Evil : Part One


By Shining Skull and Nathan

Written February 2006



Chapter 1


It was Friday night, and Kyle was exhilarated.

“No school till Tuesday!” he exclaimed.

He had gone to spend the three-day weekend at Danny’s home, which was located in the countryside. Both boys were in Danny’s bedroom playing videogames, chatting and eating snacks. After that, they were concocting plans for the next mischief that had popped into one of their heads.

You see, they had been friends since they were 6 years old. Partners in crime, as some teachers called them. They could talk to each other about anything and everything, and they did–their wishes and dreams, and their craziest plans to cause mayhem at school. Almost every weekend they slept over at each other’s houses. They were inseparable.

Kyle was a highly energetic, mischievous and self-interested 14-year-old boy whose main goal in life was to pull the best prank for the next April Fool’s Day. He was an attractive, fit teenager, about 5’8” in height, with small, blue eyes that glinted from under his brows as if they were hiding something. His hair, kind of spiked up, was blond. At school he was very popular, primarily for his rebellious personality. Kids always love rebels.

Indeed he was proud of being one of the school’s top troublemakers, and he also was known as the one with pits that don’t smell like summer main. His record of misbehavior was extensive: toilets blown up, food fights, fake boobs on the Christmas snowmen, drawings of vicious animals ripping apart teachers, and who could forget the state of the Biology dummy after Kyle damaged it beyond repair with a sledge hammer.

                Danny was a bit older than him, about the same height. He was leaner and paler, and not so impetuous. He had brown hair.  Both were smart kids, but their grades were so-so. Devoting oneself to studies can be oh-so-boring, and really, what’s the point when you already know it?  To prove the fact to the teacher? Kyle and Danny felt no need to prove anything to anybody. Their last prank had cost them detention for the next week. They weren’t sad, because right now they had a long weekend to enjoy.

                But the weekend passed quickly, as time does when you’re having fun.


                Tuesday started off just the same as usual for Kyle and Danny. They stood in front of the building, dreading the moment when their legs would have to carry them through those doors. Today Danny was wearing a pair of denim jeans, a blue jacket and white shirt, and Kyle wore a pair of green military pants with green T-shirt.

“Just gonna be another boring, really boring day,” Kyle said. Danny disagreed, though he didn’t say a word. He knew something, but was not prepared to tell his friend yet. Not because he was holding out on him, but because… well, he didn’t quite know how to reveal what he had discovered… something extreme, baffling, and awesomely exciting. So they went into the school in silence, shuffling their boy-sneakers over the worn green floor tiles, down the familiar long hallway echoing with the clang of metal lockers and the squeak of shoes, the chatter of teenagers and the slamming of doors. Back to school time.

                Forty minutes later they were in history class together and the teacher, Mr. Swoff, was talking about some war, when suddenly he stopped in the middle of his lecture, interrupted by the sound of snoring coming from the back of the classroom.

“Hmm, who could be interrupting my class today?” he asked, walking to the back of the room.  Kyle was fast asleep and snoring, leaning back in his seat. Danny didn’t have time to wake him up.

“Get up, lazy boy!” the professor abruptly screamed in his ear. 

“What the fuck!” gasped Kyle, almost jumping from his seat. He lurched and knocked his books on the floor.  The professor cocked his head to the side.

“I believe you have detention today, am I right?” he sneered rudely at the teen.

Kyle rubbed his eyes. “So?” he said.

“Fool!” Mr. Swoff hissed, hunching over and angrily scrutinizing the boy like a malicious old woman about to criticize fruit in a grocery store. “Not only are you a rotten brat, but you keep defying my authority!  Sleeping in class! What nerve!!  Another day of detention will teach you!”

     Kyle wanted to complain, but he saw Danny shaking his head.


     Later, after skateboarding down the stairs, Kyle found Danny walking down the hall.

“Hey pal,” said Kyle. “Where have you been?”

“Look, I can’t talk now,” said Danny, “We have to go to detention, remember? See you there.”

“That stupid Swoff.” Kyle grumbled. What kind of a name was Swoff anyway?


    In the detention room, Kyle was sitting on a desk, while Danny was peering out through the little window in the door, checking to see if any teachers were approaching to check on them.  They were just supposed to sit quietly at their desks, in isolation, in the little windowless room, staring at the wall for an hour.  They certainly were not supposed to sit ON the desk. Suddenly, the door flew open, hitting Danny and sending him sprawling to the floor. Mister Swoff burst into the room, struck an arrogant pose, and began to lecture.

     “Kyle and Danny again. I don’t even know why I waste my time with you anyway, you’re never going to amount to anything.”

“Teachers aren’t supposed to say that to kids,” said Kyle.

“Shut up, you little turd. Get off that desk! And Danny, get off the floor and sit down.  I swear, kids these days are just so disobedient, bad, and rotten! Sit down and shut up or I’ll call your parents. Now, I’m going to be checking up on you, and I don’t want to hear any talking!”


Mr. Swoff left the room. Kyle got up from the desk to go to sit by Danny at the back.

“I hate Swoff!” said Kyle. He got up again and grabbed a pitcher of water.

“Wanna pour water on him when he comes back?”

Danny got up too.

“Listen Kyle, I’ve got to tell you something. This is important.” He was almost whispering.

“What is it?”

“Have you ever heard of the little people?”

“Uh…you mean that movie about the boy who stomps on his tiny neighbor’s house?”

“No, not that. I mean for real.” Danny insisted. “You know, about the government discovering little people and keeping it secret?”

     Kyle remembered he had indeed once heard a strange story about something that happened years before he was born. Little people of just inches in height who had been captured by the government. You could hear the story here and there, but no one really took it very seriously.

