Evil: Part Two



 By Shining Skull and Nathan


Chapter 1


It was a rather gloomy day. Heavy raindrops slid down the windowpane, leaving pristine streaks. Kyle was pretending to pay attention to Mrs. Perry’s words, but the chemistry formulas slipped through his mind like the water seeped through the drains in the street. Danny, his best buddy, could only think of how they would be getting home that day. At least the school year was almost over. Time also goes by fast when you’re young.

The bell rung and everybody threw their books into their book bags, and all at once, they began pouring outside into the rain, heading home. Kyle pushed people away as Danny scampered along behind him. Outside, they bade each other goodbye. Danny wandered down the street with his hood over his eyes, contemplating his afternoon, which would consist of searching through the woods near his house. Kyle would join him later.

                Their extensive explorations had proved to be unsuccessful so far. The last five months had been awfully frustrating, but they didn’t give up the hunting of the little people, especially now that just yesterday Kyle had found a tiny jacket. So obsessed the boys were, their behavior had improved; not as much as teachers had hoped (at least those teachers who cared), but their pranks and bullying weren’t as frequent as before.

Kyle was slowly turning into a hot boy. He had a couple red spots, not really acne, although that didn’t matter really; hormones are crazy at this point in life. It wasn’t his fault. Danny didn’t look bad, either, and girls noticed that. However, Kyle and Danny had other issues to worry about. Recently, they had seen two men around the woods nearby Danny’s home. They were sure it was because of the little people. The men were carrying some equipment for tracking, and Danny once saw one of them with a net, like those used to catch butterflies. They had been searching the area almost every day, just like they did; sometimes, Danny could see them with his binoculars.

                The rain had stopped. Danny and Kyle were peering out of the window in Danny’s bedroom when they saw a vehicle heading towards Sean’s house.

“Do you see anything interesting with that?” asked Kyle, who was lying down on the bed as Danny observed through the window.

 “They’re talking to Sean’s father. He went inside… they’re still in the porch.”

Moments later, Danny saw Sean coming out from the house, and he informed Kyle about this.

 “Great,” said Kyle. “That moron’s a chicken, he’s going to tell everything, and that will lead them straight here looking for the bugs.”

“Huh, I don’t know,” said Danny, not very sure. “If Sean speaks, he will have to answer a lot of questions. Obviously those people know there’s something around here; maybe they caught a little man.”

“You bet, pal,” said Kyle. “But if they want to find more, they’ll have to look in the sewers.”

“Poor Sean,” said Danny mockingly. “Now they all are getting in the house.”


Abruptly, Kyle and Danny looked at each other’s face. If the men went to inspect Sean’s house, they easily would do the same at Danny’s.

“You better be going, Kyle,” said Danny, and Kyle seemed to agree. “I can manage them. But if they interrogate me, they can interrogate you separately, we could contradict each other, you know.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Kyle. “But we have to destroy the little house and get rid of all those things you bought for your former pets.”

Danny didn’t think it twice, and he went to his closet to get the dollhouse. Every little item was crammed inside, with some broken furniture. Kyle and Danny understood this was exactly what those men needed to lock them in a dark room and get all the information they wanted.

Danny emptied the house on his bed. Diminutive clothes, tiny plates, undersized tables and chairs, minuscule beds, and other miniatures fell over, living proofs of its former users. With both hands, Danny reunited the stuff in the center of the bed, while Kyle quickly stomped on the house’s roof, tearing off the walls, until it was nothing more than ordinary rubble of wood.

Then they went to the backyard to throw the wood in the basement’s boiler, mixing it with the ashes inside. After that, Kyle left, with the all the tiny stuff inside his backpack, and it didn’t pass five minutes before the doorbell rang.



Chapter 2


Danny waited a few seconds to calm himself down, before he opened the door. His parents weren’t home, but he wasn’t scared; he thought he could deal with these men perfectly well.

“Good afternoon, son,” said a man in his thirties with a small belly and a three-day beard.

He was accompanied by young man of strong complexion, with short, dark hair, and a surly air.

“I am Jason Harper, from Special Investigations. This is my partner, Viktor Ianevski. Are your parents at home?”

“No, they aren’t,” said Danny dryly.

