Jordan the Little Giant

Written in January 2006 by BigMike


Very violent story. Jordan gets revenge on the entire population for being constantly put down for being short. Then my famous giant Jason fights him, and then they become friends again... its kinda hard to explain the plot... but enjoy it.


Edited by Ivor

Jordan was a fairly happy thirteen year old, he was intelligent although he didn't apply himself, at the risk of being called a geek, still, he got decent grades. He was popular although he was short for his age and this bothered him. His friends were always joking with him about his height and he was tired of it. Every time he tried to do something, his being short always got in the way.
Today in homeroom they mad an announcement calling everyone who tried out for the basketball team to report to the gym. Jordan ran down the halls, hopeful this year would be the year he would get picked. The names of those who made the team were posted on the bulletin board. Jordan scanned the list several times and walked away disappointed.
"Why didn't I get picked this year?" he asked the coach
"I'm sorry kid, but you are just too short, maybe next year" replied the coach.
Jordan was mad, he was tired of his height getting in the way of everything he tried out for. The first period bell sounded and he hurried to Art which was his first class of the day.
He took his seat next to his friend Jason.
"You make the team?" he asked Jason.
"No" Jason replied, "The coach said I needed more practice. How about you, did you make the team?"
"I'm too short" said Jordan reluctantly.
"Awww Little Jordan's too short" Jason said playfully, patting Jordan on his head, like he was a little kid. Jordan gave Jason a playful shove back. Jason was still laughing.
"I'm so tired of being short" Jordan said, "It always gets in the way. I wish I was taller"
"I'm not that tall either" Jason replied.
"Yeah, but you're tall enough that your height doesn't get in the way" Jordan noted.
Jason thought a second, feeling bad for his friend,
"There's nothing I can do to help you there" he responded
"Yeah, I know" Jordan nodded.
As the day went on, Jordan decided he had to do something about his height. He would make a potion that would make him bigger. Not by much, but at least enough so that his height would not get in the way anymore. That afternoon, as soon as he got home from school, he started working on his new project.


Okay, like I said, Jordan was smart, he had a fantastic aptitude for chemistry, it’s just that he never showed it, still, he was sure he would be successful. He went downstairs as soon as he got home. his Dad worked as a chemist, maybe that's where he got his talent. They always had some odd chemicals around the basement to work with.
Jordan was absorbed with his work, and time passed by quickly. He would glance up at the digital clock on the wall, It flashed 11:00 PM. The next time he looked up it read midnight. He continued working, late into the night. Finally he was happy with his results. The clock read 4:15, it was almost morning. Picking up the concoction he made, he examined the beaker, "Here goes nothing" he thought, and drank down the potion. Nothing happened. "Well that was a waste" crawling into bed, he was frustrated that he had spent so much time for nothing.
Jordan opened his eyes at 7:00 AM, He had to get ready to go to school. He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. "Not even an inch" he thought, disappointed. He was still short.
It was an oddly warm day for January, by noon the thermometer was reading nearly 60 degrees. He decided after gym class, to stay dressed in his gym shorts.
Things were going along as usual, that is up until his fifth period class. It was then that he started feeling weird. He felt a tingling sensation throughout his whole body. "It worked! I'm growing" he thought. He thought he would stop at about six feet, but he didn't. His classmates were awe struck. As Jordan continued to grow, they all took cover as he crashed through the ceiling. The floor of his second floor classroom gave way beneath his weight, crashing down on the floor below wiping out a seventh grade class below. Still Jordan kept growing. The students in his class scattered out of the room. Stepping out of the building, onto the school grounds, all he can think is, "This is Awesome!" At two hundred feet tall, the growing stopped.
Stepping out of the building, he looks down, as his huge red and white Nike " High Tops" hit the ground, another part of the school collapses. Leaving the school behind, he heads out toward the main road. Seeing a car coming down the street. He waits until it gets close. He lifts up his giant Nike and slams in down onto the street in front of the car. The driver slams on the brakes, the car comes screeching to a halt. The little man in the car gets out, screams and tries to run. Jordan’s hand swoops down and picks up the pathetic little man. Jordan brings him up to his face. All the little man can see is the smiling, curious face of the giant boy. The little man pleads with Jordan, he’s ignored. Jordan lifts his giant Nike back up, and positions it above the tiny car. The little man screams more. Jordan lowers his foot onto the car; he feels it crush under his foot. He loves the feeling. He takes the little man and squeezes him. The little guy screams in pain as he is crushed into nothing more than a red spot on Jordan's hand. He smiles and thinks to himself, "I'm big at last" He nears a house, lifts up his foot and crushes it with little effort. He never felt such a surge of adrenalin rushing through his body as he did at this moment. He loves being big and thinks to himself, “Okay, now time for some real fun, get ready downtown!” He heads towards the city.
Along the way he watches people run screaming from him. He can’t get enough of the sensation. Another car comes up the road, this time Jordan doesn’t even look down, he just steps on it. A slight explosion comes from under his shoe as the car is ground into the pavement. He didn’t even feel it.
Meanwhile, back at the school, everyone was in a state of panic. Ambulances were called for. Dozens of students were missing and assumed dead, in the rubble. Jason couldn't believe his friend would do something like this. The utter destruction of the school was unbelievable, there was mass confusion.
On his way, Jordan, he sees three ambulances coming down the road in front of him. As they get close, he kicked the first one, and like dominos, the one in front smashed into the one behind it, and that one smashed into the last one. All together they went flying into the air, eventually crashing down. Jordan couldn’t help but laugh. He marvels at his power as he continues heading towards the city.
Crushing random buildings along the way. He can’t get enough of the feeling of something crunching under his foot. The buildings were getting taller, so he knows he’s close to the city. He is overcome by that odd feeling in his body again, and he starts growing even more. Now about 300 feet tall, he feels unstoppable. Getting ever closer to the city he can hear the distant screams. He deliberately stomps his feet so the little people can feel him coming. His immense shadow descends upon the city. The screams get louder. Jordan decides to make a grand entrance. He jumps, and lands in the middle of the city, flattening several buildings and crushing countless people. Seeing the tallest building in the city, he kicks it as hard as he can at the bottom floors, and as his powerful foot rips right through, the building collapses. He can’t help but laugh at how pathetically easy it was destroyed. He crushes another building that doesn’t even come up to his ankle, and as he does he notices someone standing in the street, someone appears to be challenging him.