“Well, yeah,” he answered. “But that’s just a kind of a legend or something.”

“An urban legend, I know” said Danny with an uncontrollable chuckle. He paced back and forth.  “But I think I’ve seen some of these little people.” he finally managed to say.

Kyle cracked up.

“Yeah right! Where, under your bed?”

“I’m not making this up! I saw them last night!”

“Yeah, where?” asked Kyle, still grinning.

“At Sean’s house. I think he got them.”

“Sean, that nerd who lives near you?”

“Yep. I’m sure I saw them. He was carrying two or three in a fish tank.”

“Did he see you?”

“No, of course not.”

“You know what, pal? When I see them, I’ll believe you.”

“Fine. I’m planning breaking into his house tonight and steal the little people,” Danny said, revealing his plan at last. And upon hearing these words, Kyle smiled. He just loved the idea of walking in other people’s house, secretly creeping about by moonlight.

“Steal the little people? Kidnap them, you mean.” Kyle said, amused.

“Well, whatever. Are you in or what?” asked Danny.

“You know my motto: it’s not breaking in if nobody catches us.”

“Kyle, we’ve got a chance to hit something big. Or little. Whatever. I think the government is still after the little people.”

“Look Danny, I’m with you on this because we’re gonna break into that moron’s house. But I really think you’re being a lunatic.”

“I’m not. Last night, after you left, I was using my binoculars and I saw them. It was just a second, but I’m positive about this. And obviously he’s hiding them.”

“Whatever, let’s just do it,” Kyle said.

“Tomorrow night will be perfect. His parents go out, and he’s left alone at home.” Danny said.

“We can use chloroform on him! He won’t be a match for me,” said Kyle.

“I don’t want to fail on this.” Danny said.  “If he sees us, I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

“We confront him about the little people,” Kyle said, almost laughing. Danny preferred not to argue anymore.

“Maybe the chloroform will work” said Danny with a sigh. “Except that he’s bigger than us.”

“We attack him from behind. Hey, maybe we could even smother him to death! Then people will think that uh, that he got killed by somebody. Er, okay. Whatever. I’m just kiddin’.”

“Well, just come over tomorrow; say to your parents you’re going to spend the night at my place.” Danny said.  They spent the rest of their detention thinking about the upcoming adventure.



Chapter 2


At 8 o’clock, Danny was once again using his binoculars to inspect Sean’s garage, across the street. Kyle was lazing on the bed.            

“They’re leaving!” Danny exclaimed. “I think Sean’s with them!”

After leafing through a phone book, he picked up the phone and called Sean’s number. He let it ring.  And ring. No answer. Finally, satisfied, he hung up… with a grin.

“The house is empty, let’s go!”

Kyle jumped out of the bed, while Danny was rummaging in a drawer. He found what he was looking for, and the next moment both boys were carrying two backpacks, heading to Sean’s house.

“It’s better if we go inside the basement,” suggested Danny. “Maybe the door’s open.”

“Don’t worry if the door’s closed,” said Kyle smiling.

Minutes later, Kyle and Danny got inside Sean’s basement.

“Aw, this place smells like a stink museum!” said Kyle.

“Shhh! Somebody might hear us!” whispered Danny.

“You said they were out!”

“You never know. Low your voice.”

“Why don’t we check out if somebody’s here? They know you, and you can make up any excuse if somebody sees you. Just be convincing.”

“I don’t want him to know we’re stealing the little people. He always can accuse us.”

“Fine, I’ll go then.”


Kyle, who was an impulsive boy, went into the kitchen, then the living room. Like a burglar, he moved swiftly, looking everywhere. His blue eyes looked left, looked right.  His black sneakers padded on the rug.  He moved quick, feeling strong and dangerous as he rounded corners, peered through doors.  He headed upstairs. Danny couldn’t wait any longer, and he went after Kyle. He joined him in the second floor, while Kyle was getting out of a room.

“Nothing in this bedroom. Where could he put them?”

“His bedroom, of course.” said Danny

They went toward Sean’s bedroom. Slowly they opened the door, and both boys went inside.


Sean’s bedroom was very neat and clean for a boy his age, but as Kyle pointed out, what a bore. Danny opened Sean’s closet, but he found nothing. Kyle was on the floor, looking under the bed. Then they saw a cabinet and Danny opened it. The fish tank was inside. It was not full of fish. Danny and Kyle couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw four tiny human beings, less than four inches tall, inside the tank. There were three men and one woman, and they too, couldn’t believe their eyes.

They were frightened when these boys appeared without warning. The little people had already been captured by a giant, true, and everything in this world was dangerous to them. But Sean had been very nice so far. Now, what was going to happen to them?

Kyle broke the silence.

“Cool!” he said.

Danny was excited too, but he was aware they couldn’t waste more time.

“We have to pluck the little men out and get out of here,” he said.


He introduced his left hand into the fish tank to catch the first one, a thin, pale man who ran to the corner of the tank. Kyle leaned over, as if to grab them himself.

“You have nothing to worry about,” said Danny. “We’re not hurting you. You can trust us.”

The four little people looked at Danny, then at Kyle. One of them, a well-built man, stepped forward and asked who they were.

“We’re Sean’s friends, and…”

Danny was cut off, unable to finish his sentence because Kyle was growing impatient and interrupted him.

    “Let’s get them out! We’ve got to go!” he said. He reached down and wrapped up the woman in his fist. The woman was screaming, but Kyle didn’t care, he had to do it. There was nothing the little men could do as Kyle introduced his other hand and grabbed the man who had spoken before. He held the man in one clenched hand and the woman in the other; they squirmed to get out but it was useless.