“Well,” continued the man with a cocky attitude, “we’re looking for some people… maybe you could help us. What’s your name?”

“I’m Danny,” he said, and he looked at Viktor, who was holding the net over his shoulder. “Why are you carrying that?” he asked innocently, pointing at the net.

“Look Danny,” intervened Harper, and he lowered his voice, stepping closer towards him. Harper was just a bit taller than Danny, but he sounded slightly threatening nevertheless, showing that he wasn’t quite the laid back crony he appeared to be.

“Could we get inside, so I can explain something to you? Your friend Sean told us you might know something.”

“He’s not my friend,” said Danny with a smirk. “I have no idea why he said that.”

“Could we go inside, then?” asked Harper.

“Fine,” said Danny.


Danny closed the door, and the three remained standing on the hall. The two men didn’t attempt to go to the living room to have a seat, and Danny didn’t even think of suggesting it.

“First thing you have to know,” said Harper, “is that this is a secret. It means you can’t talk about this with anybody, not your friends, or your parents for that matter. Your neighbors understood this very well, so I can’t see why you won’t do the same.” He sounded vaguely menacing again, as if wanting to make his point clear but without scaring Danny. Danny didn’t feel intimidated at all, but he nodded.

“Excellent,” said Harper, and he went straight to the point. “Have you found some people who are about this size around here?” He made a “C” with his thumb and forefinger, indicating a bizarre dimension for referring to “some people.”

Danny, a natural liar, looked at the man’s fingers, then at his blue-gray eyes, before he answered the question with solid confidence.

“Are you talking about that legend of the little people? You can’t be serious, sir.”

“I am serious. They are not a legend. They exist and we know there are some of them near here. So I’ll ask once again, have you found some and kept them?

“No sir, I haven’t found anything.”

“Are you sure? I know kids like you can be tempted to keep a little man just for fun.”

“Really?” asked Danny ironically. “Well, I won’t deny it would be cool, but I have nothing for you, sir.”


Viktor intervened, revealing a churlish voice and a foreign accent.

“I think we should search the house.”

 “I’m afraid we’ll have to do that indeed,” said Harper. “We have the authority, Danny,” he added.

“Huh, did they change the law just this morning?” asked Danny.

Harper laughed a little. 

“Trust me, Danny. We’re not empowered by the law.”

“Fine then, go and look for whatever you want.”

Harper kept staring at Danny for a few seconds, and Danny looked back without blinking. Stan had begun to inspect the house, carefully searching every corner. Harper joined him, checking ducts, going upstairs without asking, and opening each door, cabinet or drawer they found. They took their time, but they didn’t find anything suspicious. Harper walked towards Danny, smiling.

“You were right, Danny. I’m sorry we had to do this, but I need you to do something else. Empty your pockets.”

Danny did has he was told. Again Harper looked at him for a few seconds, before he said good-bye. He gave Danny a card.

“If you find anybody, or anything, call me. You’re an intelligent kid, Danny, I can see that. You’re smarter than many kids your age. Don’t disappoint me.”


After they closed the front door, Danny knew that from now on, he had to be more cautious than ever. Maybe his phone lines were interfered. And his mail, too. They could even check their lockers at school. He and Kyle had kept, and then mercilessly killed, four little people just months before. They had to find a secret place in case they would need it.



Chapter 3


Danny was really nervous. He didn’t answer the phone when it rang, and when his parents got back, hours later, he went to Kyle’s home, and told him everything that happened before.

“What if they bugged your house?” asked Kyle.

“Damn it. I haven’t thought about that. But you know what?” continued Danny, “I don’t think these people are from the government. That man, Harper, he didn’t show me any ID. They usually do. I don’t know, man. The government could be after the little people, but so could be somebody else. We got to find a secret place, where we could talk, a place where no one could find us. And if we find little people, we need a secret place more than ever.”

But where on earth?, they thought at the same time.

“It has to be near my house, but not inside, in case they return…” added Danny.

“Did they check every place in your house?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah, they did… wait…”

“I bet they didn’t check that room in the basement. Nobody does.”

“Because it’s hidden! I mean, the door is hidden away. No one ever goes there. You’re a genius, Kyle!”


