Alex the Giant

    Alex had always been kind of short, which wasn't a big surprise since it was only the summer between 5th and 6th grade, but it still ticked him off. He had always wondered what it would be like to be a giant someday, until one day his dream came true.


    He was walking through the woods behind his home. He came to a spot almost a mile into the dense woods, much too far to see the house from his location. Alex spotted something he had never seen before, it was a little creek running through the property.. He looked across the creak and to the other side. What he saw amazed him, it was a tiny city. He stooped down to look into the city from across the creek, though not stepping over into the city. "Wow" he thought to himself, it was amazing how detailed the city was. He saw each little window and each little brick on the detailed buildings. Surely this city couldn't be real, or could it? Alex decided to take a closer look, but that involved stepping over the creek and into the city.


    At first he tried to step gently, but he eventually found it was no use. There was no way he could step that he wouldn't cause any damage to the little town. He took a deep breath and threw caution to the wind as he stepped into the tiny city.


    Several of the little buildings were crushed to splinters as Alex's powerful Nike clad foot impacted the earth. "Wow, this is so cool!" he said as he looked down, much to his surprise he saw actual little cars driving away from him, and people screaming and running. Maybe it really was a little city. But how could this be real, how could a city be shrunken down to such a pathetically small size.


    Alex then realized what just happened. That was a real city, and who knows how many people he just crushed. He was a giant monster to them. He then realized something else... he didn't care who he may have just hurt... who would find out what he did? A wry smile came to his face, as he continued marching into the tiny city.


    He decided to have a little more fun, he went back over to the other bank of the creek and then came back with a stick. He squatted down and started poking the tiny city like a normal sized boy would poke an anthill

    He was an unstoppable God to them now. This city belonged to him. He proudly continued marching on, his huge Nikes stomping on building after building. He laughed as he felt every crunch. "Stupid bugs!" he thought to himself "Bow down to me, I am your God! You shall all be my slaves now, or you'll have to answer to my foot! Feel my wrath!" he yelled as he stomped another building into the dust, laughing hysterically. He heard some sort of faint buzzing. "What's that?" he thought. He looked ahead to see a formation of helicopters flying towards him, and they began firing guns and rockets at him.

    They didn't last long however, they were no match for this angry young boy. He was much to powerful for them, soon they were reduced to nothing more than piles of rubble on the ground:

    It was almost dinner time and Alex knew his mom would wonder where he was. So he decided to leave the city, and go back towards his home on the other side of the creek. He didn't get far before he heard a little man screaming and chasing after him

    Alex didn't have time to deal with this annoyance. He turned around and did the best thing he could do. There was more blood than he originally thought there would be:

    Alex returned home after crushing the puny man. He washed off his shoes with the hose outside before going in. He never did tell anyone about what he found in the woods that day. But he kept returning every chance he got. He loved being a giant, and it wasn't long before the city was almost completely obliterated.


The End

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