“You’re so freaking small,” said Kyle, unaware that his voice was hurting the little people’s ears.

“Open your bag,” Kyle told Danny, who took out a shoe box with holes on the sides, and opened it. Kyle put the little men in the box, and then leaned over the tank again. The guy howled in terror as the gigantic fingers closed around his body and got him out of the fish tank. Again, Kyle’s hand darted down and clamped tightly around the pale man in the corner, who stood so frozen in fear that he did not even try to avoid the capture this time.

“Wait a sec,” said Danny, and he pulled out of his pants pocket a clip and a long piece of thread. He twisted the clip into a hook, tied the thread up to the clip, and hung it on the edge of the tank. He saw the thread touching the floor, and hoped that Sean would be fooled by this.




Chapter 3


Danny opened the shoe box and gently released the little people on his bed. Standing up on this uneven surface, the little people fell over as the two colossal teens kneeled down on the floor and rested their arms on either side of them.  Imagine being on a soft, springy football field made of foam rubber and cloth, and giant boys the size of 10 story buildings are just dropping down next to you.  Boom! You go flying.  The little people fell, rolled, bounced. One of them moaned in horror, rolling down an incline and ending up stuck under Kyle’s arm. 

“Please, no!” he begged. “Get me out! I’m stuck! I can’t breathe!!”

“If you can’t breathe how are you talking?” Kyle smirked. Danny reached over and gently rescued the little man, putting him back where the bed was flat. 

The little men stood up again; they felt safer that way. They looked around the room, which was just a little messier than Sean’s room. And compared to them, it seemed the size of an auditorium rather than a bedroom. Meanwhile, the giant teenagers were staring down at them attentively. The woman dared to speak to them, in a pleading voice.

“Please, let us go!”

“No way!” snapped Kyle. The little people winced again at Kyle’s voice, covering their ears. Danny tried to be as gentle as possible. He lowered his voice when he spoke.

“Who are you? Where did you come from?”

The little man who had spoken in the fish tank thought it was better for the moment to do as they were told, and to answer all questions.

“I’m Sam Crow, this is my wife Betty.” Sam was about 30 years old, muscular and handsome, while Betty had a silky, red hair, and she was very pretty.

“My name is Anthony Owen” the other said. He was the pale man, a thin guy around 40-years old, with black hair and a dull face. “This is my friend, Alex Tate.” He referred to the plump man at his side. His voice matched his face. And he was wearing a purple sweater. 

“We come from Jump City” said the well-built man. “We were flying on my plane and then… we don’t know what happened exactly. We were wrapped up in a kind of light, I’m not sure what that was. Anyway, we ended up losing control, and then Sean saved us. He caught our plane before it crashed. He saved our lives.”

“You’re saying there’s a city of your size, I mean, small like you?” asked Danny, keeping a soft voice.

“Well, yes. It’s where we live. But we’re not small. You’re big! All we want is to go back home. Sean has been very good with us, he has looked after us and all…”

“How long you’ve been here?” Kyle interrupted, startling the little people.

“About three weeks,” answered Sam.

“And Sean didn’t tell anyone about you?” inquired Danny.

“No. He told us many times that there are people here who want to capture us, for experimenting and things like that.”

Danny and Kyle could see that he was scared saying this.

“Huh, well, we’re not experimenting with you,” said Danny, trying to make them feel calmer.

“But… why did you kidnap us?” asked Sam.

Danny didn’t know what to say. He wanted the little people for curiosity, then to try to make some money out of them, though now he didn’t know how to do that. It was Kyle who answered the question.

“Sean’s a sucker and he couldn’t keep you safe enough.”

It was Betty who spoke this time.

“Sean is not… that. He has taken care of us, keeping us out of harm’s way. We have nothing to complain about him.”

“Yeah, but you will be better with us,” Kyle replied, stroking the top of her head with his index finger, very softly, with a silly smile. She moved away, staring at the giant boy with sudden contempt.

“What are you doing!?!” shouted Sam.

Kyle frowned, and Danny quickly intervened.

“You’ll be okay,” he said. “We also can keep you safe and sound. I have the right place for you, just let me get it.” He went to his closet and came back with a hamster cage of Plexiglas. The little people looked more worried now.

“It’s a little dirty, but I’m going to clean it out. Keep an eye on them, Kyle, I’ll be right back.” And he thundered out of the room. The tiny things that happen when anyone walks out of a room—furniture vibrating, papers on the wall swishing gently—were magnified horrifically for the tiny people. The cabinet in the corner that trembled with Danny’s steps seemed to them to be a building shaking in an earthquake.  The calendar on the wall lifted and dropped back from the wind of the boy’s passage as he walked close by the wall, and to the little ones it seemed like a billboard swinging several feet out from the wall before dropping back with a loud papery noise.

The four little people were very apprehensive, but they could not give it much thought, because without warning Betty was engulfed in the flesh of Kyle’s hand. Sam ran after the colossal fist, trying to protect his wife, but Betty was already high in the air. He shouted something, but Kyle didn’t pay attention to him.

Kyle opened his hand and he studied Betty in his palm.

“I’m Kyle.”

Betty smiled weakly.

“I-I’m Betty.” she said.

Kyle’s lips parted slightly, forming a cute grin and showing his top teeth. He reached out a humongous finger towards her. Betty retreated, feeling extremely anxious. She could see a bit of dirt under the dinner-plate sized fingernail. Kyle’s eyes were locked on her, and he didn’t seem concerned by the sheer terror on Betty’s face. It was a strange sensation for him; Betty was so frightened that an ordinary boy may have felt her fear also, or at least would have been worried for her. But Kyle was not ordinary. He was…Kyle. He felt he liked Betty even more. Sometimes he felt pity on the nerds that suffered when he bullied them. This time he loved the fact that Betty was so terrified of him. She was trembling almost uncontrollably. 

