EVIL : Part Three


By Shining Skull

January 2006



Chapter 1


“Day number 150”, wrote Captain Steve Johnson in his journal. “This morning, a giant snake tried to penetrate in the ship. Happily, no one was outside, but we waited two hours before to get out. Soon we’ll leave this terrible place. Our ship isn’t damaged, but there’s no point in wasting the fuel. Ray, Dave and Dolf have found out how to get back. It’s a complicated theory, but if their calculations are correct, it’s just matter of days.”

They had been caught in a kind of space warp. Their ship had crashed on a strange land where they found inhabitants of gigantic dimension, about fifteen times their size. The ship’s crew included Steve Johnson, the pilot; co-pilots Mark Quinn and Don Webb; mechanical engineers Ray Silver, Dave Lesser, and Dolf Hopper; and trainee Lenny Heder.

Lenny, a lanky, nice young man, knocked the door of Steve’s room.

“Captain? Dinner’s ready.”

“Thanks, Lenny, I’m coming.”

Dinner at five, Steve thought bitterly. They only had two meals per day, as food wasn’t exactly abundant. Steve met Ray and Don, his co-pilots, and Mark, Dave and Lenny. Dolf was on the observation room, atop the ship; he’d be back in two hours. There wasn’t much conversation at lunch time, and everybody came back to their occupations as soon as they had finished. Don and Lenny went out to refill the water containers, Spotty leading the way.

                Alert and nervous, as always, they had started the long walk to a small pond that served as water source. Unseen by either man, a giant boy watched from behind a tree. He saw the tiny men walking slowly until they disappeared from his sight.

“You little people are such fun to play with, I can’t wait for you to discover just what I have planned for you,” they boy spoke softly, thinking of the cruel tricks he’d play on the unsuspecting Earthlings. Sure, that was not the plan, but meanwhile, why not have some fun? He finally moved from his concealed position, and carefully made his way along towards the little people.


Nobody had time to run away, and the two defenceless men just saw two huge hands descending from the sky, blocking out the sight of anything else and engulfing them in powerful fists. Don and Lenny screamed as they were borne up to the level of the giant's face. Their stomachs lurched at the swift ride, and they could barely catch their breath.

“At last”, they giant boy said.

“Let me go!” Don wriggled and yelled, but to no avail. The giant’s eyes were cold.

“Let you go, little man? That wouldn’t be any fun!”

The giant boy looked at the tiny youth caught in his fist. There was suddenly wetness near the area of the giant's middle finger, and he shifted it to look.

“Oh, little one. You've wet yourself. How appropriate.” He squeezed Lenny a little, just to punish him.

Danny was his name, and he was almost fifteen years old. A slender boy, with sandy hair, he grinned at the devilishness of his plan. Spotty distracted him with his barks. Danny quickly put Lenny and Don in one fist, and grasped Spotty as the dog tried to run. The boy reached his house without further incident. He darted around the side of the house, clutching his prizes.

In the ship, Dolf hadn’t seen what happened, but certainly he’d seen a giant form far away, close to the pond. Immediately, he alerted the others. Steve took the lead.

“We have to find Lenny and Don. Come on,” said Steve, taking off at a run, the others, after a brief, shocked pause running after him.


* * *


“You had been very sneaky so far, little men. Very few have had the good luck of catching you. Of course they want you to give all that precious information about your planet, and how to get there.”

He was in the room that served as his base of operations. Opening one of the many dirty cages he had, he deposited Don inside, and then he did the same with Lenny and Spotty, who ended up together in another cage. He stared directly at Don, smiling perversely. Don knew he had to be docile. You never knew how a giant would react if provoked.

“You”, the giant boy spoke again, “where are the others?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Don said, trying to sound as convincing as possible, “we are the only ones left after we crashed.”

“Don’t play games, you pathetic little maggot, I know there are more like you.”

“Please, let us go!” Danny heard Lenny shout. Looking left, he saw the youth, his horrified face staring up at him.

“I think that will depend on how cooperative you are, or else I might decide to squeeze your little bodies in my fist.”

The little people were terrified, but they could not betray their friends. Lenny was crying.

“So, where are the others?”

“In the woods”, said Lenny. Don was shocked. They had sworn never betray each other.

“I know that, you stupid insect. I asked where, exactly.”

But Lenny didn’t answer. After all, he was still trustworthy, to Don’s relief.

“I am patient. Anyway, the first important thing was to catch one of you. If your friends are as loyal as you are, they will try to rescue you very soon. I’m sure we’ll extract all the necessary information from you.”

We”, thought Don. What did he mean by “we”?

He didn’t get his answer. Danny stood up and left the room.



Chapter 2


Captain Steve Johnson was in his early forties, still in incredible shape. If age added any padding to his body, it’s placement only served to accentuate muscle size and definition. Ray was younger, thin and very agile, while Dave was brawny and tall. They walked for about ten minutes, when Steve spoke.

“Maybe Don and Lenny were caught around here”, said Steve. “Let’s hide and wait for a while, in case they return from the pond.”

Everybody agreed. Ray tried to bring up a mental map of the area, remembering that once he’d seen a truck nearby. Nothing happened. Twenty minutes later, they set off.

“This way,” Ray said. “If they were caught by a giant, I’m sure it was the boy who lives in a house not very far-off.”

They walked for about half an hour, through a thorny path covered with the first leaves of the fall, when they saw it: the house they never dared to get close by. The sun was setting now, and faint light filtered through the side windows, casting slightly lighter patches on the dusty floor.

“What’s the plan?” asked Dave.

Steve didn’t know exactly what to do. If Lenny and Don were inside the house, where to search?

“I think the only choice is to wait”, said Steve.

The earthlings, watching from behind a rock, waited another half an hour before venturing out. Still fearing a trap, Dave kept behind, his eyes constantly flicking about, looking for any movement. They approached the porch, and Steve said he would enter first. Reaching the door, he slipped inside. 

As Ray’s and Dave’s hearts pounded violently in their chests, they saw Steve getting out of the house. He ran towards his friends.

“There’s a ductwork next to the door. We can hide there and keep watching.”

“That’s a trap! whispered Dave. “How can we escape if a giant sees us?”

“It’s too risky, I know. But if you have an alternative, speak it”, said Steve.

Dave was left speechless, and the three of them went inside the house.

                It was exasperating. Time seemed to slow down, as nothing happened. Apparently, there was nobody in the house. Dave was looking at Steve, as if thinking that it was a terrible waste of time. But Steve was determined, his heart telling him he was right.

After a few minutes, they decided to get out and explore the house. Dave was first, and when he appeared trough the grill, Steve suddenly pulled him inside. The giant boy was descending the stairs. He stopped for a split second, and the little people stopped breathing. But the boy kept trotting down to the basement. Nonetheless, they didn’t dare to venture out, cornering themselves as much as they could. It was getting warm inside. Warmer and warmer. Danny had lit the boiler.


* * *


Moments later, Danny crouched down beside the stairwell grill and his voice resonated inside the duct. He started calling to the little people still trapped in the ductwork somewhere. He pressed his face to the grill to better project his voice down the vent.

“Little insects, can you hear me?”

No answer.

“I lit the fire, maggots. The flames are leaping merrily down there. Is it getting warm for you in there?”

His ear pressed to the metal grill, listening for any sign that the earthlings had heard him. Sitting back up he once more put his lips to the grill, the air coming out of the vent perceptively warmer as the minutes ticked by.

“You can't stay in there much longer, you'll have to come out sometime, or you'll be burned alive.”

Pausing to let his words sink in, he let a chuckle slip out.

“You really would be better off just giving yourselves up. I got your friends.”

                Still no answer.

“I know you can hear me, so just come out and I'll take good care of you.”

With no sign of the little people, Danny vented his frustration by hitting the wall with his fist several times. The noise reverberated down the metal walls of the duct and reached the small group of people crouched inside.


Steve was thinking back and forth, checking the ropes and small packages, as well as their only weapons, a hand-made axe, a sharp spear and a small mallet. Dave was petrified for Danny's entreaties, after jumping slightly when the loud banging had vibrated the metal walls around them.


“We can't stay in here, Steve, we're going to have to make a run for the door and try and avoid the giant”, whispered Ray.

“We'll get about as far as.....as....nowhere before that monster grabs us,” said Steve.

“We can't sit here and be roasted alive!” said Ray.

“So what do you suggest, Captain?” asked Dave.


They heard footsteps, Danny was running away.

Quickly, the earthlings slid down the wall, realising how fraught the next seconds were going to be. Another waft of heated air spurred them on.

