Number One Fans

    By Nathan, July 26 2005


     The room was mostly dark.  I was flat on my back, lying in bed.  Sounds pretty restful, doesn’t it.  Well it wasn’t, because my hands were tied behind my back, there was a strip of duct tape over my mouth, and three teenage boys were standing on top of me, crushing me down into the mattress under their big, heavy bare feet.  They’d been trampling me for the past couple minutes, bruising and weakening me. Now I was pretty sure they just wanted me to die.  Slowly.  It was getting hard to breathe because one of those boys had his foot pressed on my face now, blocking my nose-- in a somewhat gentle, playful way I must admit-- but I was still suffocating.  And what makes it all the worse is that these boys were people who I once thought were my friends.   They had looked up to me and respected me, showered me with compliments and made me feel good. Now they were going to kill me.

      I was a writer, and these were my number one fans. 


      ( What happened!? )


     Let me take you back to when it all began…


Two months ago:  I sat at my computer checking my email.  I had just finished writing my latest story, “Children of Utter Destruction and Loveliness, Chapter 74”-- okay, I admit the title is kind of silly, but try telling that to the fans… they love it.   Anyway I had uploaded the story to my website, where several hundred people regularly pay me to read this stuff.  It’s how I made a living, and it wasn’t a bad living either.  So here I sat reading my email.  The usual assortment of messages-- my friend from Italy was becoming a Monk; a woman in Detroit was trying to sue me for corrupting her boyfriend’s mind with my writing; a few requests for personal appearances at malls; fan mail.  I liked the fan mail the best. 

     You see, I was always a pretty lonely guy who didn’t have many real friends except for the fictional characters I wrote about in my stories-- stories about teenage boys going around and having all sorts of socially unacceptable fun with each other, and with unsuspecting people around them.  Putting it that way makes it sound pretty ambiguous.  Putting it more truthfully, I wrote about a gang of boys who lived together in a big house, were in love with each other, and went around killing everybody else in the town, often by trampling or stomping on them, or tying them up and smothering them.  It was my favorite thing to write about. 

     These stories had attracted a number of fans drawn to this wicked wonderful world of mine.  Some of these fans apparently took it a little too seriously, as events will show…but at first, I loved them all, and I trusted them too.  Call me naïve, call me childish, call me anything you want, but to get this kind of attention really made me feel warm and special.



From: Shaun783

Re: I’m your #1 Fan!!!


Hey Nathan, I am like your number one fan.  I am 16, and I’m a real evil boy.  I’d love to send u some pics of me to put on your KEWL site!! I just love reading your story’s cuz they make me want to be your number one friend and fan.  I love stepping on stuff too.  With my feet!! I’d love to step on a tiny little dude and squish him slowly. 

Peace, Shaun, your #1 evil boy fan.


Shaun again.  He wrote to me every month, and said basically the same thing.  I had yet to see those pictures.  I wrote him back and said some nice stuff to him.



From: Kevin

Re: I love your writing


Hi, I still love your writing.  Remember me from b4?  I’m 16 and I want to be in your stories. I’d make a great character.  I love drowning people in swimming pools and smothering them with socks.  Will you? Oh please won’t you write for me? I will be just like your stories in real life and you’ll be happy. .  Signed, your number one fan Kevin.


 Kevin was kind of needy, always wanting me to write him as a character in my “Children of Utter Destruction and Loveliness” series… I wrote back and told him that those things take time, that a character doesn’t instantly appear but has to be developed.  I reassured him that I liked evil boys so keep writing to me.  .



From:  DudderBoy7

Re: I’m a HUGE FAN


I am a HUGE FAN of Nathan’s Empire!! Are you really a person?  I love those movies you make, and I love your writing too.  Please talk to me some time, I am your #1 fan!! PS I’m a 16 yo boy who lives  in Argentina and I love to be evil and crush little midgets with my feet.  My real name is Eduardo Dudder.  Bye!!!


Eduardo Dudder? What in the name of… well okay, there are weird people everywhere. I was intrigued by this message since he was my first #1 Fan from South America.  I wrote back and we talked some.  It was very easy and comfortable, almost like we’d met before… strange.


I finished my email and poured another cup of coffee…and wondered  not for the last time why they were all 16.  And events unfolded over the next few weeks. 

They unfolded rapidly. 


Each one of my three ‘#1 Fans’ began to correspond with greater frequency.  Shaun wanted to be on my website in a special gallery called “The Evil Boy Who Will Step On You” , while Eduardo Dudder was insisting that he wanted to come LIVE WITH ME, and the other guy, Kevin, was pestering me about stories. 

