In each other’s shoes

by Zach Saucedo

May 2006


It was just a normal day after school, that I was just being lazy, that I saw a little person that would change my life forever.
As I lay on I looked down a saw a little boy and I immediately jumped up and grabbed him before he ran away. I grabbed him and held him up to my face and said, “Hello little guy.” He replied by spitting in my face and saying, “Fuck you.” “You little fucker!” I said to him. I took some tape I had nearby and taped him to the bed. I began to sit on him when I got a better idea. I would make him my little toy. I told him, “You are my little toy now, and you will do what I say no matter how stupid or disgusting.” He said nothing in returned but nodded.
I untapped him, and picked him up. I began to think of little, disgusting, things I would make him do. Then I got my most brilliant Idea, I held him up to my face and said, “My feet sure smell after a long day at school. You get to clean my feet, but not with your hands. Do it with your tong, lick em clean.” I placed him on my bed, put by smell feet up near him, and he began to lick my feet. I laughed silently in my head, because it felt so good to be in charge. Once he finished with my first foot, I moved my other foot towards him and gestured for him to clean that one too. Once he finished I put him in the back pocket of the jeans I was wearing, and went into the bathroom.
When I had the door safely locked, I took him out, and placed him in a small cup of water and said clean yourself. I watched him take his clothing and I took my cloths off and I got in the shower. Once I finished with the shower, I wrapped my towel around my waist, and went to take my toy out of his bath. I dumped him into a towel, and walked over to the cabinet that had the q-tips in it. I began to clean my ears when I had a better idea. I walked over, to my now finished toy, grabbed him, and shoved his head as far up in the opposite ear I was cleaning. I twisted him around a few times then pulled him out and gave him a piece of a paper towel to clean himself again. I changed into a loose fit shirt, and a pair of sweatpants that had pockets.
I walked over, grabbed him, and again shoved him in my pocket. I walked to my room, shut the door, and locked it. I took him out of my pocket, sat on my bed, turned on the TV, and thought of a way to torture him. When I couldn’t think of anything, I told him, “I am going to put you in my hair. You will not leave my head or you will die. I grabbed my remote and placed him on my head, where I felt him sit down. I watched TV until about eleven, when I decided to go to be, but I had to brush my teeth. I took him from his spot on my head, put him in my pocket, and went into the bathroom. I was brushing my teeth when an idea popped into my head. When I finished, I pulled the floss from the drawer, pulled some out and handed it to him. “Floss them.” I said, placing him in my mouth.
After he flossed my teeth, I put him into my pocket for the journey back to my room. I thought of where he would sleep, when I decided he would sleep literally on my foot. I took the smelly, putrid, sock I wore that day, and dropped him in one of them. I placed him on my left foot, and lay down to sleep. The next day when my alarm went off, I hit the snooze, but immediately sprung up after I remembered my toy. I took off the sock he was in I shook him out into my palm. I looked at him, smiled, and said, “your in for a very fun day.” I put him back in the sock and stuffed the other sock in the one he was in so he couldn’t escape. I went and took a fast shower and got dressed in a t-shirt, and jeans. I walked back to my room and went to get a fresh pair of socks, when I stopped and decided his fun would go on all day. I walked to the bed, and put the sock he was in on my foot. I wiggled my toes, enjoying myself, but decided it would smell to him more if I put him directly in my shoe instead. I took him out of my sock and placed him in the shoe I was going to wear. Inside the shoe it was damp, the lining was damp with sweat, and the smell was as if it say there for months with my smelly feet, which it had.
I took the same sock I wore yesterday and place it on my foot, afterwards shoving my foot into the shoe he was in. I felt him push up into the toe of the shoe. I went the day making sure the entire time I didn’t crush him. When I got home I shook him out of my shoe and brought him closer to my face. “How did you like your day in your master’s shoe?” I asked. He didn’t answer I said it again but louder this time. “Fine.” I heard a little squeak from him. Well what is your name? My toy needs to have a name.” “My name in John” He squeaked. “Well John In glad to meet you, now my feet hurt after spending the day trying not to crush you. I want you to massage my feet.” I sat on the bed with my back to a wall and placed my feet on top him. After he freed himself he began to rub the foot that he had been in. I just sat there and watched him thinking how good it felt to be master. The foot rub lasted about an hour when He waved to me to tell my something. “Please master I haven’t eaten anything in three days my I have some food?” I placed my hand flat next to him and he climbed on. I put him my back pocket, and went downstairs, and made myself dinner. I poured a glass of soda, and walked upstairs. I gave him some food and a little soda, and I sat us down and we ate while we watched TV.
“Is it okay?” I asked “Well its okay, but it’s a little too unhealthy for me. I need to have a good meals if I want to keep these.” He pulled up his shirt, and that’s when I noticed his six-pack abs and his very muscular arms and legs. I whistled in surprise. When it was time for bed again, I brushed my teeth and he flossed them. I put him in my sock again, and went to sleep.
The next day, I woke up late, because it was Saturday. I sat up and looked at the window and noticed it was raining, and it had some lightening. I pulled him from my sock and dropped him in my palm I went to get up, but that is when I felt a surging pain and when I opened my eyes, I was in the palm of me. He looked down at me with an evil grin. “Well, well, well, master. Look who is giant now?”  I gulped as he shoved me in the pocked of the sweats. He took me into the bathroom, and we both undressed. That is when he noticed that I had his body, and he had mine. Now I had become muscular and very handsome.
He said, “Oh well. At least I became the giant.” We both bathed, and the when he got out he grabbed me completely nude and shoved my head into his ear. After twisting my head a few times he took me out switched hands and stuck my head in the other ear. I cleaned my head again, and he put back in his pocket. When he got back in my room, he sat on the bed, and took me from the pocket. He placed his feet on the bed, and threw me towards them. “Rub them,” he told me. So I began to rub his giant still smelly feet. After I rubbed each foot for about half an hour, I was finished. Then he grabbed me and said, “Now that your finished I want you to clean out my nose.” I stuck my hand into his nose and cleaned. I finished, and he held me to his face and said, “Are you grossed out?” I shook my head, and he said, “Well, you’re not close to being finished.” He again placed his feet on the bed, and demanded, ”Clean my feet with your tong!” He placed me at his feet and I began to lick his foot. When I finished, I looked at the clock and saw it read ten thirty. He saw that too, and went to the bathroom to make my clean his teeth. I cleaned them, and we went back to the room. He picked up a sock and showed it to my. “Do you recognize this sock? It’s the same sock you have put me in that you have worn for three days. Sleep well” He shoved me into the sock, and put it on his foot.
In the morning, he put me in his palm and stood up that’s when the sheering pain was there again. I opened my eyes and saw I was still in his body, but I was giant again. I thought I would torment him more but I decided I would keep him the rest of the day, and then I would kill him. I make him clean my hands, feet, nose, ears, toes, teeth, and himself. When the end of the day came, I placed him on the bed, and lightly sat on him. I felt a rumble in my stomach, and gas came out, I could hear him gagging on the smell. I smiled, stood up, and put him in my mouth. I began to chew, and when I was finished I swallowed.

Now to this day I have three tinys, but I am good to them, because you never know when they will turn around and be in your shoes.


Zach Saucedo

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