With one last exchange of glances, the three men eased themselves out of the vent and peered around the inky hallway, the only light coming from the top of the stairs. A glance to the right confirmed that Danny wasn’t near.

Panting heavily, the earthlings approached the dark outline of the door. Everything was clear: it was now or never. Taking a deep breath, Steve lowered himself and crawled under the door, Ray and Dave quickly following him. Once outside they edged along the external wall, their eyes looking for anything they could use for cover. And in doing so, they caught sight of Danny by the wall. Their gazes met and locked. The boy’s face was a mask of triumph.



Chapter 3


Steve recoiled, a purely reflexive motion. Still numb with horror he fell backward, and watched a mammoth bare foot settling onto the ground just a few yards away, next to the door. Then the other foot swept through the air ahead of them and settled down, and the earthlings were motionless.

 "Thought you'd get away from me, did you?"

Steve let out a yell and began sprinting toward the garden. Waves of panic crashed through his being, hoping that somewhat Ray and Dave would do the same. Then something huge fell from the sky and landed in his path, barely inches away. The boy's right foot slammed into the floor, the broad heel nearly crushing him with all the immense weight behind it. Steve had no time to react; his momentum carried him headlong into it. He struck the ankle and careened away, stunned. His legs tangled with one another and he fell hard, rolling several times and ending on his back. Through a dull haze he saw the boy's enormous body towering over him, face set in a savage grin. The colossal foot that Steve had collided with rose into the air and slowly swung over him. It hovered there, the broad sole looming menacingly, seeming to fill the whole sky.

Steve screamed in terror, and the foot came rushing down. The hard flesh knocked him down onto his back and shoved him down flat, immobilizing him. He grunted from the impact, and then the foot began to press down harder. He struggled to move, but it was hopeless. The vast sole pinned him tightly, and with each passing second was growing heavier upon him. He felt his ribcage bending inward, compressing his lungs. His breathing grew laboured. His guts felt ready to burst out through his sides. White hot stars flashed before his vision as the pressure grew and grew.

“Oh no, Steve thought as his vision began to fade, he's crushing me!”  He felt a rib crack, and then another...

Ray and Dave watched in pure horror. Abruptly, Danny let out the pressure. The gigantic foot rose off of him and swept sideways, and then it crashed next to the left. Steve choked in great lungfuls of air and clutched at his chest, painfully. Every inch of his body ached, but other than the cracked ribs no bones seemed to be broken. Slowly Steve raised his eyes. The boy was standing over him, hands on either side, watching the little man completely beaten. His face was set in a scornful sneer. A moment later, his mighty hand descended. He put his thumb on his chest, his index finger on his back, and lifted Steve up, twenty, forty, sixty, eighty feet into the air.

“Just a taste of what could happen to you if you don't do exactly what you're told. From this point onwards, your life is worth about the same as a cockroach. I will not hesitate to smear you all over the floor if you disobey. Do you understand?”

Steve nodded. Then Danny addressed Ray and Dave.

“Care to join him?” He scooped them up, and went inside the house. He carried them into a darkened hallway, and they found themselves in a vast room. It had a desk with books and a computer, clothing strewn about the floor, and shelves - shelves that were not typical. They were mounted on the wall opposite the desk, and contained rows of plexiglass cages, the kind that kids keep hamsters in. Steve counted twelve in all, and saw Lenny and Don stuck to the glasses.

Steve was held roughly between the boy's fingers as he was carried through the air, the immense room sweeping dizzily past him, and then he was dropped unceremoniously into one of the plastic cages on the shelf. He landed with a grunt on a bed of soft wood shavings, his ribs so hurt he was not being able to scramble to his feet. The cage was small, even for him, and contained only two shallow dishes, one filled with a little water and one with what seemed like bits of old crackers mixed with dog food, and a plastic film canister so dirty, Steve almost got sick. Cardboard walls prevented him from seeing into the neighbouring cage; Danny wanted no communication between the prisoners. Danny put Ray and Dave in other cages. He peered in at them, smiling, and then snapped the plastic hatch on the cage’s lid closed.

“Hello, tiny ones. I’m going to ask you some questions, and don’t dare to lie. Where is your ship?”

The earthlings had discussed many times what to do in a situation like this. As they had found out the possibility of getting back to the Earth, they had sworn not only absolute secrecy, but to incite their deaths as soon as possible in case the giants tried to use truth serums, or methods of torture, in order to extract information from them.

“Maybe you need a little encouragement”, said Danny. To prove his point, he reached out his hand inside Dave’s cage, and picked him up. Danny released the small guy onto the desk’s surface. Dave tried to stand up, but Danny knocked the little man off his feet with his finger, and pinned him on his back. The tiny man beat at the massive finger with his small fists, but it was completely useless.

Danny grinned down at Dave and said, “It’s really cool feeling you squirming under my finger like that. Now, you will answer my question, or I’ll have to squash you.”

Dave tried to speak, and Danny let out the pressure. The others tried to persuade him, yelling and pounding their fists on the walls, hoping that Dave would remain steady.

“The woods… near… the big rock across the pond.”

“You stubborn little shit”, said Danny angrily. “I’ve searched the area there many times.”   For a moment he stared at Spotty, who was barking at him.

“Now, I don’t want this annoying insect around here.”

Danny introduced his hand inside Lenny’s cage, probing toward Spotty. Lenny panicked, but darted between the hand and the dog. Danny’s hand herded Lenny into the corner, where it pressed him cruelly against the wall. Lenny howled as the gigantic fingers closed around his body and lifted him from the glass prison. He sputtered incoherently when Danny held him up close to his face.

“Such a strong little man” Danny murmured. He enjoyed his captive's struggling. His hand gripped more tightly, crushing the breath from Lenny’s lungs.


On the table, Dave trembled in horror. "S-stop. STOP! You're killing him!" Danny did not reply, but his grip relaxed just enough to allow Lenny a desperate gulp of air. Steve wondered, wide-eyed "What can we do? We've got to do something to stop him!"

Danny smiled and then reached once again into the cage, gripping Spotty between thumb and forefinger.

"I think I’ll play a bit with your pet. Hope he survives." Contemptuously, he tossed the semi-unconscious Lenny back into the cage, and put Dave again in his cage.

"I'll be back soon to see how you're all doing. Bye!"

Danny grinned at them, secured the glass roofs, and skipped away, his step light.


* * *

About half an hour later, Danny got back. Lenny stared through the glass, worried about the dog, but he saw nothing.

"Little maggots," Danny said, "as you have decided not to collaborate, me and my friend possess a huge repertory of methods of torture, with antics ranging from white-hot needles to electric shocks.”

Danny smiled, knowing the effects his words had on his captives, and then proceeded to call his friend.

“Kyle? I have a surprise for you. Could you come now? I can’t tell you. Fine, then.”

The earthlings were now more worried than ever before. How much they would resist the tortures? Their thoughts were interrupted by Danny.

“My friend has some problems controlling his anger. We’re usually doing unhealthy mischievous experiments, and your hairs would prickle with the frightening stories of the little people we have tortured. So, what have you decide?”

He stared at Steve, who stared back for a few seconds. Steve shook his head.

“Hummm, too bad” said Danny. He smirked down at Ray, and picked him up in his hand. He enclosed him in a fist, while Ray pleaded for his life. As Danny squeezed, Ray’s pleas become louder for a moment before the crushing pressure on his lungs squelched them completely. The others watched in horror. Danny squeezed harder, feeling tiny snaps as little bones broke in his awesome grip. He put his fist closer to the cages. Ray’s struggling suddenly stopped, and he went as limp as a sock.

“Done! I hope for the best that you make up your mind.” Danny dropped Ray’s body in the cage, leaving the Earthlings devastated.



Chapter 4


Twenty minutes later, Danny and his friend Kyle entered the room. Kyle was about Danny’s age, with spiky blond hair, in good shape, and mischievous little eyes. He wore a t-shirt with a disturbing image of a skull printed on it. He also wore a neck chain with a flat, metallic skull hanging from it.


It was pathetically easy to catch them”, said Danny. “Little people move so *slowly* compared to us. Three steps, reach down, and presto –there were the first little guys in my hands, pinned against my palm by nothing more than my thumb. They are so totally powerless.”

Kyle got closer to the cages, and smiled wickedly. The familiar shiver of power went up his spine. The Earthlings somehow knew their fate was sealed.

“What’s up with that one?” he asked, pointing at Ray. “Hey you!”, he snapped, tapping the glass with his finger.