Jordan starts walking up to the tiny man. One would think that the man would have been terrified, but he just stands there. Jordan thinks to himself “This is gonna be fun, stepping on this guy” Jordan continues to get closer; he has a big smile on his face. The little man still doesn’t move.
“Leave this city, we have done nothing to you” The little man says.
This makes Jordan laugh.
“I’m serious” The little man says.
“Little man, let me tell you something," said Jordan in a booming voice. " you need to examine what position you’re in right now. I don’t really think you’re in any position to tell me what to do.” with that, Jordan stomped his foot. The little man does not budge. A crowd starts to gather around.
This will show them, thinks Jordan as he reaches down to the little man, and picks him up.
He holds the man up to his face. He says: “I'm going to enjoy this” then Jordan lifted his socked foot out of his shoe, he put the man into his gigantic Nike, and then places his foot back into his shoe with a grin.

In the silence, the only thing to be heard is the muffled screams of the man as he’s suffocated, and slowly crushed by Jordan’s foot. Those standing close by could hear a sickening “crunch” as the man is crushed. Jordan laughs as he feels with his foot, the man being squashed. He says to the people gathered around him:
“You all are nothing but bugs to me. You all will obey me or the same fate will fall to you. You are all at my mercy.” The crowd stands motionless in stunned silence.
“You are all my personal playthings, if any of you say other wise there will be hell to pay" he glances at the helpless crowd and continues, "you better do as I say, or you’ll be crushed or worse.” Jordan stands back up, he stomps his foot again. The crowd in a panic flees. "Ignore me will you?"his voice booms, “Fine, you want to play that way, I’m game” He sees a bunch of the people running down the street, so he pushes a nearby building over onto them, it falls and buries them all, as Jordan laughs maniacally.
“I told you to listen to me! Now look what you made me do to you” He says laughing.
Then he crushes another fleeing mob. Everyone in the city might as well be just another spot of red on the bottom of his Nike.
Yet again he gets that odd feeling in his body, he starts growing even bigger. Now at over 400 feet tall, he feels even more like the king of the world. Feeling that he hasn’t caused enough damage yet he sees another group of people running away, reaching down he picks all of them up in one hand . He laughs an evil laugh, and opens his mouth and swallows them whole. He hadn't realized how hungry he was, after all he never did eat lunch,
“Mmmm. Not bad” He thinks to himself. In a feeding frenzy, he now starts grabbing every person he sees, and pops them in his mouth. He didn't count how many people it took to fill him up. The sun was low in the sky, and Jordan was exhausted from his busy day, finding a nice place to lie down, after he had cleared away a few skyscrapers, he lay down tired, and ready to go to sleep. He takes off his enormous Nikes, but leaves his socks on. A group of people gather around him.
“All right now bugs, I give you permission to message my feet.” The people do as they’re told. Jordan can hear them gagging on the smell. He laughs to himself. He slowly drifts off to sleep in a total state of ecstasy. He sleeps soundly.


