One day while I was walking home, I noticed a tent with a small crowd outside of it. I walked across the grass to the tent and peered inside. I saw teenager, about the age of 16 standing on the stage next to a machine. I stood in the crowd as he began to give a speech. “This machine will solve the world problems of hunger. Observe…” He yelled out so everyone could hear him. He flicks a switch and the machine lights up and starts to rumble. He places a cupcake on a table and pushes another button. A ray of light hits the cupcake and stays there for about 30 seconds. When nothing happened, a person from the audience yelled out, “what a fake!” and he scrambled to fix the machine. When he started fiddling around with in it turned, and the ray of light hit me. Then the machine stopped and burst into flames. Everyone scrambled to get out of the now on fire tent. After everyone had left I walked up to the kid and said “That ray of light that hit me what was it supposed to do?” In response he said, “It was supposed to be able to shrink, and grow stuff. I had it working before the demonstration.” “Is it going to have an effect on me?” I asked. “It may shrink you. It may make you a giant. But it most likely will do nothing.” He said. “Well thank you.” I said and turned around to go home.


When I got home I noticed my parents hadn’t come home from work yet, and decided to go to bed, because it was so late. In the morning I got up and took a shower, not noticing I was a few inches shorter. I got ready for school, and began my walk to the corner where I met my friend Kenny to walk to school with. When I met with Kenny he and I both walked to school not noticed I had become even smaller than before.


At school we had a big math test, and we sat down to take the test. When I finished the test, I gave it to the teacher and she said I may go outside to the library or the computer room if I would like. I walked over to the computer room and sat down a computer. I turned my head and saw no one was in the room with me.


That is when felt very sick, and I went to stand. But when I stood I had no floor beneath me. That is when I noticed I had become a two inch tall person. I lost my grip on the chair and fell to the floor. That’s when I heard the door to the room open, and saw the massive shoe of the school bully, Butch, come in. Butch was a very mean, ugly, and acne filled face that had been bothering me since the third grade, and that was seven years ago. He moved the chair I was just in and sat down. I decided the only hope of me getting to his ear and getting him to find the boy who had zapped me with that ray. I began to climb up his massive vans sneaker. I got up to his lap, but that is when he moved his foot onto his knee, crossing his leg. I decided he would be easier to get to when he was laying down, so I began to climb for his pocket. But Before I got there I remembered how butch had the tendency to put his hands in his pockets. So I turned around and climbed for his shoe. I decided I would spend the rest of the day under his shoelaces. The day went on, and I watched everywhere he went while on his shoe.


When I saw he had gotten home and was climbing the stairs towards his bed room I prepared myself to jump off his foot. He went into his room, and shut the door. He went to kick his shoes off, and that’s when I jumped. I landed with a tumble, and brought myself to my feet. He walked in his bathroom and I heard the shower running. I hid myself under his bed, and waited for him to go to bed. When I noticed he was about to go to bed I grabbed on to his sweat pant’s leg and flew up to his bed top as he put his feet on the bed. I hoped he would go to bed soon, but my hopes were spoiled when he turned on his television. I stayed hidden under his sweat pants next to his leg, until I heard him snoring. I walked up to his ear, and began to whisper into his ear. But before I could make a peep, he put his hand on his ear, and stopped snoring. His fingers began to curl around me, and I was trapped in his hand. His light flicked on and he gazed into his hand in amazement.


“Oh my god is that a little person?!” He said looking closer. “Oh yah! I get to have a hell of a lot of fun with this!” He asked me, “what is your name?”, but I just stared horrified. “You must not be able to speak.” He said continuing to look at me. “Now because I don’t want you to disappear tonight, I’ll put you where you can’t escape.” He said looking to his left. “Ahhh. This will do.” He proclaimed, picking up a nasty sock. He shoved me into his sock and says, “You will stay her till morning.” He shoves the densely moist, smelly sock on his foot and falls asleep.


In the morning I felt his hand moving around the sock and knew I was coming out of the sock. “Good morning!” he said dumping me into his palm. “How is my little toy today?” he asked. I starred at him still unable to speak. “Well because you are my little toy now you will do as I say or I will kill you. Do you understand?” he said clenching me tighter.


“Now I want you to rub my feet.” He said placing his feet on the bed and literally throwing me at them. I began to rub his right foot, and I started gagging on the rancid smell. “Finish the job.” he said when he noticed I was gagging. When I finished both of his nasty feet, he had something in mind for me to do. “Lick my toes and feet clean!” he said. He began to laugh hysterically as I did the job. When I finished he grabbed me and shoved me into his back pocket. He walked into his kitchen, and he made himself some cereal, and walked back into his room. After he shut and locked the door, he took me out of his pocket and asked my if I was hungry. I nodded and he took one piece of cereal out and put it on the floor. He placed me by it, and I began to eat it. But when his shadow was over me I knew something was about to happen to me. When I looked up I saw a huge ball of spit coming towards me. When it his he laughed evilly, and said “Finish you meal.” So I had to finish it covered in spit. He picked me up, and put me in a small cup of water and said, “Clean yourself.”


I cleaned myself, and dried off. He grabbed me as soon as I was done he took his giant shoe and put it on his lap. “NOOO!” I screamed as he lowered me into the shoe. He picked me back up and said, “I thought you couldn’t talk.” “Well I can but I’m not telling you who I am.” “Well do you like being my slave?” he asked. “Well…” I started but I saw him raise his eyebrow. “It’s okay.” “Good.” He replied. He placed me on the ground and continued to look at me. “Can you let me go?” I asked idiotically. “Hell no!” he yelled at me. He grabbed me and threw me into his shoe. It was damp and sweaty, and that’s when his unsocked foot came into the shoe. I got pushed into the toe, and he began to walk.



To be continued...