That room was a vast place with access only from the basement. It was where Danny’s dad used to raise a rare species of hamsters in order to sell them, years ago. The hamsters got intoxicated with some herbs they ate, and they all died. They were an expensive breed, and made Danny’s dad lose thousands of dollars, not to mention being discouraged forevermore. He gave up his hobby and sealed the room. Now Kyle and Danny only had to find an occasion to prepare the room for their new purposes. The next week they would start their finals, and their parents got more annoying than ever. The boys did their best effort; they wanted their summer free, with no punishments, and certainly no more books and homework. So they had to abandon their pursuit for a few days, but the prospects of the weeks to come were heartening.

On the first day of summer vacations, they started their work. They did it whenever Danny’s parents weren’t home, and it took them five days to complete their task, as the room was bigger than they expected. There was an old desk, which they decided to keep. Danny brought some chairs from the basement, but the very best part was that there were shelves mounted on the wall, with several plexiglass cages. They fixed the room’s door so they could lock it with two keys.

Harper hadn’t showed since his visit to Danny’s house and the boys had all the time in the world to look for the little people. It was Kyle who suggested going at night, and Danny thought this was an excellent idea. The first night they didn’t find anything, but the second night they saw Harper again. They hid behind a tree, cursing their luck. But then they saw that Stan, Harper’s partner, was carrying a small airplane under his arm. Harper was walking behind him, with something clutched in his fist. Kyle and Danny couldn’t see very well, but they were sure it was a little man. They waited until Harper and Stan were nowhere to be seen.

“Shit!” exclaimed Kyle, angered.

“They found little people,” said Danny more calmed, but with equal irritation in his voice.

“We should go after them and smack their heads,” said Kyle. “Then we could snatch the little people from them. Did you see that plane? I bet it was full of bugs.”

For a second, Danny thought this was a good idea, but their chances of getting away with it were far from promising.

“That only could make things more difficult for us,” he finally said. “Maybe they will be satisfied with those they caught, and won’t come back.”

They decided to return to Danny’s home.


                Their eventual expeditions were again fruitless. By mid-July, both Danny and Kyle were getting really angry. They didn’t see Harper anymore, or his partner, and this made them feel angrier, since those little people they caught could have been theirs. One night of full moon, Kyle and Danny decided to split and take each a different path. They would join up at the room an hour later.


                With the moonlight penetrate throughout the trees, Kyle decided to turn the flashlight off. At this he was very good; he moved like a feline in the forest, looking for movement on every bush on the ground. Danny also had decided not to use the flashlight; he took out a small knife and carved signs on the trees, so he didn’t get lost. Kyle didn’t need to do that. He just moved silently, trying to step on stones instead of the dry leaves and broken twigs. All of a sudden he saw a small aircraft perched in the branch of a tree. Kyle observed it for a couple of seconds before he ran towards it. The plane was at the height of his chest. It appeared to be empty, so Kyle pulled out his flashlight and turned it on. He smiled broadly when two little men covered their eyes because of the intense blaze of light that inundated the cabin. Excitedly, Kyle grabbed the plane with both hands, and went back to the hidden room.

                Meanwhile, Danny was trying not to make a sound as he walked. After half and hour, tired and furious, he decided to get back. He was checking the little arrows he had carved, when he saw two little men cowered against a tree. They didn’t have time to escape from the giant’s sight. Quickly, Danny crouched over them.

“Don’t worry, little ones,” said Danny in a soft voice. “You’re safe now.”

They were dusty and scruffy; obviously they were suffering the outcome of being cast away in a dangerous land. One of them, a bald man, ran to his left, but he couldn’t compete with Danny’s agility. The titanic teenager made a grab for him, easily wrapping his fingers around his body. The fist was firm but warm, and moist with sweat. Gently, Danny placed him next to the other.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to be afraid of me. I know there are people here who want to catch you, but I won’t let them. Come, you’re in safe hands with me.”

One of the little men stepped towards him, but the other caught his arm. Danny faked the most innocent smile he could. He wanted them to trust him, in case there were more little people hidden. 

“Trust me, I won’t hurt you. I could not do it.”

The little people didn’t move, nor did they say a word. Danny understood they were too frightened, and he pretended that he was concerned for them.

“Are you hungry? Or would you want something to drink?”

At these words, the little men could not resist anymore.