“He won’t get up,” said Danny, staring at Steve. “I crushed him to death with my fist.”


Kyle slapped Danny in the back, congratulating him. “Awesome man, totally awesome.” Kyle grabbed Ray’s body by a leg and held him to his face. There was no blood, no gore, but the little body was definitely broken. Making a baby voice, Kyle shook Ray.

“I don’t wanna be a puppet… help, help!”


But then Ray made a little movement with his head.

“Ha! He’s alive!” shouted Kyle.

Danny turned, not believing his ears. The little people were astonished but crying out of happiness. Perversely, Kyle said: “Don’t get so hopefuls, worms.” And he put Ray, still unconscious, on the cage’s floor.

“Have you asked them?” said Kyle. “Will they reveal how to travel to their planet?”

“Nope. We got to convince them. What do you suggest?”


Steve watched as Kyle smiled again. The blond boy opened a tool box and began speaking to the little people as if he were a famous scientist. In the last months, he and Danny had built several “useful” instruments.

“This is our torture equipment, which contains several creations of our own. For example, this is one of our finest torture devices”. He showed them a crank wooden box. “It’s designed using parts from an old telephone. The electric generator of the telephone is wired in sequence to two batteries so that the instrument can be used to electrocute the victim. I know some of you can be tough. But I also know how to handle you. You’re not the first that have suffered at my hands. I‘ve killed many like you: tortured, smashed, eaten, dismembered, beheaded… and those who have survived had gone mad. I don’t please myself only with the simple death. I inflict as much suffering as I can enjoy. Soon you will know.”

The little people were stunned. Kyle continued his exposition, now holding in his hand an iron ring attached to a piece of wood.

“If the electric shocks don’t work with you, there’s always my reliable breaking wheel, which will pulverize each single bone of your filthy little bodies.” He proceeded to spin the wheel slowly, which made gruesome sounds.

Now he seized a small metallic box. “Furthermore, you can undergo this unique gas chamber. I’m sure you won’t want to know where the gases and fumes come from, so let me show you to this beauty I stole last week”.


He grabbed a dentist drill from the tool box. “I had a simple drill, but it was too messy. Especially when I performed a brain surgery on a little man”.


Danny had his hand over his mouth to muffle the laughter threatening to break out, but he couldn’t help it. After composing himself, he exclaimed “I remember that!”

“I fixed it so it can work with a battery,” continued Kyle, as the drill began to make its distinctive sound that pierced the little people’s ears.


Kyle and Danny saw as the earthlings interchanged looks of horror. Then Kyle picked up a glass tube from another compartment in the box. There was something sleek and yellowish inside the tube. Worst of all, the thing was moving.

“However, if I cannot convince you, my little pet definitely can. This is my centipede, but don’t fool yourselves. The centipede is among the fastest and most agile of arthropod predators. And it’s carnivorous. Its venomous claws are used for capturing and paralyzing the prey. They feed on insects such as cockroaches, like you.”

Danny approached the tube and watched excitedly its content. The centipede seemed to be clumsy and dull inside the tube, but Danny noticed its many jointed legs, like sharp daggers.

The little men guessed that Kyle’s mind could not conceive more things like that. It was simply too much. Not in their wildest nightmares would have them encountered somebody like Kyle. This boy was pure evil, and he was just a teenager! Far more terrible than any secret sentinel could ever be.

Nonetheless, what Kyle showed next it demonstrated they were right. The giant boy opened the box’s last compartment, and smiled once again. “Ah,” he exclaimed, delighted, as he found what he was looking for. The little men almost passed out as they saw Kyle produce a tiny skeleton that dangled like a string-puppet. He brought it nearer to the cages.

“This is not possible!” exclaimed Dave, turning away. Lenny shrieked, feeling he was about to jump out of his own skin as he gazed the miniature frame of bones.

“Don’t be so scared!” Kyle said, almost laughing. “He was dead when I peeled his flesh off. I’ve always wanted to do it, but usually there was not a single bone intact in the little bodies.

“How did you do it then?”, asked Danny, as if they were talking about a school assignment.

“I suffocated him, putting my thumb on his tiny face, very carefully, you know. But even so I could burst the little skull. Then I locked him up inside a hermetic jar. I thought to drown him, but the water in his lungs would have been problematic.”

The little prisoners had seen more than they could stand.

“The point is”, Kyle continued, “that I’m going to do the same to you. Except that this time, you’ll be alive. And it’s gonna hurt.”

Kyle knew what the earthlings were thinking. Of course he knew, having sadistically tormented many defenseless little people. His twisted mind knew no mercy or compassion. Danny wasn’t so ingenious in his methods of torture, but definitely no less cruel, either.

“Of course, you can’t dismiss the simplest things”, said Kyle.

“What do you mean?”

Kyle grabbed a bag and took a rubber band out of it.

“Here, I got some stuff in case they get really tricky.”

“Rubber bands?” asked Danny.

“Yeah, you strap them and put one under their bodies and then you snap it.”

Kyle snapped the band. “Several times.”

“Nevertheless,” he continued,  “apart from all you have seen, I must say, and I’m sure Danny agrees, that my favorite tool is right inside my sneakers.” He pointed to his feet. “Sockless, hot, stinky, and powerful. So, it’s up to you. The easy way or the hard way.”



Chapter 5


Nobody said a word. Now, Kyle wanted some action.


“Let’s put the cages on the floor”, he said. They lined up the three glass boxes, and placed the other two facing them. Kyle crouched in front of Lenny’s cage.

“So what do we do with you?” he paused with his mischievous look on his face. Then his hand was reaching for Lenny. It engulfed him and he wrapped his fingers around him in a tightened grip, while lifting Lenny up off the floor and up to his face. Lenny felt the warm, Doritos-smelling breath wash over him like a breaking tide. He looked long and hard at Lenny with a glint in his eyes. Kyle placed Lenny on the tile floor. Lenny ran, and Danny lifted his foot up to smash him, but Kyle shoved him back.

"Dude, he's mine," the teen said with a cocky smirk.

With the big grin still across his face, he kicked his sneakers off, lifted a barefoot up and brought it down on the little boy. Lenny only had a second or two to stare at the perfect sole, hot and clammy from the sneaker, before it pinned him to the floor. Kyle held the struggling lilliputian under his foot. Lenny tried vainly to dislodge himself from the giant foot, but the Kyle’s foot stench was asphyxiating him. Kyle smirked, and loosened the weight a bit. Lenny crawled toward the toe, bringing his head and shoulders out from under the sole, reaching upward. He grasped at the ball of Kyle’s super sized big-toe, seizing the toenail, trying to pull himself free.

Meanwhile, Danny was laughing but made sure the others were watching, especially Steve. He wanted to break their spirit, to destroy their wills. Kyle lifted his foot off Lenny. The poor boy laid on the ground, facing up the 100-foot tall giant. He looked at the massive bare feet next to him, and Kyle noticed it. “Rub them, and hard. Fail and I will squash you into oblivion”. Lenny slowly stood up, and advanced toward Kyle’s right foot. He worked his meaty toes, rubbing and kneading the skin, then onto his ankle, pushing himself against it. Kyle was smiling as Lenny slowly rubbed back and forth.

“You’re pathetic. I think I will savor your tiny body, ha ha ha ha!!!”

Kyle’s threat left the Earthlings petrified, and Danny went pink with excitement. Kyle grabbed Lenny by his shirt.

"Good-bye, sucker!" He heard Lenny cry out for help. Kyle raised him and let him drop in his mouth, and then chewed with the utmost satisfaction, staring at the little people, so that all of them could see his face. He licked his lips with relish. Kyle then spat Lenny on his hand, bruised, drenched with saliva, but alive, and put him on his cage.


Danny was surprised, but he understood, and admired Kyle’s ability as a natural torturer.

“Not so good as I have expected. Now, it’s you turn, buddy.”

Danny turned and gave the little people a cold look.

"Now, now… who will speak? Or do you actually want to be devoured?" He introduced his hand into Dave’s cage. The man recoiled from the boy's mammoth hand, but it was useless.  Danny grabbed him by the leg and brought him aloft from the cage. Dave yelled as his jacket went down.

"This worm dared to lie before," said Danny, "but now he will answer me what I have asked, or else… I’ll tear his leg off”.

“Or we can put him on the breaking wheel”, suggested Kyle.

Steve shouted something desperately. Danny nodded to Kyle, who grabbed Steve, arms pinned within the fist. His broken ribs ached horribly. Kyle held his hand close to Danny’s face, while Dave was kept upside down.