Back away from the city, news of what happened spread quickly. Jason didn’t really have to think about it too much. He knew he had to stop Jordan somehow . He remembered with sadness the last time he used his Uncles invention, so long ago, He had sought revenge for his parents death, and paid a horrible price. Even though he made a vow that he would never become a giant again, there was nothing he could do. His friend Jordan had to be stopped. So that settles it, he thought, I will have to become a giant again.
When he got up the next morning, as soon as he was done eating breakfast, he got his sister to help him push the growing machine outside again. This brought back a flood of memories, but this time Uncle George was there. “Oh no, we’re not going through this again Jason” He says as he stands in front of the door.
“Uncle George" Jason explained, "I either become a giant now and stop him while I can, or we can wait until Jordan’s so powerful that no one can stop him.” George sighs, and thinks for a minute.
“I guess you’re right Jason. Come on, let’s get this thing outside.”
Before they start up the machine, Jason invites his friend Mike over, telling him he need's Mikes help.

With the invention outside, George turns the dial to 400 feet tall.
“I hope this works, it’s gonna’ take a lot of power to do this." looking up, he gestures, " Jason, get all the way down to the other end of the yard.” Jason runs down to the other side of the yard a good two hundred feet away. Jason waved his hands, and yells that he’s ready. George presses the button. As it did the last time they used it, so long ago, a blue beam shot out of the end of the cannon hitting Jason, he starts growing. This time, he doesn’t stop at 200 feet tall, he keeps growing.

Finally, at 400 feet tall, the growth stops. Mike can’t believe how big his friend has gotten. Everything is unbelievably small from Jason’s point of view. Jason can just barely see that they’re all running towards him, he kneels down so that he can see and hear them better.
“Wow Jason, you’re so big now, shortie” Mike laughs, as does Jason.
“Well guys, I think I better be on my way. I’ll see you guys downtown” Jason said as he stands back up, and as gently as possible, he leaves the neighborhood, carefully positioning each step so as not to cause any damage.

George, Mike, and Jason’s little sister Kristen, all load the machine into Uncle George’s truck as Jason had instructed.
The rising sun wakes Jordan wakes up. He gets up, puts his shoes back on, and to start off the day, he mercilessly crushes the people sleeping by his feet; he never even gives it a second thought.
He yawns, and stumbles around, crushing a few remaining buildings. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he finally, completely wakes up. He decides to finish crushing the city. He stomps on everything he sees, no one is spared. He thinks to himself: “Okay, this city is completely messed up. I need another place to play, I think this time I will to go to a bigger city!” Just then, he hears a faint rumbling in the distance…


Jason quickly approaches the city. He’s nervous about having to fight his friend for several reasons, although Jordan was small, he was really strong for his size. When they wrestled, Jordan always had the advantage. Off on the horizon, Jason can make out Jordan, this makes him even more nervous.
Jordan thinks to himself, " I can’t believe Jason has became a giant again, he said he’d never do it again. What a liar"

Jason walks right up to his friend.
“Hi Jordan, we need to talk." he puts his hand on Jordan’s shoulder the way friends do, and says, "This is nuts Jordan, don’t hurt anyone else, they didn’t do anything to you” Jordan pushes Jason away and says angrily, “Just stay out of this ! it doesn’t concern you”
"Come on Jordan, we don’t need to fight over this, just stop” Jason trying to appeal to his reason , didn't expect the first punch, Jordan hits him savagely in the face, his nose starts to bleed, At first he is stunned, and then he is angry, "So thats the way you want it" he says, jumping into an all out fight.

