Death of a Four Inch Man

by Timothy Lacey, modified by Nathan

I was still alive? I could not believe it. When my lab exploded, I thought my number was up. Even my clothing was untouched. That is more than I could say for the four story building my lab was in. All I could see of the building was orange flames shooting from the entire struture.

My vision must have been affected, I first thought. Everything seemed out of proportion. A cold sickening feeling over took me. I found I was the one out of proportion. As strange as it was, I was only four inches tall!

Not far from me was a policeman. He was keeping people back from the fire scene. I started to shout up to him when a rumbling feeling started to commence under my feet. I could also hear the sound of heavy machinery behind me. I turned around and saw a huge tire heading straight for me. I jumped out of the way, then watched the monster sized car thunder pass me. The wind of its passage knocked me down, and I was almost run over by a skateboarder next… the underside of his bus-sized board flashed over me, and although I was small and lying flat, it was still too close for comfort. 

I was about to get up when a rushing stream of water from the firemen's hoses knocked me into the gutter. I was being carried away. Several times, I was pushed up against the station wagon-sized shoes of pedestrians. No one saw me. For one it was night out, and no one would expect to find a four inch person floating down the street.

A new fear entered my mind. The fear was being washed down the city's sewer. If that happened, I would surely be eaten by the homeless people who lived under the city—they were unscrupulous savages who ate anything, including sewage and decomposing animals.  Mustering all the strength I could, I took in a deep breath. I rolled and fought my way out of the flowing stream of water.  

I found myself in a dark alley, with black walls that loomed like the sides of some hellishly deep canyon in a nightmare. I walked to the base of one of these gigantic walls and sat down. And there I stayed throughout the long, dark night. 

In the morning, the sounds of the city coming to life and the ray of light that hit my face brought me back to reality. A reality I could do without. Well---it was no dream. I was in the land of the giants-- a land that I was once part of. And the question that came to my mind, was, could I return to it? I didn’t realize that I had become obsolete, a tiny shrunken person with no purpose other than to provide a moment of sadistic pleasure for an evil street boy.  And truly, what could be more beautiful?

Turning to my side, I found I was next to a tarp or sheet, something that was military green. I studied it for a minute. As my eyes traveled up, I saw the lip of a pocket. To me this pocket was the size of a room. I continued to look up. It was a pair of pants. Baggy, dirty, ripped, impossibly vast.  It was like looking up at a 10 story building…. But this was no building, it was a teenage boy.  A gigantic teenage boy.  No, I told myself, not a gigantic boy.  He was perfectly normal.  It was I who was the freak…I was the size of a toy plastic action figure.

 I felt a weird sensation go through me, when my rising gaze finally met the huge  green eyes looking down at me from beneath a wave of dirty blond hair. The boy was so cute, so bad, so huge!!

My first thought was to get away. I turned and ran…directly into the brick wall. WHAM.  Down I went, with my head spinning and darkness washing over me.  How unbelievable…I’d knocked myself cold.

I must not have been out long, because when I regained consciousness I was still in the alley… only now, I was high in the air, trapped in the boys fist.  The grip was tight but not quite painful. I wanted to speak. But I could not, for he held me too tight for that.  In fact I couldn’t breathe either. 

I was brought to eye level to this giant, as he help me close to his face and examined me. His eyes had a look of wonder in them. I was apparently  a strange sight for him.

I was shaking in his grip, ragged with fear.  I had a terrible irrational fear that he was about to stick my head and upper body between his lips, past his teeth, and then force me hard against the roof of his mouth with his tongue, smothering me to death in his hot, wet mouth perhaps for fun… because he looked like the kind of boy who would enjoy doing such a thing. 

But he did not.  Perhaps he thought I was ugly and didn’t want me in his mouth.  He never spoke a word to me, but within several seconds I found myself lowered to the pavement.  He set me down on the cement pavement, warm from the morning sun.  His fingers released me, and I felt flat and hot.  I was afraid to try to breathe, afraid I would find myself unable… maybe he had broken all my ribs and I would slowly hideously asphyxiate on the floor of the alley with a giant street boy looking down at me and perhaps smiling.  But I finally did manage to breathe.  I filled my lungs, just in time to shout “No!! What are you doing!?” as he lifted up his right sneaker over me, blocking out the sky the sun the morning my future.  He didn’t need to lift his shoe very high at all, since I was so small.  He just casually stepped on me as if it was a perfectly natural thing for him to do.  My heart hammered wildly in my tiny chest as his huge foot came down on me. I raised my arms in a futile instinctive move, trying to hold the car-sized expanse of warm slightly pliant rubber away from my head, my body, but it was impossible.  The heady aroma of warm shoe rubber filled my senses.  My fingers gripped madly and helplessly at the grooves on the sole of his sneaker as is pressed down.  My arms broke.  The boy settled his foot lower.  To him, it was just a simple, casual motion.  To me, it was the end. Pain tore me from the world as my chest was flattened and my head was crushed.  I was so small, it took no time at all. 


The boy moved his foot away and looked down at the remains of the tiny weirdo he’d crushed.  His arms were broken and crossed over his chest, which was flattened weirdly.  His head was turned to the side, and brains were smeared on the pavement like a tiny lump of pink snot.  It was so weird… he hadn’t even felt the man under his shoe.  His tiny body hadn’t offered enough resistance to even be detected… like stepping on a little sponge or something.  SQUISH!!

The boy smiled…and went on his way.

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