“Please, listen! If we’d known how to get back, we’d have abandoned your planet long ago!”

“What about your ship? Don’t you have maps there?”

“No! We don’t even know how we got here! I’m telling the truth!”

Danny put Dave back inside the cage, and quickly seized the soaked Lenny, who screamed in terror.

“What do you have to say about that?" Lenny didn’t stop screaming, so Danny seized his head with his thumb and forefinger.

“Speak, or I’ll squash your head like a grape”.

Lenny suddenly stopped.

"I-I-I can tell you where the ship is."

"Lenny, no!" shouted Steve. But Lenny had decided to betray them. Kyle’s earlier demonstrations and had left him very shaken.

Danny gently put Lenny on the palm of his left hand.

"Be cooperative and I may return your dog in good condition. Do you have any map or something like that? "

"I-I think so… I’m not sure…"

Steve tried to shout again, but Kyle squeezed him hard enough to shut him up. Steve howled in anguish.

"OK" said Danny, "led me there."

Lenny nodded, and Danny spoke to Kyle.

"Watch them, Kyle. Don’t kill anybody." And he left, carrying Lenny in his fist.


Danny’s mind was racing with excitement. He went through the woods, with Lenny in his fist. The SID had forced him to abandon his pursuit of the little people many times, but now he had them in his clutches. Smiling triumphantly, he continued trampling the path towards the ship, his feet making crunching sounds on the grass below.

He had left Lenny’s arms free, so the little man could give him directions. Five minutes later, they arrived to the secret place.



Chapter 6

Kyle stared at Steve in his hand. “I won’t kill you, little man. But I still can have some fun, can’t I?” He opened his mouth as if he were to eat him. Steve tried to scream, but all that came out was a faint gasp. Kyle laughed and locked him up, and then put all the cages on the table. He sat and grabbed the unconscious Ray by the torso.

“Let’s see if I can revive him”. He tied Ray’s limp body to the table, next to the wooden box.

“Probably he won’t walk again. Danny must have broken his spine with that squeeze. Good.”

Kyle pressed a button and the gadget began to buzz. He plucked out a metallic cylinder wired to the batteries, and touched Ray on the thorax. Ray’s tiny body shuddered for a second, and Kyle touched him again on his left leg, then on the arm, but Ray didn't react.

“Hummm... Maybe he’s in a coma. Let’s try the chest.”

The prisoners were watching with a mix of interest and fear. Perhaps the best would be that Ray died, that the electric shocks this monster was applying to the limp body could kill him at last.

Kyle continued his “treatment” and pressed the cylinder on Ray’s chest. What happened left the tiny captives petrified. Ray’s body jumped violently and Kyle laughed loudly. But Ray was moving.

“Ha! I did it!”, exclaimed Kyle. His words alerted Ray and gave him the final push. “I’d like to kill you, but Danny has other business in mind!”

Kyle lifted Ray with surprising gentleness and deposited him on his cage. Nevertheless, Ray screamed as several broken bones ached terribly.

“Well little man, that I cannot cure. I don’t know how to mend bones, I only know how to break them. But I’m not so bad, little fella. I’ll bring one of your friends to help you.”

Kyle picked up Dave by an arm and put him next to Ray, who felt a bit comforted having someone his size next to him. Dave collected some water with his hands from the canister, and brought it to Ray, to wet his face.

“I-I can’t move”, Ray whispered.

“Calm down, Ray. Are you thirsty?”

“Yes, but we’re a little far from the water”.

“Don’t worry, little one”, boomed Kyle from above. “You can drink this”. He puckered his lips and let a huge ball of spit drop down, which splattered on Ray and Dave.    

“There you have, maggot.”

* * *

Inside the ship, Mark was serving in the observation room when he saw the giant boy getting closer. He guessed it: Steve and the rest had been captured, and they had spoken. They were doomed; they never would come back home. The first thing he did was alert Dolf, and they decided to follow the escape plan: destroy the data and leave the ship behind, no matter what. Nonetheless, they could not escape without being noticed.

Lenny told Danny that the ship was hidden under the mass of weeds before them. “Is anybody left?” asked Dany. Lenny nodded. Danny crouched and pulled up one of the taller weeds and grinned.

“By the way, your dog is dead.” He put Lenny inside his jersey pocket, and Lenny began to cry, for his friends, for himself. Danny began to toss the weeds aside.

* * *

Kyle now turned to face Don, and enjoyed the moment as Don screamed trying to move away from his hand, but the giant followed him mercilessly. With Don pinned in his fist, Kyle felt that sensation of sheer power once again.

“You don’t know how badly I want to kill,” Kyle whispered, almost sensually. Despite Danny’s word of warning, Don thought that he wouldn’t survive this. Kyle was looking at him in a strange way, as if he were in a trance. The fixed stare almost hurt him; he felt more terrified than ever before. For a minute everybody was looking at the giant teenager and the little man in his fist. Kyle spoke, holding Don closer to his face. “Scream for me.”

Steve had no doubt that Don would be the victim of incomparable pain. And Don thought Kyle would start to squeeze him, but he was dropped on the table instead. Don looked up. He followed the giant's movements, which were almost robotic. Then he saw what he feared the most. Hovering above him was the breaking wheel. Abruptly, he tried to run, but a giant forefinger and a giant thumb grabbed him by the jacket, and he was lifted up in the air. Kyle began to take the jacket, shirt and pants off. Actually, he ripped them off, and threw them to the floor like garbage. Don was left only wearing his underwear. Kyle wasted no time in getting down to business. With his free hand he separated the two wheels, and stuck Don to the first wheel, and put the other wheel over him. He adjusted both wheels firmly, whose web of thin tubes pressed on twenty-two points of Don’s body. Then Kyle put the wheels on a stand, leaving Don perfectly set to be tortured. The little body was immobile. Only his eyes darted everywhere in desperation. The silence in the room was distressing. Kyle placed himself right in front of Don, and Don saw as the giant hand twisted the first wing nut. The crunch of the broken bone was followed by his screams. Kyle smiled, with the glint on his eyes that always appears whenever he’s excited. He twisted two more times, and Don’s arm had now an awkward form.

“Humerus gone”, Kyle exclaimed. Don writhed in agony as he saw Kyle’s other hand twisted three times next to his left leg. Now the pain was truly unbearable. He screamed as he had never screamed before. Kyle had an ecstatic look, as if Don’s yells were feeding him. 

“Femur gone!”, the giant teenager exclaimed again. Steve hobbled over to the glass wall and thumped his fist against it in frustration.

“You sadistic monster, leave him alone! He’s an innocent man, you have no right to do this!” Kyle merely glanced at him. Meanwhile, Don was going unconscious, but he yelled at his torturer.

“I-I-I beg… I-I beg… you!”

Kyle giggled boyishly. “You call that begging? You can beg better than that, worm.” And his hand approached the wing nut over Don’s head. Don knew this would be the end.


Chapter 7


Mark and Dolf were terrified as Danny pulled the weeds off the ship. But they decided to get out, in spite of their little possibilities of escape, hoping that the giant wouldn’t see them in the night.

When Danny finished, he dusted off his hands and lifted the ship up. He spotted two little men running away. He put the ship back on the ground. “Stop!” Danny shouted. “I got your friends, you have no escape!”

Mark and Dolf didn’t stop. Danny watched the men run, two feet, four feet, six feet away. He marched toward them slowly, taking his time. The little guys weren’t going anywhere. Indeed, Danny gained on them. The little men felt the ground shake with each footfall. Finally, Danny was upon them. He put his hands on his hips and placed his feet on each side of his preys. He chuckled, but the little men had no intention of going so easily. They darted between Danny's massive feet and ran back toward the ship. Danny laughed again. This was fun. “Let them think they can get away”, he thought.

Danny turned on his heel, and followed after the little men. He watched their pathetic attempts to escape and grew bored with the situation. Danny lowered his left foot directly in the little men's path.

"Going somewhere?" he mockingly asked.

Dolf started running again; the foot followed him and crashed down on him. The ball of Danny's foot pressed down cruelly on the man's torso, making him writhe, his arms beating futilely at it. The foot slid back a little to press a toe down on the man's tiny head, releasing it only when Danny was certain Dolf's skull would burst from the pressure. Dolf's nose was bleeding when the toe rose away and he coughed violently, only to begin screaming soundlessly as the boy planted his heel on the man's legs and ground down maliciously.