George, Mike, and Kristen are approaching the city They could make out in the distance, the two giants fighting with each other. Getting within range of the two, George pulls over to the side of the road, They unload the beam, "We have to wait for just the right moment," George explains, "we don't want to shrink Jason by accident. It was awesome and frightening watching the two colossal giants fighting, Finally in the battle, it looked like Jason was taking control over Jordan, they aim the beam.
“Do it now, Hit it” Jason says to his friends. Jordan, seeing what’s about to happen, pushes Jason off of him, and he proceeds to spit on the machine, shorting it out. the mechanism crackles with a blue flame.
“Noooooo!” George screams, as he watches the machine short out and loose its power. He frantically attempts to fix the machine, but there is nothing he can do.
“You thought you could shrink me ’ Jordan says with murder in his eyes, he advances towards Jason, and Jason is stepping backwards "well, thats not going to happen” he said fiercely.
“No, Jordan, I was trying to help you, I didn’t want you to hurt anyone else.” Jason's voice breaks in fear. Jordan lunges and the fight continues. Jordan punches him again and again, he throws Jason to the ground.
“Come on Jason, come on get back up" Mike hollers, " I know you can beat him” Jason rolls over exhausted, and thinks “No, Mike I can’t” He has blood draining from the side of his mouth, he has bruises all over. He coughs and sputters for breath.
Mike didn't want to believe that Jason would be beat, "You can't let him beat you, come on, get up and beat him, We are all depending upon you, you can't let us down" Jason's eyes were glazed, he could hardly breath, but he knew what his friends were thinking" His sister called out harshly,
“Fine Jason, just go ahead and forget about it. Don’t worry about all the people that Jordan will kill because you didn’t stop him. I believed in you Jason, I had faith in you” Her words stung.
Uncle George called Mike and Kristen over to the van, "Jordan's just too strong, we better get out of here quickly and warn everyone, besides, Jordan will squash us as soon as he finishes off Jason"
Jordan spots the van pulling out, "I'll take care of you bugs in a second, but first I gotta finish this." Jordan leans over Jason, ready to finish him off. He says sarcastically, “Aww, what’s the matter Jason, you too much of a sissy to fight me? Ha, you never were much of a fighter, . We used to be friends but now those days are over" he puts his hands on Jason’s throat, and starts to choke the life out of him, " well, its been fun Jason, but I’m afraid its time for you to go”
"No" Jason thinks to himself, "It's not going to end like this" and gathering up all the strength he has in his body, he kicks Jordan in the belly as hard as he can. Jordan flips over Jason, and comes to the ground with a crash . Jason gets back up, and wipes the blood away from his mouth. Jordan gets back up too but he is really hurt.
“ Your reign of terror is over Jordan” Jason says.
“You wish! Come and get me” Jordan says, . They start fighting once again, Jordan is getting back his breath. Jason realizes that it is now or never, and he lands a punch right into his opponents face, Jordan's nose shatters and blood goes spraying all over his face, he hits the ground clutching his nose. Jason looms over to him, and he starts in a rage to pummel Jordan's bloody face
Now it was Jordan who was crying and pleading, “Okay Jason, I give, you’ve beaten me” It takes a lot of will power for Jason to hold back his punches, He can barely hear the sound of Mike and Kristen telling him to stop,
Uncle George who had turned the van around, returned to the machine, wiped it down, and turned on the switch to re-power it, he smiled as it hummed.
"Jason" called Uncle George, "Stand back but make sure Jordan can't get away"
In no time at all, Jordan was shrunk back to normal, an ambulance takes him away, for observation. After Jason is returned to normal, They take him away too, to check out his injuries.

Jason is okay, he just has a few cuts and bruises, and he needs to get his braces fixed. Jordan is declared “Sane” but is still a juvenal, so he can't stand trial. they can't hold him in police custody so they send him to a Juvenal hall for observation. Through all of the recent events, Jason tries to prove that Jordan was just releasing built up anger. Jordan is sentenced to serve 6 months of juvenile detention.
When Jordan gets out, he thanks Jason for all he did to help him. "I guess I was kind of crazy there for a while," he says apologetically. They go back to being friends, never to fight each other again.

(postscript by ivor) And only in the darkest hours of the night does Jordan remember the time he was a merciless giant, and he smiles a wicked grin before turning back to sleep.

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