“Yes, please, we’re starving!” shouted one. “It’s been days since we are here, we don’t have anything to eat!”

Danny smiled friendly, and he took out a pack of crackers from his pocket. 

“This is all I have here,” he said. “Eat, you’ll feel better.”

He smashed a cracker into little pieces, and lowered his palm. They began to eat hastily from the giant hand.

“I need to know if there are more like you,” said Danny. “There are dangerous men looking for you, and they do terrible things to the little people.” Danny was so persuasive, that one of the little men, the one who didn’t try to run, told Danny about their whereabouts.

“We haven’t seen those men, but we are very scared. We are dying of hunger here. I was piloting the plane that transported us, and suddenly we crashed with something. I don’t know what happened, but I managed to land safely. Five of us went out to investigate, the rest of the passengers stayed on the plane. When we came back, the plane was gone.” He sighed. “I can’t tell you how we felt when we saw these trees and animals, so big they are. It’s a miracle we have survived so far.”

“I know little one, there are more like you in my house.”

“Really?” said the little man. “Whoa, this is great! Thank you, my friend! I’m Wally, by the way.”

“I’m Danny. Go and get your friends, Wally. You cannot stay here much longer.”

The little man smiled with assurance and he did as he was told. The bald guy was still eating.


Chapter 4


Kyle entered the room with the airplane in his arms. It was a big machine, much like a DHC-6 Twin Otter, and Kyle only felt thankful that it was two in the morning. He put it on the desk and sat on a chair. He was so excited he didn’t know where to start. The airplane occupied almost the desk’s entire surface; Kyle rubbed his hands and began to tear off the upper part with a screwdriver. Kyle heard screams coming from the plane, and he got even more excited by this. Some parts of the plane were easily torn, but Kyle found it more difficult with other parts. As usual, he got impatient. He threw the screwdriver away, and with one hand he took hold of the base of the airplane and with the other he ripped off the cabin like a box full of cookies. A wing broke off in the process, as Kyle held a good chunk of the airplane’s roof in his hand. He threw the piece of metal to the floor.

Inside the airplane were four little people cornered in the cabin, terrified and dumbstruck because of the incredible situation they were in. Kyle saw with amusement two more little men hidden under the seats. He pinched one of the seats and removed it without difficulty. The little man yelled as this happened, feeling more helpless than he ever felt in his life. A whoosh of air rushed past him as two giant fingers grasped his right leg and lifted him to the giant’s face. Kyle was even more amused with this one. He let the little guy dangle in front of his face, inspecting him. It was a man in his late twenties with a few dreadlocks that fell awkwardly as he was held upside-down. Kyle saw his tattooed little arms, which the little man waved, yelling frenetically. Kyle felt no pity whatsoever. He stared intently at his captive, and the little man fell silent, terrified at the proximity of this monstrously huge mountain of a boy. Both looked each other in the eye.

“Hello victim,” said Kyle, his voice hurting the little man’s ears, who closed is eyes because of the giant’s hot breathe.

“Pl-ease…,” the little man managed to say, “Don’t hurt me.”

His voice was the kind of voice that Kyle loved: the voice of terror. Rising from his chair, he put him on a cage. When Kyle came back to the desk, the guy who was under the other seat was running towards the cabin’s door. Kyle caught him just as he opened it.

“You’re going nowhere you little fuck,” said Kyle.

The little man also had tattoos on his arms, but they were of words that Kyle couldn’t read. Not that Kyle cared, he deposited him in another cage. Then he scooped the small group. The sight of four tiny, helpless people in his hand was making Kyle nearly mindless with arousal.  These are real people, he reminded himself. They are not toys. His mental protests had a hollow ring to them. Kyle knew that there was something inside him that had changed, and couldn’t make himself care. He felt a rush of utter power. They were two women and two men, as young as the others.

“Is anybody else?” Kyle asked to the little people.

