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its been a long time coming, but finally there is an update...

Hello my loyal fans, I am terribly sorry for there being such a long time since my last update. It has been a combination of problems with my computer, me being busy in my real life, and also sheer laziness on my end haha. But never fear, I am still here, and I plan on making a comeback in the near future. Yes, I know there is a big change in the color in this update, but that was to make sure you realized there was an update, since its been such a long time. I have much much more to tell you, please see my blog for more details!

This website has been created as a place for BigMike and his friends to feature their work. BigMike writes giant boy stories and has taken the time to create a website in which he and his friends may share their works. This site is for the newest budding artists and experienced writers who wish to share their work. So sit back and enjoy the ride. BigMike wants you to feel at home!

If you have any work, stories or pictures, that you would like to be featured on this site, you can send me an e-mail here

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July, 2006

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I don't know why, but I've always liked this picture. It is by "Fit2BToed" and I found it on I did not ask their permission to put this picture here, however, if they have a problem with it, I will remove it.

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6/15/06- Huge update today. Stories area completely redesigned, and blog updated.

5/10/06- Shining Skull's stories added to the stories page.

5/05/06- Blog updated.

5/04/06- Homepage updated.



Updated April 25th, 2006

- Nathan is writing a new story entitled "MONSTERS" including the events that have happened over the past year and a half or so.

- Other people are currently working on new stories for the site

- BigMike is planning on writing 2 new stories after the one he is writing right now. One will be a non-giant story about his friendship with the REAL Jason he based the character on and the other will be another violent one featuring Jason as the main giant... more details in the future

 My Name is BigMike and I write stories. I write stories about giant boys, but who knows I might write a giant girl story in the future. I am 14 years old and all of my stories are CLEAN, yes, CLEAN. NO PORN, NO SEXUAL THEMES, and only MINOR swearing. I would also like to say I am NOT gay... these stories I write about giant boys do not mean that I am gay. Enjoy the site!

Special thanks to Nathan of for help designing the site and supplying the pictures.

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