Mark, who was crawling quietly on the ground, turned only to see the giant slowly lift his foot and brought it down over his body. “Just where do you think you’re going, little man?” the giant inquired. Mark screamed as Danny’s foot covered him up to his head. Mark could tell the giant was being gentle, but still the enormous weight was making it hard for him to breathe.

The fact is, Danny had both men under his bare feet. If he wanted to kill them, he only had to release all his weight over them, but he restrained himself. He laughed quietly, looking at his feet, thinking at how the little men had tried to get away. “How pathetic.” He felt both men squirming under his soles. He finally removed his foot from Dolf’s body, then Mark’s, and leaned over reaching for them. His hands pulled them from the ground and brought to a level just below his face. Both Dolf and Mark were in a really bad state. Danny put them in his pocket along with Lenny, then picked the ship up, and left the spot back to his house.



Chapter 8


Kyle’s hand was inches away from the wing nut when Danny entered the room, carrying the ship.

“You really can’t resist it, can you?”, said Danny sardonically.

“It’s my nature, pal. Ha, you found it!”

“Yeah, not too hard.”

Danny deposited the ship over the table. With hungry eyes, Kyle began to squeeze his fingers into the ship’s openings.

“Careful, Kyle”, said Danny. “If you’re looking for more insects, there were only two.”

Danny reached for the little men in his pocket.

“I think they’re injured”, he said. “Tried to escape from me.”

Kyle ignored the words, and scooped Mark and Dolf up in his hands. He lifted them right in front of his face, saying softly “Fresh meat”. He dropped Mark and Dolf onto new cages.

“Let’s dismantle the ship”, said Danny, who had already a tool box on the table. They soon realized that the ship’s joints were too small, and very different from what they knew.

“Just rip them apart then”, said Kyle.

Danny introduced a finger through the door hole, and tore a piece of the metal, which wasn’t a match to this strength. Violently, Kyle did the same, and in less than a minute the ship’s upper part was gone. Danny and Kyle were examining all the little objects and gadgets, sometimes grinning at the curiosities they found. With minimal effort, they tore up chairs and tables. Kyle picked up some tiny clothes, laughing and making jokes. He put on a shirt in his little finger, and did an obscene gesture that distracted Danny for a moment from a roll of papers he had found. 

The prisoners recognized what Danny had in his hand. Mark and Dolf were horrified and embarrassed; they had to destroy those papers in case of emergency. Steve looked at them, wishing he was mistaken. But Mark nodded, and Steve didn’t know what to think anymore. For sheer luck, they had discovered a possible way to return to their planet, and it was now in the hands of the giants. How irresponsible they had been! How stupid, how insensitive! The world is now threatened by monstrous people, only because they hadn’t been careful enough!

Danny extended the first roll on the table. He stood up to and came back with a magnifying glass. Minutes seemed hours to the little people, who were watching intently. Danny gazed at them, his expression inscrutable.

Kyle asked Danny about the papers.

 “What are those?”

“I’m not sure. They look like blueprints”.


Steve saw a light in the dark. They could say the papers were only that, nothing more. Sure, there was more than simple blueprints, but the notes and marks were virtually undecipherable. Nevertheless…


“Let’s ask them”, said Kyle, looking eagerly at the cages.


They all knew what was coming. Kyle cleared the table, and turned to lean over Ray’s cage. Reaching down for Dave, he spat out at him “Okay you insignificant worm, let’s see what you can have for us”.


Clutching him tightly, he sat and went straight for his box. He opened it and Dave saw the items for torture Kyle had shown them earlier. Kyle paused for a moment, enjoying Dave’s terror, his desperate pleadings, his futile struggles to escape.

“Believe me, little man, this won’t be nice. But you still have a choice. Tell us something useful and I’ll let you go safely.”

Dave wanted to say “Yeah, right”, but he tried the most prudent response.

“Those papers are the ship’s diagrams. We have to carry them at all times…”


For a moment nobody said anything. Then Kyle smiled, and dropped Dave on the table.

“You wasted your chance, dirty liar. Now I’ll punish you”. All Dave could do was stare into his cruel eyes, knowing his life wasn’t going to last much longer.


“Hold him against the table and pin him down”, Kyle told Danny. “Here are some tacks.”

“No! Please no!” Dave begged. “Please don’t do it! Please, stop! Let me go!” He began to struggle, but Danny’s enormous fingers pinned his right arm against the wood. Danny held the first tack. With a searing jolt of fear, Dave felt the enormous tacks through his sleeve. Danny carefully pinned the sleeves and then the pants to the table.

When Dave was firmly fixed, he heard the drill’s penetrating sound, while Kyle showed all his teeth in a wicked smile. Now whimpering, Dave saw the drill coming straight toward his face, very slowly, as Kyle and Danny were enjoying every moment of the little man’s terror.


Dave turned his head to this right and felt a burst of pain as the drill shredded the flesh of his shoulder. Dave yelled with all his might as the dark blood spurted everywhere. He writhed in agony. Kyle was wetting his upper lip with the tip of his tongue, while Danny’s eyes were shining with pleasure. Kyle continued perforating the little body, now on the legs, the stomach and the arms, until Dave’s mind stopped functioning coherently as the pain overwhelmed him. Kyle’s fingers were splattered with blood. He retired the tacks, and lifted the agonizing Dave from the table.

“What a carcass”, he said.

“Is he alive?”, asked Danny.

“Oh yes. I didn’t want him to die so soon.”

“Would you dare to eat him?”

“Sure.” He grabbed him by the ankles, and hoisted him up into the air. He hovered the little body over his face.

“Say goodbye to your friends, little man”, said Kyle. His lips and cheeks were splattered with blood from the tiny body. A giggle rose from Kyle’s throat and he opened his mouth, letting Dave to fall inside. He then shut his eyes and started to chew. A minute later he swallowed everything Dave was. He found a piece of bone inside his mouth and used it as a tooth pick.



Chapter 8


Kyle licked the blood off his lips, although he still had blood all over his face. It gave him the appearance of a wild beast, his eyes gleaming viciously. He didn’t bother to clean himself off.

Danny had grasped Dolf, who desperately wriggled about within the imprisoning hand. 

“Well… what do you think, you puny little man? Willing to tell everything?”

Dolf was panting, his bones aching intolerably. He spoke quietly.

“We can’t hear you bug!” screamed Kyle. “I think you're getting a different kind of death…”

“Let me finish the job”, said Danny.

“Only if you let me watch”, said Kyle.

“You know what?” asked Danny, “I’m going to peel his flesh off”.

Dolf’s eyes almost popped out.

“Dam, I wanted to do that,” said Kyle.

They stood one at each side of the table and Kyle pulled out a sharp and shiny scalpel and a pair of tweezes.

“We’ll do this,” continued Danny. “You cut and I skin.”



Danny stripped Dolf, and put him on the table, pinning him with a finger on his chest. Kyle carefully stuck his arms and legs with tiny pieces of tape. Kyle passed Danny the tweezers.

“Now we can rip him up and he will feel every cut until we crush his puny little skull,” said Kyle.

Dolf exploded in screams as Kyle slowly made a long cut on his leg. With the tweezers, Danny violently tore off a piece of skin, and Dolf cried in agony and wished he would just die. More blood flowed out onto the table.


“Ah… he's crying, the little bastard,” exclaimed Kyle. Both boys were enjoying themselves. Danny was more careless and inexperienced, while Kyle carefully used the knife to inflict maximum pain, laughing as tears rolled down Dolf’s cheeks. Kyle was enjoying his pain, as if inflicting it did the opposite for him. The giant teenager slowly cut across Dolf’s stomach, revealing his insides. Danny pushed the tweezers into the cut on the stomach, nipping pieces of skin. Dolf’s screams were now ear-splitting.

“Want to see your scrawny friend, cockroaches?”, asked Danny.

The little people did nothing. Kyle approached the cages, and picked up Ray, Mark, Lenny and Steve, two men in each fist. He extended his arms toward the unspeakable sight that Dolf was, and still nobody said anything. They tried to look away, but Kyle forced his heads with his thumbs so they could watch as Danny continued to rip the skin off, keeping eye contact with them. The little people felt so sick they almost fainted.

“Do you want to keep the skeleton, Kyle?”, asked Danny.

“No, thanks. You can crush him flat… what’s left, anyway.”

“Oh no… I won’t crush him,” said Danny, and he quickly ripped off the tape and shoved the remains of Dolf into his mouth, loads of blood falling down everywhere. Danny left Dolf’s head out, biting it. Kyle seized the little head in midair and picked it with his thumb and forefinger. Using a girly voice toward the little people he joked “I can’t find my body! Did you take my body?”, laughing at his prisoners’ utter revulsion.