They nodded at the same time, just like kids. He released them in a single cage, and approached the plane again. Peering into the wreckage of the cabin, Kyle saw nothing, so he ripped the other half of the roof off and found the rest hunkered down, a wall of crates around them like a fort: two men with pilot uniforms, and three women. Kyle flicked the crates aside with his finger and plucked them out. One of the little guys tried to grasp the bathroom’s door, but Kyle was unrelenting. Sitting back in the chair, Kyle looked at them closely in his clutch. The women were young and particularly attractive, Kyle thought. They stared up at the giant teenager dumbly, too stunned to react. The two men were in the other fist, holding each other for comfort and trembling with panic. As Kyle walked to the cages, all six screamed and struggled uselessly in their prisons of flesh. One of the women jabbered an almost unintelligible stream of babble in a squeaky voice, but Kyle didn’t even bother to listen. He let them drop in different cage, not too high to hurt them, but carelessly enough to provoke pain.

                Kyle towered over the cages, hands on his hips, and gazed down at his prisoners. The little people tilted their heads back slowly, some of them with their mouths hanging open, their gazes up until they fell upon the smiling, roguish face of Kyle. The guy with dreadlocks said something, but Kyle wasn’t listening, his head popping ideas about how he would have fun with his eleven tiny victims.

Danny returned, and Kyle greeted him with glee.

“Look at this,” Kyle said.

“Whoa, this is great!” exclaimed Danny. He walked into the cages and counted the little people. “Eleven!”

“Did you get any?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah, I got five.” He shoved both hands into his jacket’s pockets and withdrew the little people in his fists.

“Ha! I got more than you!” exclaimed Kyle. 

“Yeah, lucky boy.” Danny raised his fists to his face. Wally watched Danny’s and Kyle’s sinister grins in disbelief. 

“Where did you find yours?” asked Danny.

“This plane. It was hovering on a tree. I had to tear the roof up to get them out.”

“I found these when I was coming back,” said Danny. “They were so easy to catch, actually.” He moved one fist as he talked, giving the little people a short but hasty ride.

“We did it, buddy. Sixteen little people just to have fun!” said Kyle.

The five little men looked at each other distrustfully. Wally dared to speak.

“Why are you talking about us as if we were toys?”

“Shut up, you little freak,” said Kyle. He continued as if Wally hadn’t spoken. “You know, it would be nice if we could sell them later.”

“To who?” asked Danny. “Surely not Harper. I don’t’ want business with that guy. Besides, I don’t trust him. He could accuse us with the police, just to screw us.”

“Yeah, that bastard. Whatever, what do we do first?” asked Kyle, looking enthusiastically at the little people. “Let’s tie one of them to a rocket! What do you think?”

“So many things to do, Kyle, so much time… You know, my ideas involve a certain level of cleverness. Your ideas are always a little bit… psycho.”

They both laughed uproariously, as the little people were getting really scared now.

“Who are you?!?” screamed one of the guys in Danny’s fist. “I thought you wanted to help us!”

Again, Danny ignored the words. He put them in different cages, and Kyle helped him so there was one little prisoner per cage. Wally tried again to call their attention, but the cyclopean boys were busy placing the water and food containers inside the cages, and some canisters for when nature calls. There was some water in a glass around, and Danny poured a bit in each container. He crushed the rest of the crackers he had in his pocket and carelessly gave some for the little people, then proceeded to put the lids on the cages.

Kyle went to the desk and lifted the airplane up. “We have to get rid of this,” he said.

Danny yawned, his face sleepy.

“Tomorrow we’ll sink it in a small pond I saw earlier in the forest. Now I wanna sleep.”


As yawns are contagious, Kyle also felt tired and both boys decided to go to bed. Danny turned the light off and they strode out of the room, leaving their prisoners in absolute darkness.



Chapter 5


After eleven in the morning, the boys hadn’t showed up, and the little people were desperate in the coldness of the cages. They even couldn’t talk or even see each other, as the plexiglass walls kept them in complete isolation and the room was pitch black. The little holes for air were far too high to reach. Some of the cages were smaller, making the captives angrier and more distressed than the others. The ones that Kyle caught were in these cages, and they slammed their little fists on the walls in fury. Other cages still had their floors covered with a thick, malodorous layer of wooden litter for rodents, and they had to sleep here, of course. Wally and other five were confined in those cages.

We can’t just stand here and let them kill us off,” Wally thought bitterly. “We’ve got to find a way to escape!” He debated various getaway plans, one as impossible as the other. Suddenly they heard the door open, and light flooded the room. Momentarily blinded, the little people threw up their tiny hands to shield their eyes, and then slowly lowered them, gaping upward as his eyes adjusted to the sudden illumination.