Yeah, he thought. I like it.

Below, Anthony and Alex were staring up at them. Sam was jumping, trying to reach for Betty, but at his size it was just not possible. He shouted more, with no answer.

Kyle offered Betty water and food, but she refused. He didn’t think the thing she wanted the most was to be with her husband and friends. He thought Betty had the perfect size; he was a god to her. He felt thrilled by this, with the desire to control her and wield his power over her. Betty interrupted his thoughts, almost sobbing.

“Please, I’m begging you! Put me down!”

Kyle looked at her scornfully. Raising one eyebrow, he lowered his hand and turned it over. Betty fell into the bed, almost on top of Alex and Sam, who were just below her.

“Why did you do that?” shouted Sam defiantly.

“I’m sorry” said Kyle quietly. “I don’t know, I’m sorry, I just wanted to see her.”

“You could have harmed her!” said Alex. “We’re not toys, we’re people!”

“I know, I’m sorry. Relax, it won’t happen again, I promise,” he said.  My, aren’t they bossy little people, he thought, but didn’t say it. He felt vaguely embarrassed that he should feel chastised by these tiny men. He didn’t know how to deal with them really. It was so weird to see a living, breathing, talking person who was smaller than his hand. 

Nobody said anything until Danny came back into the room smiling, with the cage perfectly washed.

“Look, I suppose you don’t want to live in a cage, but believe me, this is the safest place you can have. And you won’t be here all the time, I’ll let you wander all you want, here in my room, of course.”

“So you’re keeping them?” asked Kyle.

“Yes, I’m keeping them,” said Danny.

“It was risky for me too!” Kyle protested.

“It’s not that, Kyle. You have three brothers, and a dog. It’s just too dangerous. My parents rarely come into my room. Besides, you basically live here, you’ll see them every day.”

The little people looked more worried than ever. Sam, who was holding Betty, could not contain himself.

“Why do you want us? Tell us the truth! You’re going to sell us, aren’t you?”

 “Listen,” said Kyle, “if we were going to sell you, by now we’d have been spending the money. Stop being so annoying, we’re not doing anything bad to you.”

“Look who’s talking!” snorted Sam.

“I said I’m sorry,” replied Kyle.

“What are you talking about?” asked Danny.

“Your friend picked up my wife against her will, and touched her and then dropped her on the bed, without thinking he could have hurt her!”

Kyle looked angry, and Danny knew the best thing was to finish this argument.  He put the cage on the bed and placed some tissues and extended napkins on the cage’s floor and prepared everything to make the little people comfortable.  

“Tomorrow I’m going to buy some things that will be useful for you. You can use this for now,” he said with a commanding voice, so the little people could settle down. He put small dishes in the cage, two filled with fresh water, one with bits of cookies and chocolate, and another with ham, cheese and bread, everything carefully sliced up. In the opposite corner, he also put four plastic film canisters with a lid, whose purpose was evident, and little pieces of the most delicate tissue he found.

Danny scooped up Betty and Sam in his palm and placed them in the cage. The little people preferred not to say anything else. Even Sam was quiet. 

“I think you’re tired and need to rest,” said Danny.

Kyle helped transfer them to their new home.  He picked up Anthony by his mid-section with his thumb and forefinger and put him next to Betty and Sam. Danny lifted Alex up very gently, using both hands, but Kyle didn’t get the message. Then Danny put the cage on the floor and closed it. There were many minuscule holes on the walls so the little people could breathe.

The cage was big enough for all of them. They felt more comfortable than they expected to, the food wasn’t bad at all, and under the circumstances, things seemed right, at least for the moment. Danny seemed a good boy, the only problem was Kyle. Actually, they’d rather be with Sean, but things could be much worseas is so often the case in this kind of adventure.






Chapter 4


It was Thanksgiving Day, eight days after the abduction of the little people. Sean, as Danny and Kyle knew, didn’t do anything. At school, both boys had to muffle their laughter whenever they saw him, walking alone and downhearted.

Danny felt very happy indeed with his pets, as he secretly called them. He liked to play with them and have long chats, and daily he let them walk around his bedroom to stretch their little legs.

Danny was always extremely careful, not only looking out for the little people’s physical well-being, but also their tranquility and peace of mind. It was very unsettling for them to live in this world. Fear was something constant, and although their captor was a good kid, it was disquieting every time the huge boys came near them, like walking skyscrapers. To make things easier for them, Danny went to a miniature shop and bought some tiny clothes, which didn’t fit the little people perfectly but it was better than nothing. The shop’s clerk got a bit irritating, thinking that two boys buying this kind of articles was sort of suspicious, and Kyle couldn’t believe he found himself buying doll’s clothes, as he called them, but Danny was very pleased nevertheless. 

Kyle had slept over at Danny’s home, as he did almost every day in the last week.  They were watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV with the little people, who sat at the foot of the bed, very entertained with the spectacle. Anthony and Alex were upset with Kyle’s smelly barefeet. They couldn’t stand it anymore, and got up to sit closer to Danny.

“What are those giant balloons at the parade?” Betty asked.

“They are characters from movies and TV,” answered Danny.

“They’re lovely,” said Betty.

“It would be so cool if all those balloons started coming alive and killing everybody”, said Kyle.

The little people looked at Kyle. Admittedly, Kyle had been kind to them, but sometimes he was a little aggressive, though the little people quickly got used to it. They just had to be more tactful with him.