 “What are we going to do with these four?”, asked Danny, his mouth still full of  ‘food’.

“Two for you and two for me, I guess.”

“What about that one on the wheel?”

“Finish him off for me”, sentenced Kyle. “I had fun with him.”

Danny untied Don roughly, who yelled as his broken bones ached.

“On a second thought…” said Kyle, “let him lay there. He won’t go anywhere, but he can suffer a bit more until we decide to kill him.”

Then Kyle saw the toolbox, and an idea came to him. “Maybe my carnivorous friend will want to meet him.”

Danny dropped Don onto the table, who screamed for the umpteenth time.

“You know pal, you’re one twisted guy”, said Danny casually, as he cleaned off the blood on his face.

“If I were in their planet, I would be really twisted. The things I could do!” He looked angrily at the four tiny guys in his fists.

“Here”, he said, “have these two for you”. He deposited Ray and Mark on Danny’s palm, who closed his hand around them.

“Time for a little game”, said Kyle. “What about a chase? I do like that.”

“Good idea. I will reduce them to nothing more than a couple of smears on the floor! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!”


None of the little men said anything. They had surrendered, after the depraved events of the night. They weren’t hungry, thirsty, or tired. Scared as hell, but resigned to an inescapable fate. Lenny was crying, but the others were static.

“Little insects, think you can fool us and get away with it?”, said Danny. “We could have spared your lives, but you preferred not to speak. You’ll get what you deserve.”

The giants released the four men on the floor, and stood to their full heights. The tiny men, a little over three inches tall each, felt more insignificant than ever in front of twenty gigantic toes. Kyle and Danny stared down at the tiny men near their barefeet. Lenny was all too terrified and began to run away from the giants, franticly stumbling and falling over.

“So you like to play cat and mouse?”, joked Kyle. “Fine, because I’m a pretty big fucking cat.” He strode towards Lenny in two strong footsteps that felt like earthquakes to the little people.

Kyle smiled as Lenny screamed, struggling like a mouse with its tail in a trap as a cat slowly approached. Kyle tapped his right foot next to the little guy, laughing as he screamed in fear.

“I’m going a smash you in front of your friends. Any last requests?”

Lenny tried to say something, but the next thing he saw was Kyle’s enormous foot rise up. He felt the warmth of the giant foot, as it was lowered toward him.

“No!”, Lenny cried, and he rolled over, onto his side.

“Sorry, little man, but this isn’t supposed to be nice.” Kyle used his sole to roll the small human being back in place, face-up. He proceeded to lay his foot over him. As Kyle’s toes clamped over Lenny’s face, his head tilted back, his mouth opening to utter a final, hopeless, unintelligible word. And that’s when the giant pressed his foot down, gliding his sole slightly forward. Lenny’s body descended under the crushing ceiling of sole. His little face, shoulders, chest, legs pressed deeply into the massiveness of Kyle’s soft, hot flesh, as if smelting into it.

“I love how it feels!”, exclaimed Kyle. There was another muffled scream, and a horrible squelching noise as the giant leaned forward and placed more weight on his foot, squeezing it to the floor. Kyle’s eyes widened as he smashed the body of Lenny until it was dead. A malicious smile appeared on his face as a pool of blood emerged from under his foot.

Mark didn’t think it twice. He began to run. Danny decided to keep pace with him, walking slowly, a bare foot stomping to either side of the racing little man. Mark saw each footfall with extreme panic. After a minute or so, Danny toppled him by knocking the side of his right foot against the minuscule body. He drew his glistening tongue across his upper lip. On his back, Mark could only stare up and scream as the bare sole of the 14 year-old giant smacked into him. Danny squashed Mark with such force, he instantly killed him. He then lifted his foot, and both giants laughed at Mark’s splintered body.

“We can leave them on the floor. The centipede will take care of the remains”, said Kyle.

The giants didn’t bother in wiping the blood from their soles, leaving ugly-looking stains on the floor as they walked.

“Those two can’t run”, said Danny, staring at Steve and Ray.

“I wish there were two thousands of them”, said Kyle thoughtfully. “I’d like to have a palace with floors all covered up with little people.”

“I’d be unstoppable in their land, all those puny people with no choice but to obey me. Cities at my feet…”, said Danny.

“That would be awesome,” said Kyle, looking at the two little men on the floor. “I could kill as much as I wanted to. Millions to satiate me…”

“What is wrong with you?!?!?”, Steve suddenly yelled. “Don’t you hav…..”

He jumped back as Kyle kneeled down and knocked him off his feet with his hand. Kyle then pressed a thumb on his chest.

“What’s wrong with me little man?” said Kyle, raising an eyebrow. “Just that you’re a bug and I’m a god.  The only thing you need to do is to writhe.” He pressed a little over Steve. “How dare you to speak like that, you insignificant worm?”

Kyle then grabbed onto his little kicking ankle with his thumb and forefinger and twisted it. With the greatest of ease, the bone popped cleanly. Steve screamed. Satisfied with the POP!, Kyle moved onto his next ankle. Steve's mouth gaped wide open, screeching "OHH  NOOOO!" But, it was too late.


His ankles completely broken, Steve laid on the floor.


“Do you understand now? I can make you suffer excruciating pain with the tiniest flick of my wrist. I can end your life with a single toe. There’s nothing wrong here, little insect. Everything is perfectly right.”

“Now I'm going to squash you beneath my foot. I want to feel your tiny bones crunch underfoot. Your body will be nothing but a blood pudding against my sole.”

And with the same foot he squashed Lenny, Kyle ended Steve’s life. Danny smiled with sadistic glee, while Kyle killed Steve. The little man cried out as the fleshy, bloody sole lowered over him. He found his legs pinned under the padding of the ball of Kyle’s foot. Steve tried to push it away, knowing that it was of no use. The scent of sweat mixed with blood surrounded him. He turned his head so he could get air. But as Kyle slowly applied his massive weight, Steve found it harder and harder to breathe.

Ray did nothing. Like Kyle had intended, the process of psychological and physical torture had invaded and destroyed his belief in his validity as a human being. For a second, Kyle saw as Ray stayed motionless, defeated. He felt powerful for his success, something he could achieve over and over again.

Finally Kyle placed his body’s weight down on that one leg, feeling the little creature pulverize beneath him. “Die”, he whispered. Savagely, he ground his foot until nothing remained but a gory spot.


Danny picked Ray up and held him up to his face.

“Listen carefully, runt. Your options are a terribly painful death or a less painful death. I think you’re convinced of what we can do. Go to your friend, have a nice little chat, and give us some answers.”

Ray nodded, and Danny brought him next to Don, who was breathing slowly. Meanwhile, Kyle went for the centipede, and freed him on the floor. The slimy creature ran very fast towards Steve’s squashed body. Kyle watched for a few minutes. The centipede was having a feast, and for Kyle this was a very entertaining spectacle.

On the table, Don spoke, making a great effort.


Ray finally reacted, and walked towards the agonizing Don, tough he kept some distance.

“What can I do for you, buddy?”

“Ssss-ay nn-oth-ing.”

Kyle, who had joined Danny, suddenly pressed his finger tip on Don’s right leg, slightly crumpling it. It made a crunching sound as he did so, and Don screamed. Ray jumped backwards, revolted and terrified.


“You will say everything, bugs”, snapped Kyle.

Then Kyle started to simply touch Don with his index finger on several parts of his broken body, provoking screams every time.


“Stop! Please stop! Don’t do this! I’ll speak! I swear I’ll speak!”  Ray was on his knees, and Kyle stopped torturing Don. Danny gently picked Ray up.

“Well” he said, “speak”.

Don was too frantic to prevent him, and Ray at last revealed the secret.

“There’s a portal. Our land is in this planet. There’s a map in the blueprints. The numbers will show you.”

Danny quickly got the blueprints, and started to take notes. Don tried to say something, but Kyle put his thumb over Don’s head, muffling the words. 

Danny forced Ray to reveal everything. After a few minutes, Don had gone quiet, and Kyle thought he had smothered him. He lifted his thumb off his head, and then picked up the centipede from the floor with the tube. The creature had lunched what was left of Steve and Mark.

Danny had scribbled frantically numbers and notes. Ray was being very cooperative. He smiled lightly, as if he had lost his mind.

“This is it?” asked Danny. But before Ray answered, Don yelled, and Ray was back to reality.