     “Dude,” he said to me on the phone one day ( how he got my phone number, I’ll never know… ) “it’s Kevin!! How’s the story coming? I can’t wait to read it!  Am I your best friend?”


     “Arrrrgh!!” I screamed.  I did a jig of angst, then whirled and tossed a brick at the computer, destroying it.  My life was spinning out of control!  I went in the other room and sat there, motionless, for 20 hours… and then there was a knock at the door. 


     It was a teenager I’d never seen before-- he was a good looking boy with blond hair and skater clothes.  I didn’t recognize him, but he certainly knew me. 

     “Nathan!! It’s really you!! How are you? What happened to your website? You haven’t updated it since Yesterday Morning!!”

     “What? Who are you!?” I gasped. “Leave me alone!!”

     “It’s ME, your number one fan!”

     “Um… uh… which one?” I stammered.

     “Which one? You told me that I was your number one!! How can there be more than one!?” the kid complained, shuffling his feet in an angry way as if he wanted to trample on something small and helpless.

     “Dude, please settle down! You’re Kevin, right?” I guessed.  Kevin was the hot headed one.  I could tell that from his emails from before.  I guessed correctly.  

     “Yeah, I’m Kevin.” he smiled, calming down a bit.  We went inside and sat at the table.

     “Dude,” he said almost at once, grabbing onto my arm with his warm, strong hands. “I can’t wait to read all your stories in person.”

     “Oh, well I--” I began, but then there was another knock at the door…

    “Can I answer it?” Kevin asked me, grinning devilishly. Before I could say anything he was up, running to get the door.  I held my head in my hands and slumped forward on the table.  How was I going to get rid of this guy without hurting his feelings?   I felt almost dizzy from his weird attentions… it was like he was… acting just like the characters in the stories I wrote.  Uh-oh.  If that was the case, I would not be able to live up to my fictional self.  This kid was going to get pissed at me when I didn’t measure up to his insane expectations… I sensed that already. He had come here hoping to enter an alternate world.  It was no such thing.  I was a writer, and a person, not a magician.


     “Like Dude, who are you!?” I heard Kevin blurt from the front door. 

    “No, man! Who’re YOU!! I came here to see NATHAN!!”


     I went over to the door in shock to find another teen boy on the porch.  He had short brown hair and a backwards baseball cap, and was wearing blue jean shorts and nothing else.  When he saw me he smiled in a deviant way and then yelled “Nathan, it’s me, Shaun!! Your number one fan!! I took a taxi here all the way from Los Angeles!!”

     “You what? You took a 1000 mile taxi ride barefoot and shirtless for no reason!?”

     “Not for no reason! I wanted to visit you!! My parents are always home so I could never film myself with my web cam! I wanted to put it on the floor and like, step on it like it was a midget, and send you the pictures!! But I came here instead!! Are you happy to see me? Do you think I’m cool?”

     Kevin was looking shocked.

    “You can’t be his number one fan, I AM!!” he complained.

     “Boys, don’t fight.  Just come on inside and we’ll talk…” I said.


      Well, they came inside with me alright.  They were looking at each other, trading glances, trying to figure this thing out.  I was worried that they would start fighting or be jealous, or sad.  We talked about stuff for a while, and when I left the room for a few minutes to get more beer ( we were sort of getting drunk together as a bonding ritual-- at least that part of the story could be easily replicated. ) they apparently had a secret discussion, because when I came back in, they had laid their plan and made their decision. 

      Being drunk, I noticed that they were cooperating together and treating me peculiarly, but I was unable to analyze this in my beery thoughts.  I just felt horny, actually. I was soon crawling around on the floor near them, bumping against their legs like a big cat and trying to get them to wrestle me or something. 

     “We’ve decided something, man.  It’s only right.  We both want to be your number one fan but we decided that if neither one of us can have you all to ourselves, we can’t share you none either.”  Shaun said, lifting up one of his strong legs and setting it down on my back, as if I was a bench.  It felt good.  I didn’t understand what he was talking about. 

     I closed my eyes and fell over and passed out under his warm, heavy legs.   After all, we’d consumed the entire case of beer in less than an hour, and I drank twice as much as either of them.  I was just celebrating having these great guys in my home-- even if they were being weird, it was still cause for celebration.  Or so I thought.


     I woke up in bed, on my back.  They had apparently carried me back to the bedroom and… I couldn’t move very well…my hands were tied.  And so were my legs. Kevin was leaning over me with something, and I regained full awareness just in time to understand that he was smoothing down a strip of heavy, sticky, airless tape over my mouth, firmly wiping his fingers across it to seal the edges. 

    “Mmmm!!” I said.