“This is boring,” said Kyle. “Wanna play Death Stomp?”

“Alright”, said Danny.

Sam, without hiding his unease, asked what Death Stomp was.

“It’s a video game where you stomp things to death,” answered Kyle, then grinned in a not too nice way at the little man. 


The little people didn’t say anything else, and they watched Danny take the game out from under the bed. It was a mat, and Danny switched the TV over to the game.

“Time to stomp!” said Kyle, jumping out of the bed. The little people bounced and fell with that small earthquake, but they didn’t complain. The game started, and the boys were well excited with it, while the little people watched them alertly.

“Stomp it, Kyle!”, said Danny.

“You’re stomping good too!”


Their barefeet were stomping the red circles on the mat, while a bunch of tarantulas ran for their lives on the TV screen, most of them being squashed to death, making grisly sounds.

“Oh man!” said Danny.

“What is it?” asked Kyle.

“We have to make the thing we talked about. I told you we could do it on our free time.”

“Yeah, I had forgotten,” said Kyle, disappointed that they had to stop the game.


It was a wood house they had planned to build for the little people. Danny was good with his hands, and he had bought everything they needed. They deposited the little people in the tank, who asked what was “the thing” they mentioned, but Danny said it was a surprise. They went out to the backyard, telling Danny’s parents they were doing a school project.

Danny was very eager to start. Kyle wasn’t nearly as excited, but he did what he could just to help his buddy. Certainly Kyle wasn’t accustomed to spend his time making dollhouses. They devoted the whole weekend building the house, and by Monday afternoon they had finished.

The little people where ecstatic when they saw the house; it was quite a surprise for them. Even when they already had given up about returning to their city, due to the boys’ impossibility to help them on this matter, they felt that the Danny would care for them better than Sean.

“Well,” said Danny, “do you like it?”

“Oh yes!” exclaimed Betty. “It’s wonderful! Thank you very much!”

“I got the best wood,” explained Danny. “It’s made from saw dust so there is no way it will splinter. Besides, the house was put together with glue, dowel and some screws for added stability.”

The little people were impressed; the house was rather well-made. It was a good sized house, with enough space for a kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a central staircase. It was also painted in white, and there were even four small beds, a table and a cabinet, all in miniature size.

“What it needs,” continued Danny, “is to be decorated, and some details and furniture that you can make yourselves. Maybe you’ll want to put up wallpaper.”

The little people were inspecting the house, and they were in high spirits over their new accommodations. They all thanked Danny and Kyle again. Later, without the little people hearing, Kyle told Danny “It felt weird to build something, let alone a dollhouse!”

“It’s not a dollhouse, Kyle! It’s just a small house,” Danny said. 

“Whatever. I wasted my weekend making that thing. Don’t take it personal pal, but I think you’re turning into a wuss.”

Danny was surprised about what Kyle was thinking, but he didn’t get angry.

“Don’t be stupid Kyle. It’s just that we never do anything good to anyone, only pranks and bullying. I don’t know man, we have something to be responsible for. You should try it for a change.”

“You’re going down buddy,” said Kyle. “You can be a wuss if you want, I love me just the way I am and I wouldn’t dream of asking myself to change.”

“They need our help Kyle! They couldn’t survive here, and I’ve never had pets, mom doesn’t like it. I really like them.”

“Never mind. They’re cool and funny, but I like to have fun the way we used to.”


The conversation ended with the boys making plans for a trip. Danny wanted to carry the little people with him, which got Kyle really upset. Then Danny suggested finishing their math homework. Tiny Alex was an accountant and could help them, and he did. After a while, Kyle said goodbye and left.

Danny stretched out on his bed and went over some of his own homework. He placed the little people next to him, where they leaned up against the huge teen’s thigh, feeling safe. Danny looked down at the little people; he felt bad for their situation, but he was glad it was him who had the tiny persons. Slowly, Danny placed them in their new house. A little later, he fell asleep.




Chapter 5


Danny was getting used to the little people as being part of his life now, and they were beginning to feel the same. They felt safer and more confident. Sure, Danny was bossy at times, but they understood it was for their own security. He had learned to speak to them in a soft voice, and forced Kyle to do the same. Danny never thought to show them to his parents; they would never understand, they would panic and turn them to the police.

Sometimes, Danny wanted to take the little people to school with him, but they heartily refused, saying it was simply too unsafe. Danny gave them all kind of reasons, but the little people begged him, and Danny didn’t want to make them feel bad. Even when the little people trusted Danny, they preferred being in his room only, and they had learned to hide at the first sign of danger. But one day Danny suggested something that they found hard to resist.

“If you're up to it,” said Danny, “I thought I would take you tonight to a baseball game, like those you see on TV.”

It wasn’t a bad idea at all. Danny only had to be cautious enough. Danny didn’t tell Kyle until they were on the stadium. Once placed in the front pocket of the school bag, the little people enjoyed the game very much.


Next day, they were happily climbing Danny and Kyle’s clothes. Sam and Alex were the most enthusiastic, but nevertheless they all had fun. As Anthony hung on to the green material of Kyle’s tank top, he reached the collar and then got under it, letting himself roll down Kyle’s chest.

“Hey, what do you think you're doing, little jerk?” said Kyle, getting up and letting Anthony roll out from under his shirt into the palm of his hand.

“Don’t get mad Kyle,” said Danny. “We’re just playing.” Kyle looked at everybody, who was staring at him, including the little man in his palm, and he thought for a moment he was the only normal one here. He didn’t like seeing Anthony smiling like a geek, as if it was natural for Kyle to be an amusement park ride for miniature men who want to cavort in his clothing. Something about it seemed unnatural and unpleasant to him. He was fourteen… not four.