“I asked you a question, little man!”, said Danny, but Ray said nothing. Kyle then opened the tube, and let the centipede fall over the table. Don saw in true horror as the centipede ran towards him. He could hear perfectly the clicking sound of the legs on the table. He closed his eyes, and Ray covered his face in horror as the centipede nailed its claws on Don’s chest, and began to eat him alive.

The horrible sight was interrupted by Danny.

“Answer the question, little man!” But Ray did nothing.

“Let’s go and find out, then”, said Kyle.

“We got to clean all this mess first. Pick up your things, I’ll do the floor.

Danny grabbed some paper towels, and wiped the blood stains and flesh remains from the floor. Lenny’s body had been untouched by the centipede, and Danny bent over and examined the flattened, bloody carcass. Then he grabbed the squashed Lenny up in the paper towel.

“We got to get rid of all this”, said Danny.

“I’ll dig a hole to bury it,” said Kyle.

After a few minutes, the centipede left Don’s body and went to the table’s edge, but Kyle captured it with the glass tube before it escaped. Then they deposited the carcasses in a plastic bag.

Danny enclosed his hand around Ray and lifted him off the table, letting him drop inside his pocket. He picked up the ship and the blueprints. Kyle closed his toolbox and they left the room.

It didn't take long to find the small clear in the forest.  The sky was darker than before. Danny held Ray in his fist, as he had held Lenny earlier. Then Danny passed Ray to Kyle, and started to walk around the area.

Just when Danny thought the plan was going wrong, something bizarre happened.  Suddenly everything seemed to occur in slow motion.  The portal opened, in midair, and the teenagers felt drawn into the vortex. The force wasn’t strong enough; they could have resisted if they wanted to, but they let themselves go. Then everything around them seemed to blur and stretch away into the distance.  They felt themselves floating in a disorienting non-space, and everything began to spin around them, transforming into a swirling light. Suddenly they fell with a thump onto the ground. But the night was gone; it was a bright, beautiful day.



Chapter 9


“WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?” Kyle said aloud. 

“I THINK WE DID IT, MAN!” replied Danny.

They started to walk, observing the ground, which looked like a green carpet. The boys looked at each other, grinning. They couldn’t resist it and they kicked they sneakers off, wriggling their toes over the soft grass.


They walked a short distance, surveying the land around them. After fruitlessly scanning the horizon for signs of life, the boys noticed a small lagoon, calm as a swimming pool. Kyle turned his attention to Ray, still clutched in his fist. The little man’s face was contorted in a grimace of pain and fear. Holding Ray directly in front of his eyes, Kyle demanded answers.


Ray made a sign pointing to his left.

“THANKS FOR YOUR COOPERATION,” said Kyle, and he simply opened his hand, letting Ray fall to the ground below. Ray screamed, and his little body collided with Kyle’s knee before hitting the ground. Ray died instantly. With a simple flick of his big toe, the giant sent the little corpse flying into the water.

After a few more strides, Kyle and Danny saw a flock of cows grazing below. Not ordinary cows, but tiny cows. The boys were ecstatic with joy. They thought how easy would be to squash this herd beneath his foot, and they were tempted to do it, but they restrained their destructive impulses. Kyle planted a foot in the path. The cows stopped, scared and confused by the enormous barrier that slammed down out of nowhere.




The flock wheeled and darted off in a different direction, Kyle crouched to pick up one. The cows scattered outward in all directions as he thrust his huge fingers into their midst. But before they could all escape, he pinched his fingers together to grab one. He tried to be careful, but since he had to move quickly, he wasn't as gentle as he could have been. Not that he cared. The little beast mooed with panic as Kyle stood up. He looked impatient now that he was convinced about the land. He chuckled when the frantic cow darted across the expanse of his palm. When it reached the edge, it was unable to stop, and it tumbled over. Either Kyle or Danny did anything, and the beast fell to its death.

The boys didn't see any more activity for a while.  Either there weren't little people around, or they had seen the giants approach and taken shelter. Kyle thought of dozens of people hiding, cowering at his approach and huddling in fear until he passed by. This set his blood racing and gave him a predatory rush. Soon, they came across a trail that ran like a narrow ribbon along the ground, although to the people here it would be an expressway. The giants figured this way would lead to a town or city. They felt the heady sprint of unbridled power, their face glowing with a look of smug satisfaction as they strode along the road.

A couple more minutes of walking took them over a slight ridge, and then he saw an amazing landscape: an entire city. There were some skyscrapers, highways and many buildings. Kyle and Danny felt even better when he saw a sign that read: “Jump City–population: 500,300”. They began to stomp their way towards it.



Chapter 10


The city was following its routine, until strong vibrations were felt. So strong the vibrations were that pictures fell off the walls, cars jumped slightly on the streets and people stumbled as they were walking. The vibrations were louder and louder.  Those who were in tall buildings looked out the windows. What they saw outside totally blew them away.  In the distance and coming closer were, believe it or not, two gigantic teenagers, maybe 14 or 15 years of age. 

“Is this a dream?” somebody said, staring wide eyed as the giants advanced and stood in the middle of the city, surveying the area. The first was a blond boy, with untidy hair, wearing a big smile on his roguish face. Behind him was a pale, slenderer boy who looked wickedly amused. The people felt absolute terror as the windows framed a horrific sight: a shiny skull that was approaching with the rumblings of the first giant.

People were beginning to run wildly in the street. Traffic was getting congested as terrified citizens were trying to escape. Cars crashed into each other in maniac attempts to get away. Drivers left their cars abandoned, and ran for their lives. Panic spread everywhere. The blond giant bent down and scooped several people with his hand, enclosing them in a fist that left legs, arms and bodies sticking out through his fingers. Kyle’s face lit up.

“AT LAST… THE LAND OF THE BUGS!” the giant boomed, and laughed maniacally as he squeezed his fist.

“CAN YOU TASTE YOUR BLOOD, BUGS?” he asked before killing the little people instantly. He opened his fist and let the smashed, blood-bathed bodies fall onto the ground.

“EVERYTHING SO FUCKING PUNY,” said Danny with contempt, hardly caring what was trampled under his feet. He started to walk as he looked around some more. More cars, trucks, and other feeble objects disappeared under or were knocked around by the huge feet, all without any second thought. The boy was too fascinated with how he towered over buildings, over the whole city.

The colossal teenagers sneered as they stared at the spreading pandemonium beneath them. Kyle crossed his arms across his chest and put on a cold, arrogant look. Without regard for the inhabitants, he took a step into the streets. Cars instantly were flattened as he effortlessly crushed them underfoot.

“COOL,” he boomed.

He crouched down for a closer look. The cars had been literally obliterated. Kyle laughed at the sight of his gargantuan feet next to the undersized cars. Soaking up the feeling of size and power, he lifted a foot, swung it over the cars, and stomped down. In an instant three cars were brutally pulverized under his immense sole. If anything remained at all, it was nothing more than scraps of metal. Paying attention to the panic and havoc he was causing below, he crunched his way across the city until he stood near a skyscraper. There would be enough people here for what he had in mind. Meanwhile, Danny had gone the other way.

“FREAKING TOYS,” he mumbled as he kicked more cars. He strolled over to a nearby building, stepping on more people in the process. Through the windows he saw more people inside running out of control.

“I GOT A SPECIAL TREAT FOR YOU, BUGS!” Danny gave the building a powerful kick into the middle of it, stomping the life out of dozens of people as well as shattering this part of the tower, thought it remained still. Then Danny made a fist and slammed it into the top floors. Chunks of concrete and steel were sent sailing across the city, crashing into some nearby buildings. Looking at the gaping hole in the top of the building, Danny drove his fist down through the center. Floor after floor gave way as his hand went deeper inside. He started scooping stuff out and began examining it. The palm of his hand was filled with concrete rubble, some office furniture, computers, and a few bodies.  Danny dropped the contents down to the side and scooped out some more.  Again, after an examination, Danny dumped them to the side, angry as he didn’t find any survivors. Deeper and deeper the giant boy went until the building was getting too weak. It finally collapsed around his forearm. Pulling it out of the remains, Danny snorted and stepped on the pile of rubble, continuing the blood fest. This little city was the ultimate place for the desires and needs of Kyle and Danny to wrack havoc. No place in their own city, no act of vandalism, no cruel pranks to the needy kids in Christmas could be compared to this. They could vent their anger and yield their power in a fantastic, extraordinary way. And everything got better and better.