( What are you guys doing!? ) but I couldn’t speak to them.  Maybe they were afraid that If I could talk, I would surely be able to change their minds-- after all, it was my words that had brought all this about in the first place… my words had caused these two boys to become totally irredeemably obsessed with me.  And now they were going to kill me.  I knew it.  How could I not know it? I had written the script into their brains for them through my stories.  And they weren’t going to give me a chance to change the script.  I was still drunk anyway, so I really doubt I could have said anything to change their minds even if I could have spoken. . 

     “Mmmmm!” I said again, as Shaun climbed onto the bed, standing up and walking over to me, his heavy feet sinking into the soft blankets with each step.  He stood next to me for a bit, looking down into my eyes.  “This is the right thing to do.” he said quietly. “It’s our ultimate tribute to you.”

     Then he shoved his foot down on my throat and pushed, not too hard, but not too soft either.  His sole was smooth and firm, warm and wide. I choked and gagged, unable not to.  And even so, it still felt somewhat good.  I was amazed that I really was managing to derive any sort of pleasure from this.  Kevin, that tricky, devious, needy kid who wanted me all to himself in a fictional way, was stepping onto my body now, balancing with his arms as he slowly walked from my crotch to my chest and then just stood there, letting his 135 pounds compress my chest just enough to make it impossible to breathe. He was leering down at me like a horrible brat.

     “Does this feel good? Oh poor Nathan… we’re going to trample you to death… very slowly. Aw, this is so cool!!” 


      I was pinned down, helpless.  I tried to throw him off by twisting my body, but that only hurt me more than him.  My back was sore from all the effort trying to resist this horrible doom, this midnight ruination under the heavy warm feet of teenagers who started out the day loving me and now were ending the day by deliberately crushing the life out of me… because they were jealous of each other.  Now how does that make any sense??   I don’t know.  Once a certain boundary of weirdness is passed, rational motivations are no longer of use.  Shaun giggled as he sank his foot a bit lower across my bruised throat, and I saw black stars as I choked and started to pass out. Tears ran from my eyes. It was no fair. 

     And then there was yet another knock at the door.

     At first I was sure they were just going to ignore it and finish me off… it wouldn’t be hard for them.  I was tied up, helpless, weak, and drunk.  They were strong, evil, and emotionally unhinged.  But Kevin decided to run off to answer the door.  While he was away doing this, Shaun decided to stop stepping on my neck.  When his foot lifted away, the resumption of blood flow to my head almost made me pass out just as surely as the lack of it had been doing. 

    But Shaun wasn’t about to just leave me alone.  Instead, he sat down and played with me, holding a pillow between my legs and his other hand over my face, smothering me.  I shuddered in horror, delight, and madness in the midnight hour as I sucked desperately for air against his warm hand, as I felt the heart-pounding pleasure of an inescapable orgasmic nightmare enveloping me.  He pressed and rubbed. 

     “I’m not letting go until Kevin comes back.” he told me happily.

     “Mmmmm!” I moaned.  And if Kevin was gone for 5 minutes? Well, I’d be dead and covered with cum by then, that’s for sure.  Shaun didn’t care. He was selfish and spoiled.


    Fortunately, Kevin came back in only one minute… and with him was a third teen boy. I didn’t notice this at first because I was having an orgasm, while also suffocating and passing out.  Shaun reluctantly let go of my face and let me breathe when Kevin yelled at him “Dude, that’s no fair!! We have to do it together!!”

     And yes, there was my third “Number 1 Fan”, Eduardo Dudder from South America.

     “Oh Naaaathan, guess who THIS is?” Kevin taunted me.  “This is ANOTHER one of your Number One Fans!! I told him all about what’s going on here and he agrees that killing you is the only solution… and fun, too.”

     “Mmm…hmmm…flpflmmbl.” I said in delirious outrage and fear.  There was no way out of this.  Eduardo came closer, climbing onto the bed, looking at me in a very serious way, with his hair hanging over his forehead and looking just like one of my drawings.  Another teenager.  Another friend gone insane.  I tried to beg him to help me, to not be a maniac like these other two-- Eduardo had always seemed so different in his emails-- he had seemed REAL, not like somebody on the brink of reality.  But I guess it was my destiny to die under the feet of 16 year old boys at 1:00 am..  He walked across the bed and without a word stepped on my face, covering my nose almost immediately with the softness of his friendly foot.  He held onto the wall for balance and smiled down at me.  Kevin and Shaun started to trample heavily on my belly and chest.  Eduardo said “I can’t believe this.  I really can’t.  But you’ve got to die under our feet. It’s for the best.  don’t worry, I love you.”