“Whatever, Danny. Do you want to go to the bowling alley and have a few hamburgers?” he asked.

Danny looked at the little people.

“Do you fancy coming with us?” Danny asked them.

“Great,” said Kyle. “You only will be babysitting them. I don’t wanna go anymore.” And he stormed out of Danny’s room.


“Those little bastards,” he thought on his way home. He was so mad. But he found a solution to this problem. He was losing his best friend, his only true friend, in fact, and he wasn’t going to allow that. For the last weeks it had been all about the hamster-people, and they’re not even bigger than hamsters, Kyle thought.

After a while of wandering around the almost isolated park just a few roads from where he lived, Kyle took the decision of talking to Sean, tell him where to look for the little people. He would phone him, anonymously, of course.

It was cold out, only four days to go ‘til Christmas, which just depressed him even more because he realized this wasn’t going to be the best of Christmases if Danny kept up spending 20 hours a day with his pets. It began to snow.

When he reached his house, he looked for Sean’s telephone number. He called him, but his hopes sank when he was told Sean was spending the holidays out of town, and wouldn’t be back for three weeks. He couldn’t wait that long. He had to think of something else. The little people had to disappear. Yeah, it was the only way. Get them out Danny’s room and set them free. He would carry them to Sean’s house; they would stay there and wait for him.

How on earth was he going to achieve this? Danny was inseparable from the little people. Danny had to be lured out of his room. Danny could not suspect him.

Deciding that was his plan for now, Kyle spent the holidays without Danny. Two days day before going back to school, he called Danny on the phone.

“Hey pal, what’s up? Wanna come over to my house?” Kyle asked.

“Huh, I can’t,” sad Danny, who seemed not to notice that it had passed more than two weeks without seeing Kyle. “Why don’t you come and hang out with me and the little guys?”

Kyle wanted to shout at him, but he repressed himself.

“Fine. I’ll be there.”


When he arrived Danny talked to him as if it had just been a couple of days since the last time they had been together.

“Hey buddy. My parents aren’t home, so we can go to the backyard and play there. I’ll take the guys and you can go to the kitchen and get ice cream and marshmallows. My mom bought plenty.”

“OK,” Kyle said coldly. Great, he thought, Danny’s a complete wuss. He saw the four little people on the bed, and gave them a hard stare.

Minutes later he went to the backyard with the bucket of ice cream. Danny was already there with the little people in their house.

“Danny,” said Kyle. “The phone’s ringing.”

Danny went inside, while Kyle began to eat ice cream. He didn’t even look at the little people.

“Hey!,” Sam shouted. “Could you give us a little of that?”

Kyle smiled and wiped his mouth. “Sure,” he said. “Could you get some of those bowls Danny got you?”

Alex and Betty went to their house and came back with four tiny bowls, that even being very small, were just a little too big for them. They put the bowls near Kyle. He just wanted to empty the whole container of ice cream on top of them. Danny came back with a cheerless expression on his face.

“Dad called me. I’ve got to go to the dentist. I had forgotten completely about it. Sorry pal,” he told Kyle. “See you later.”

Kyle wasn’t bothered at all. This was the perfect moment. He helped Danny to carry the little house back to the bedroom, and then he said goodbye. He went to the front door, opened it and closed it again. Then he hid. When Danny left, Kyle waited five minutes, and then went on with his plan. He ran upstairs to Danny’s room. The door was locked. He went to the bathroom and got a hairpin. Seconds later, he was inside the room.


The little people where nowhere to be seen, but Kyle knew they were hiding.

“It’s me,” Kyle said. The little people came out from under the bed. Kyle went to crouch near them. “Before he left, Danny asked me to stay with you, so you won’t get bored,” he lied.

“Hello again, Kyle,” said Anthony.

“Well, what about a ride?” asked Kyle. “You’ll be on my pockets, so don’t worry.”

“I don’t know if that would be a good idea,” said Betty. “Danny could get angry.”

“But Danny’s not here…” said Kyle with a silly smile.

“We’re not kids,” said Sam, a little disdainfully. “You’re not tricking us with that.”

“Fine then,” snapped Kyle. “I thought you wanted to see something else apart from this room.”

“Well,” said Betty, “it’s not a bad idea after all. I really want to go out for a change.”

“Cool!” said Kyle. And before Sam could say something else he scooped them up with his hand, Betty first, then Sam, Alex and Anthony, and put them in his side-cargo pockets of his pants. The little people noticed that the pockets had the “Kyle smell”, and the swing of the giant boy’s legs as he walked didn’t make the ride better.

When Kyle was outside, he had planned to go to Sean’s house, but at this hour surely his parents were home, and he didn’t want to be seen.  He turned and went the other way. And in this way their destiny was sealed. This is the way it had to be.


Chapter 6


                Kyle released the little people on his room’s floor. They never had been there, and they didn’t like it a bit. It was the chaotic debris of male adolescence: there were an empty cereal box, an ink-stained basketball, tattered posters on the walls, and clothes scattered here and there. Not to mention the smell, with was characteristic of Kyle. Not to say that he was a stinky boy, good heavens, no. He was nice.  But when you’re the size of a small hamster, everything is magnified—including odors.  Kyle wore the same sneakers every day and sometimes didn’t change his socks for 2 or 3 days.  He was a warm, happy teenager. 


The little people wandered around, their faces expressing their discomfort.

“I thought we were going to enjoy the freshness of the country,” said Sam raising his voice petulantly.  Kyle was standing up.

“We’re not,” said Kyle. He was very close to them, his black sneakers almost touching their little bodies. The little people stepped backwards.