It wasn't long before Kyle heard the wailing of sirens in the distance. He grinned and wondered what the battle ahead would entail. Suddenly a large fleet of police vehicles came tearing round the corner and screeched to a halt when they could see the colossal legs of Kyle towering above them. The police officers all jumped out of their vehicles and pointed their guns at the gigantic boy. He almost laughed out loud.  They looked so totally pathetic. A senior officer pushed past the rest and looked up at Kyle. He began to speak into a megaphone. “Lay down on the ground and we won't have to hurt you!”

Kyle almost doubled up laughing. He would like to know exactly how they thought they could hurt him.

“Lay down on the ground or we open fire!” repeated the police officer.

Kyle ignored the request and stared belligerently at the assembled officers. Simultaneously they opened fire. Kyle just continued to stand there, the bullets bouncing harmlessly off his skin. The supply of ammunition was soon exhausted and the officers looked nervously at one another. The gigantic teen took a step forward with his right foot, towards the police squad. He bent over, and reached for them. Panic broke out from the group, but of course they could not run fast enough to escape the giant hands. Kyle easily grabbed three guys in his left hand, and four in his right hand. The squirming police officers in his grips began to cry out “Please put us down,” but Kyle knew no pity.

“I CAN DO WHAT I PLEASE”, Kyle boomed. Without giving any warning whatsoever, he simply began to squeeze. The men cried out in agony, tears pouring down their faces. One by one, their bones broke, and with one powerful squeeze, Kyle pulverized their bodies into a bloody pulp.

“I THINK I DON’T KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH,” he snickered. He turned his attention back to the others.


The rest of the officers tried to escape, but Kyle, fast as a shark, caught them.






Chapter 11


Kyle left only the stumps pouring with blood that just before had been the officers’ bodies. After that, he clamped a massive paw on several windows of the highest skyscraper. Closing his fist, he crumbled the wall into rubble, which he flung aside. The little people ran desperately as a giant hand broke in violently. Amused, Kyle plucked a desk out, and crushed it. Then he grasped half a dozen of people and held it in the air.



By now the city was in total chaos. Traffic snarled the streets and frightened people swarmed the sidewalks, fleeing in mindless fear from the giants who had appeared from nowhere, descending on their city with earth-shaking footsteps. Combat jets and tanks were approaching.

“THIS IS GOING TO BE REALLY FUN!”  Kyle said when he saw them.

He looked at the people in his fist, and then looked at the jets. There was a wave of screams as he hurled the little captives into the planes. The pilots darted in horrifying disbelief as some of the unfortunate people crashed into the jets, others passing by to fall horribly to their doom. In the streets, many stopped in their escape, simply astounded. Maybe if they had kept running, they could have avoided being picked up and thrown to the jets.

Kyle, in his remorseless butchery, reached for a couple of cars jammed in the street nearby and lifted them, one in each hand. He didn’t mind there were some people inside, he barely looked at them. He raised the first one over his head and then pitched it. The car smashed onto the tank with a great Crash!, exploding in fire and metal.

“BULL’S EYE!” the giant roared.

The tanks kept moving. Kyle pitched the second car. It landed in front of another tank, then flipped and rolled over it, bring it to a halt.

Kyle turned his attention to the planes. He ripped a parabolic dish from a tower, and tossed it like a frisbee toward a jet, unsuccessfully. Then he tore a large billboard off and sent it flying in the direction of three jets, which this time were unable to evade it. They lost control and went straight to the ground.

The tanks opened fire, but Kyle jumped on them, destroying two tanks with his feet. But lines of bullets streaked from more jets, dead on target. Kyle flinched as they hit him on his face, and he became enraged. At that moment, cars and big chunks of rock crashed into the jets, knocking down several of them.

Kyle saw that Danny was behind him, fighting with all his fury. He joined his friend, tossing more debris at the planes and tanks.

One of the jets avoided being hit by a flying bus, but the pilot wasn’t able to adjust his course out of the way of a suddenly outflank hand. Kyle caught the jet in midair. The pilot managed to eject before his plane was brought to a sudden stop. Danny finished his bloody counterattack; the jets were retracting. Meanwhile, Kyle crumpled the jet he had caught in the middle, and then shot it to the tanks. It stopped the firing from the ground, but Kyle was scanning the sky looking for the pilot that had ejected, as he started descending to earth with his parachute. Kyle took one step closer to the pilot, and watched as the pilot fell down in front of him. The pilot couldn’t do anything; he felt infinitely helpless. He saw the messy hair first, and then the giant’s blue, merciless eyes that met his own eyes, then the nose, the mouth parted in a smirk, the chin, the neck, and something that stopped his heart, a shiny skull that meant only one thing: death.

Kyle let the little man descend a bit more. Then he grabbed the parachute and lifted the pilot up to his face.

“YOU WON’T NEED THIS ANYMORE,” he told him with a cold voice.

Kyle ripped the parachute off the pilot. The little man screamed as he felt the wires almost sink into his chest and shoulders as they were brutally broken, not to mention the good squeeze of Kyle’s fist as he did so. For a split second, the pilot felt relieved that the gigantic fingers weren’t pressing on his body, but then he realized with utter horror that he was slipping down because Kyle had opened his fist.

The giants continued to wander through the city, laughing as people fled from his feet.


“CHAOS!” Kyle exclaimed. He laughed and moved his feet around, crushing and destroying everything in his wake. Nothing was spared under his 18-feet-long barefeet.

Kyle and Danny were merciless as they pressed people tight against their thick soles before mashing them to paste. They were loving every moment of their rampage. Danny rubbed his feet over fleeing groups of people, enjoying their squirms and bodies as they slowly were turned into mush. Kyle smashed buses and trucks with his giant feet. They especially loved kicking and punching buildings, watching them shatter like they were anthills. Kyle reached another skyscraper and smiled as he examined himself in the glass facade. He saw his roguish face, his gigantic body, all-powerful and invincible. There was no question that Kyle and Danny owned the city now. Whatever they wanted to do, they did without question.

After razing the area around him, the titanic teenagers surveyed the destruction with bemusement. Fires still raged among the rubble, and Kyle thought about “helpfully” putting them out by pissing on them. He was about to do that when he thought of a better idea to demonstrate his power.

Helicopters began to appear from the distance, flying as fast as they could to the massive teens. They were news helicopters, trying to get the story.

“Breaking news! This is Paul Webster reporting live from the city where there are two extremely large boys towering a hundred feet or so above the ground. Right now they’re standing in the middle of a street, and no one seems to know where they came from. They had already destroyed several buildings, war tanks, combat jets, and hundreds of vehicles in a rampage of devastation. Authorities report that over one eighteen-hundred people have died so far and a great many others have been injured in this all-out attack of this giants of doom. People are now fleeing the east side of the city in panic. It is advised that everyone in the surrounding areas of the river evacuate immediately... I repeat, evacuate immediately!  We will try to bring you more coverage on this amazing situation as it... wait a minute! The giants appear to be turning towards us! Were in trouble! Someone help, help us, please!!!!” The reporter was hysterical.


Kyle smashed his fist into his palm. “I PREFER A WAR,” he thundered. He knew many televisions were broadcasting now. He grabbed one of the helicopters by the bottom and hurled it far away. He then grabbed the other news copters in the area, throwing them to the ground. Kyle made his way through the mess, trampling on everything and everyone. Danny stood up in front of the fleeing crowds, looking at them with an expressionless face, and seemed determined that no one would get close enough to the attacked structures in order to rescue the occupants. 

During the next hours, the entire army, by air and land, attacked the giant teenagers with all its might. Screams, sirens, and the bombings and shootings echoed together as tanks, mortars, planes and infantry opened fire. But Kyle and Danny proved to be formidable opponents, lethal and ferocious. Soon the army was defeated and forced to retreat. Not even the most powerful weapons and bombs could stop them. Their instincts kept him safe, only to continue their carnage. The battles were frenzied; Kyle in particular was implacable. He splashed into a river and flooded a part of the city. Danny demolished bridges and highways, so no backing from outside could come to the rescue. The government declared itself ineffective, and Kyle declared it a piece of shit.

Destruction, massacre and inconceivable atrocities for any civilization. That’s the result of a pair of teenage boys of massive size and strength, evil and hungry for evil. Half of the city was in ruins, wreckage, fire and bodies everywhere. Feeling pleased with their “job,” the boys returned to the spot where they landed, crushing the long line of cars jammed on the way, and leaving a last trail of death… until their return. They found their sneakers, put them on casually, and jumped through the portal, back in the forest.










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