Colby, I didn’t see you there.” He said with a shriek and accidentally dropped what he was carrying to the ground. Some of the jars broke, and the contents splashed on Colby.
“Oh, we have quite a mess here…. woops.” The Doctor said.
“What was that stuff?” Colby asked.
“One of my failed experiments. It was a growth formula; I tried to use it to make food grow bigger, in an attempt to end world hunger.” The Doctor replied.
“So what was wrong with it?” Colby asked.
“Well, after extensive testing, I found it had a negative affect on humans. It changes their D.N.A., giving them the power to change there size, making them able to turn into a giant.” The Doctor explained
“So what’s gonna happen to me?” Colby asks
“Well, you’re going to have that power. Be careful, you might hurt someone, you should have that power for about a year before it wears off.” The Doctor said. Colby and the Doctor talked for awhile. Colby left and went home.

Cody was always mean to Colby, arguing and making fun of him, even though Cody was only a few years older than him. There were times it was so bad Colby wanted to leave home. Although, one day, on the way home from school, Colby heard Cody and his other 7th grade friends making fun of him. That just made Colby so mad, he kept his feelings to himself though.

A few hours later, as Cody went into Colby’s room to get him so they could eat dinner. He noticed Colby was missing.
“Mom, where’s Colby?” Cody asked.
“He’s not in his room?” Mom asked.
“No, some of his stuff is missing too” Cody said.
“Let’s go see if Dr. Patterson knows where he is” Mom said. The all drove the short distance to the Doctor’s house. They knocked on his door and the scientist answered.
“Yes?” The scientist greeted them.
“Doctor do you know where Colby is?” Mom asked him.
“No I don’t but… oh no…” You don’t have any clue where he’s going?” The Doctor said.

Meanwhile… miles away, down south into the mostly rural area of Washington County, Colby de-boards a bus, and tries to find somewhere sheltered to spend the night. He walks into the woods and finds a clearing. He sets up a tent he stole from the garage as he was leaving. He sleeps through the night, fairly comfortably.

Back home, his family gets into their car and searches the town calling Colby’s name. The scientist gets in his car, and on a hunch, starts driving to Washington County, but he gets lost along the way. About 10:00 at night, Colby’s family reluctantly goes home, and goes to bed. Dr. Patterson finds a hotel and turns in for the night. The next morning, Colby gets up, and decides he’s gonna do what he was thinking he was gonna do. He’s gonna become a giant and get his revenge on the world. He starts pushing, and he starts to grow. Dr. Patterson gets up early and, immediately gets in his car and continues on his way. By the time he gets there its too late, Colby’s already at a giant size and has started exploring with his new size. He has so much fun, stepping on trees and things, he laughs as he sees the trees crush under his giant K-Swiss Sneaker. The scientist gets back in his car and starts driving back north to get Colby’s family. In another hour they’re all back in Washington County. Colby hasn’t done any major damage yet, but starts heading towards the near-bye town of Morgantown West Virginia. His family sees him and follows him, until the find a place in the road where they can get ahead of him. The car skids to a halt in the path of Colby; he stops and stares down at the puny car.
“What do you think we should do?” Mom asks the family in the car.
“No. It’s my fault Colby did this. I should be the one who talks to him.” Cody says. Cody gets out of the car and walks over to Colby, then he stares up at his giant little brother.
“Colby, Please stop this. Just calm down, I’m sorry” Cody says with no enthusiasm
“Oh Cody, who are you kidding? I know the only reason you said that is because I can crush you.” Colby proceeds to lift his giant sneaker over Cody, and Cody finally realizes that his giant little brother isn’t kidding. He drops to his knees and says:
“Colby, I’m sorry. I love you little bro!” Cody says crying.
“That’s all I ever wanted to hear you say Cody.” Colby says. He starts to shrink back down to his normal size. Cody holds his arms out wide, and runs up to his normal sized little brother and hugs him.
“Colby, I’m your big brother, and I always will love you no matter what happens.” He says while crying tears of joy now that they’re all back together.

They all get back into the car and head home, they all have a great Christmas and New Year’s together, and Cody never forgets to mention how much he loves his little brother. Cody and Colby, and the whole family live happily ever after, as a normal American Family. The End

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