“What are we going to do, then?” shouted Sam, and immediately he said “Could you bend down as before so I don’t have to yell?!?”

“That’s what your problem is. You always need us to do everything for you.” He crouched down, and the little people got scared for a second with the huge teen’s body dropping down to hang over them.

“Would you like to go back with Sean?” Kyle asked.

The little people looked at each other’s faces.

“What about Danny?” asked Sam. “I mean, we miss Sean, although I’m not sure anymore.”

“Why are you saying that?” asked Alex.

“I thought you’d be better with him,” said Kyle.

“If I’m not mistaken, you said exactly the opposite when you captured us,” said Sam. “You said Sean could not take care of us.”

“Yeah, but I was wrong,” said Kyle. “Now you can go back with him.”

“I think Danny is the one who has to decide,” said Anthony.


Kyle didn’t know what else to say. The little people wanted to stay with Danny. There was nothing he could do.


Suddenly he gave them a strange look.

“Danny doesn’t know you’re here,” he said with a low voice.

“What did you say?” asked Alex in sudden fear, knowing perfectly well what Kyle had said.

Without warning, Kyle’s long, sticky fingers reached out and wrapped around the small figure of Alex.

“So we’re leaving?” asked Anthony.

“No,” said Kyle, not moving his fist. He was holding Alex.  Not lifting him. 


He could squeeze the little body, he thought. He could do the same to the others. Then he would bury the bodies, or flush them down the toilet. Danny would think Sean had gotten back his former friends. Kyle felt ill at ease; he was struggling with his feelings of right and wrong.  These are human beings, he thought. Even if they are so small, it was murder. I’ve never killed a human being. He held Alex in his fist, not knowing how to proceed now. They are so pathetic. He looked directly at Alex’s fearful expression. Then he moved his thumb over the little man’s face, and began to press. It was as simple as that. Once he found the willpower to make the first move, the rest followed inexorably and without difficulty.  Alex made a violent movement, but he could not take his face out from under the powerful thumb that completely covered his entire face and head, from neck to hair, and there was no air for him anymore, only darkness and heat, pressure and death by suffocation. Not even when Betty began a blood-curdling scream did he stop. The others begged for Kyle to let go.

“He can’t breathe!! Don't hold him so tight!!” shouted Anthony.

“Kyle, stop! What are you doing!?!” yelled Sam. “Oh no!! No!!”


Alex tried to move, but his efforts were useless. Kyle said nothing, his eyes fixed on his thumb. Sam reached Kyle’s hand, trying to pull the giant fingers away from Alex, and still Kyle did not. “Kyle stop!!! Please, stop this, just stop!!!”

I won’t stop.

Poor Alex slowly turned purple as he struggled uselessly against Kyle’s iron grip. After a couple of minutes, Kyle felt that Alex wasn’t moving anymore. He opened his fist and the flaccid body fell to the table. Alex was dead. Anthony and Betty were crying. Kyle looked at the wall in front of him for a minute or so. He blinked and then looked down and saw Anthony, who was hugging Alex’s corpse, crying. There was blood coming out of Alex’s nose, and Sam was closing the lifeless eyes. Betty was sobbing, hands on her face, and when she looked up, Kyle’s hand was moving toward her. Instinctively, she tried to run in a futile attempt to escape, but the hand surrounded her body as she gave the first step, and gripped it. Kyle lifted her up to his face. Betty wasn’t as scared as he thought, because she questioned about what he had done.

“Kyle, Kyle… why?”


Kyle remained silent. Now that he had killed he had the eyes of someone who had crossed the line. For a second he looked wild-eyed toward Betty. Immediately he felt cool and unperturbed. He was conscious of the act he had perpetrated just before. And he liked it. No, he thought. I loved it. Puny worms. I could make you my personal servants with no choice but to obey me. You are alive only because I decide so. I am superior to you, greater and stronger. Insects like you only were born to be my slaves. But not you.


He vaguely heard Betty’s voice.

“Kyle, don’t do this! I implore you!”

Kyle looked back at her, and tenderly caressed her with a finger.

“Your lives mean nothing to me. But I’m compassionate. I’ll let you go.”

He grabbed Sam and Anthony with his other hand and put them on the floor.

“Wha-what about Alex?” asked Betty in a trembling voice.

“I’ll get rid of it,” he told her. “Go now…”

“I want my wife!” shouted Sam from below.

Kyle looked at him, and Sam was scared.

“Sure,” said Kyle. “Here she comes.”

It happened like slow motion. They could hear Betty’s despairing wail as Kyle lifted his fist up and smashed her brutally onto the floor. Her body hit the ground with a revolting sound, and her state after the crash matched it. Her skull was completely shattered; someone who didn’t know her wouldn’t be able to recognize her. Sam felt the air was leaving his lungs, and he wasn’t composed from the shock when he heard clearly a horrible Crunch! and Crackle! sounds coming from beneath Kyle’s foot. Sam turned his head towards where Anthony was, and he only saw his arms and face coming from under one of the mammoth car-sized sneakers. Kyle slowly ground his foot from side to side. Anthony’s screams turned to a horrible gurgle as blood and viscera erupted from his mouth. His eyes popped from their sockets and the side of his neck burst open to allow a further rush of blood and guts. Kyle didn’t blink, not once, as he pulverized this living person like a piece of fruit under his sneaker.

Sam didn’t want to see more. He wanted to run, to escape from this hell. He ran frantically towards the door, as he never ran in his life.

“Your ass is mine, little man,” said Kyle, and he went after him. When he lifted his foot to kill Sam, all that was left of Anthony was blood, guts and ripped clothing, all flat.