   “Mmmmm!” I moaned again. I shook in desperation, feeling the heavy weight mashing into my guts, shifting my organs around inside of me, bruising and hurting me.  I was tied up, held down, being slowly trampled and smothered to death by teenagers in the middle of the night.  My sheer helplessness excited these evil boys.  I could tell.

     “Lights out for you.” Kevin said to me. “We’re gonna kill you now.”

     I couldn’t grab onto their legs and try to hold their feet away, I couldn’t speak, I could do nothing but burn and get flat. And there was no air, only toes in front of my eye and the warm smooth heaviness of feet on my face, and on my neck, and pressure and swirling sparks in the failing glow of the headlights of my consciousness  like a twilight meteor shower… and then things changed. 

    There was a flash of green light. ( What the hell.. green? ) The pressure on my body  diminished rapidly, peculiarly.  Eduardo took his feet off my face and promptly sat down next to me, reaching down towards me with his hand… Oh I guess he just wants to use his hands to finish me off, I thought in sweat-drenched, shaky-limbed disorientation.  Just fucking get it over with already, I can’t believe I trusted these boys. My next thought was more along the lines of : I never trusted them anyway… they just sort of came here from out of the blue and attacked me.

     Instead of pinching my nose between his fingers and allowing me to horribly suffocate to death, he peeled the tape off my face and  ran a hand across my hot forehead to comfort me.   “Are you okay?” he asked , with real concern.  Then he smiled a bit.  “Sorry, but I just had to play along for a while…I guess I just…couldn’t resist! Hehehe! I know you like it!”

     “What--what--” I stammered, failing to understand.  I was still drunk, after all.  The boy was untying my hands now.  “Where did… Kevin and Shaun go?” I asked, confused.    Eduardo pointed, and I looked… there was a bird cage sitting on the dresser, and my two former #1 Fans were inside it… and they were each about 10 inches tall!!


    “What the hell is going on here!?” I shouted, abruptly reenergized by the sudden spectacle of shrunken boys in a birdcage.  This had to be a dream now. 

     “I used my super Mutant Powers to shrink them.” Eduardo said in a matter of fact way. “I can shrink people by shooting green rays from my eyes. I came here to visit you… or maybe live with you forever if you want me to… and well, when I saw what they were doing to you I sort of…um…”

    “you sort of joined in the fun, that’s what you did.  I thought you were going to kill me, you evil Dudder!!”

     “I was just playing.” he smiled.  “I figured you’d be okay with that.”

      I stared at this friend of mine, this boy I had met online.  How very fortunate I was that he had come here.  What a mad day.  I tried to sit up in the bed, but I was really sore.  My back hurt, my front hurt.  I just lay there.

     “You could have zapped them a little bit sooner.” I chuckled in a mixture of pain and amusement.  

    “Sorry.” he said. “It WAS fun… I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun.  In a way I sort of thought they might have been joking… I mean, come on, if they actually LIKED you, why would they be wanting to crush you to death? It took me a little while to figure out they weren’t kidding.  I hope I didn’t hurt your face while I was stepping on it… I was trying to, you know, smother you without crushing your bones.”

      I didn’t know what to say.  It was too weird.  I finally just grabbed onto that boy in affection, and he fell down on me in a big hug, never mind being sore.  Eventually we looked over towards that birdcage. 

    “So, Number One Fans.” I said evenly to the cowering, shrunken Shaun and Kevin.  “Do you want to be in a movie tomorrow?  I haven’t made one of my famous trample videos in a while.  I think I’ll call it TINY BOYS GET FLAT.”

     “No, please!! I am a midget!” Tiny Kevin whined.

     “Yes please.” Eduardo smiled. “I think they should be crushed under sneakers, on concrete. “

      “I agree.” I chuckled. “Bare feet or socks would be too soft--- they don’t deserve anything even remotely approaching pleasure!! For that matter, they should just be set on fire.”

     “Oh, that’s no fun.” Eduardo said, “I want to see you step on them!!’

     “No, I want to see YOU step on them.” I countered.

     “Why not just get your Evil Cousins to come over, and let them do it, while we watch.”


     And that’s just what happened.  Shaun and Kevin ended their days under the heavy, merciless sneakers of my young teenage cousins, squashed like fruit on the sidewalk, their bones splitting out through the skin, their heads being flattened and blood and brains shooting out across the cement like clots of bloody snot to dry and harden in the summer sun.  

    “you fuckin’ little chipmunk bastard.” Cousin Eric sneered at the crumbled form under his Vans, as he rocked his foot slowly back and forth, flattening the remains with a serious of grotesque yet subdued noises. . 


     How bizarre that real life can rapidly turn into something unbelievable like this. 

     I’d be a dead monkey if I told you I was lying. 


    ---- The End ----