                The room’s door was opened. Danny was standing there. He saw Sam running towards his feet. He saw Betty’s and Anthony’s mashed bodies. He saw Alex’s lifeless form on the table. Sam finally reached the threshold panting, clinging to Danny’s foot. After a moment of total silence, Danny looked at Kyle’s face.

“Why did you do it?” he asked.

“Close the door,” Kyle said, keeping the same cold voice.

Danny leaned down and picked up Sam, and then closed the door behind him. His face was an enigma. He stepped forward and looked again at the corpses on the floor.

“Why did you do it, then?” he asked again.

“How long were you there?” asked Kyle.

“Long enough,” answered Danny, as if he were waiting for that question.

“So why didn’t you stop me?” Kyle asked, a bit perplexed.

“Why did you do it?” Danny replied.

“They were so dumb. I hated them.” Kyle blurted, lying, unable to say the whole truth. He was a teenager—proud and stubborn and full of emotion that was so hard to express sometimes.

“That's not true Kyle. You liked playing with them.” Danny said, his eyes getting wet.

“I liked them at first. Then they got so annoying and cocky.” Kyle said. His voice was less cold.


Now it was tiny Sam who spoke. 

“And that’s your excuse, stupid boy? A feeble motivation for these horrible crimes! How dare you to say that, you repulsive turd?!?” he yelled.

“You see now?” asked Kyle, looking at Danny. But Sam kept shouting and insulting Kyle, in a manner all out of proportion to his ridiculous tiny size and complete physical irrelevance.


“Monster!” Sam spat. “She was my wife and they were my friends! You had no right to kill them! No right!! They were people! Human beings of flesh and bone, you putrid pimple-popping idiot! You do not deserve to live among people, because you’re abhorrent, wicked and immoral! Go back to the hell where you came from, and don’t come back, you immature reeking under-aged egotistical miserable animal! You should kill yourself, freak!”

Then Sam began to cry in Danny’s fist. Kyle watched him spitefully, but then Danny noticed that Kyle actually wanted to cry, but he was doing a superhuman effort of repressing it. He felt miserable for his friend.

“Did you do it for me, Kyle?” asked Danny gently. Kyle finally admitted the truth. 

“Yeah. I did it for you. It was like, you and me weren’t spending time together anymore. And they’re like babies. To be honest, little people are not fun at all, if you have to be always caring for them, giving them their food. Even bathing them! And they’re so smug, when they should fear us.”


“You murderous, nasty boy!” yelled Sam. “You can’t say that! This is all your fault, you vermin-ridden loser! You fucking cunt!”

“Shut up!” yelled Danny, giving Sam a squeeze that took the air out of him. Then Danny addressed Kyle again, completely changing his tone.

“Aw dude, don’t worry. You’re more important to me than they were. I understand that now. I was so wrong, I’m sorry. And I think you’re right. I really got carried away with them.  I didn’t see how that was hurting you.  It was just, you know, the novelty of having these little guys… well don’t worry buddy, it’s okay now. I am on your side.”


Sam couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked up at Danny, but his master didn’t look back.

“We can always catch more little people, I suppose,” said Kyle.

“And have fun with them!” said Danny. “We could do different things, funnier things, and more… interesting.” Danny smiled slightly, and Kyle smiled back. Danny looked down at Sam. The little man had stopped crying and looked at Kyle, with his face full of hatred. Danny smiled more.

“Is there anything I can do for you pal, to make up for my mistakes?”

Kyle looked directly into Danny’s eyes, and Danny returned the look. The spark of evil was there. Evil boys.

“Kill him,” sentenced Kyle.

“No Danny!” begged Sam. “I am your true friend! Spare my life, Danny! Wait, wait, donmmpfdffmm…”

His words were stifled as Danny put his big thumb on his face and his forefinger on the back of his head, and hefted him quickly into the air. His stomach left him and then he felt a strong pressure on his head. Danny was squeezing it. Kyle smirked as Sam’s body struggled horribly, his legs kicking desperately, while he tried to move the giant fingers with his arms. Danny looked at the little body with fury. He felt Sam’s marble-sized face grow hot and wet, turning gently in slow horrible motions under his thumb, trying to find air, but to no avail.  Frothy blood leaked out from under the edge of his thumb.  He rubbed in a gentle motion, taunting the dying little man, his firm, warm skin blocking out all sensation of the outside world.  Sam felt his bladder empty, warmth running down his leg.  Still there was no air for him.  Only darkness and pressure and the hot agony of an airless demise in the powerful, slow, relentless grip of the big boy he had come to trust and believe in.  And then the darkness was shot through with stars and flashes of strange color.  His ears were ringing. He felt like he was spinning. And so hot. He sucked madly for air, helplessly demented and smothering.  His frantic shaking accelerated to a spastic tremor that soon reached a climax before giving way to progressively slowing lurches and jerks as his body functions shut down. 

In a few minutes Sam was suffocated to death. His body hung limp, but Danny kept squeezing, until the little skull exploded. When it happened, Sam’s headless body fell onto the floor. Danny flicked the gore off his fingers onto the wall. Splat. A tiny piece of skull went sliding down the wallpaper leaving a trail of bloody mucous. 

Again, Kyle and Danny looked at each other’s eyes.

“That was a good squeeze, pal!” said Kyle.

“Yeah, he deserved that. Mouthy little bastard.  Always was. Huh, will you tell me about what it felt like, you know, killing them? I have to admit that a couple times, when I was holding them I would think about just dropping them in front of me and then lifting my foot over them and seeing what they would do.”

“I can tell you what I felt buddy: it felt awesome.”

                They were mates once more. The best of friends.




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