                Kyle and Danny had entered the room. Kyle was wearing a light, long-sleeve tank top with black pants and black boots that looked particularly threatening for the little people. Danny wore the same jacket with grey pants and dirty sneakers. With devilish grins, they saluted their captives.

“Mornin,” said Danny. “Did you sleep tight?”

Some little people looked at them angrily, others with fear.

“Look at this one,” said Kyle, tapping the cage of a little man, larger than the others. He was the bald guy, and he had a peculiar, almost conical head that made Kyle chuckle. Danny approached and reached down, lifting the guy in his fist.

“Why don’t we begin with knowing each other better?” asked Danny, pulling out another little man.

“What for?” asked Kyle.

“They’re our friends, Kyle. We’ve got to know their names,” answered Danny, as he plucked out more little people. Danny leaned over other cages and pinched more with his thumb and forefinger, as his grip was full.

“Alright,” said Kyle grudgingly, picking up the little men and dropping them on the desk with the others. The sixteen captives were together now, five women and eleven men. Danny and Kyle sat on each side of the desk. Danny pointed to the girls Kyle had found.

“Say your names,” he commanded. The girls looked at each other. One of them spoke. 

“I’m Ni-Nikki,” said the first girl. Her long blond hair cascaded past her neck, framing a pretty face.

“Sherri’s my name,” said a second girl with coolness in her voice, her body movements quite sexy and no fear at all. At least it seemed so.

“You can call me Yumi,” said an oriental-looking girl with flowing black hair. She also was quite uninhibited for being in the presence of two adolescents that were over one hundred feet tall.

 “I’m Shannon,” said the fourth girl. She had brown, undulated hair, and she winked to Kyle.

“My name’s Stacey,” said the last girl. Like Nikki, she was blonde, but her stance was sexier.

Danny and Kyle noticed that the five girls wore tight blouses and mini-skirts. They smiled pleasantly at this.

“Good,” said Danny. “Now may we know your friends?” He referred to the four young men with wild hairdos and quirky looks. The four guys looked at each other nervously.

“What are you waiting for, bugs?” asked Kyle, startling them. The one with dreadlocks stepped forward.

“I’m Blake. We hav-have a rock band…”

“Tiny rockers?” Kyle asked sardonically.

“I’m the leader of the band,” said Blake, and he introduced the others. “This is Talan,” he said, pointing at the man with tattoos on his arms. “That’s Phyllis,” he continued, referring to the guy with a Mohawk hairdo, “and this is Sean,” he said about the last guy with earrings on his lips. Kyle and Danny smiled at this name.

“From now on,” said Kyle, “your names are Bug, Twirp, Runt and Worm. Got it?”

Kyle didn’t sound very serious; some of the little men thought this was a joke and they smiled stupidly.

“I think they have to learn some respect for us,” said Kyle, looking at Danny.

“They will,” said Danny. “You’re coming from Jump City too?”

The little men were surprised by this question.

“No, from Pek Island,” answered Blake. “But how do you know Jump City? You’ve never been there, have you?”

“No, but we’d like to go…” said Kyle.

“And you seven are friends?” asked Danny. The girls smiled, and Sherri spoke with her sexy voice.

“Friends for one night, I’d say.”

“Are you going to help us come back?” asked Nikki, fearfully.

“Hmmm, we can’t,” said Danny. “I’m afraid you’ll stay with us forever.”

The little people stared at him, their eyes like plates. Some looked miserably at the desk’s surface.

“Don’t be so worried,” said Danny. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Right, Kyle?

“Right, Danny.” Kyle was watching Sherri and Yumi, licking his lips. Both girls stared back. Yumi had his arm on Sherri’s shoulder, and they wore seductive smiles on their faces.

“And you two?” Danny asked, looking at the pilots. The little men in uniforms said they were the crew of the airplane, Lambert Torriero and Dieter Phillips.


Wally’s group introduced themselves. The bald man with the conical head said he was a former boxer, named Hammer, and certainly he was still in good shape; there was also a small, skinny guy who cheerfully, but nervously all the same, introduced himself as Bink Hinkelman, a TV presenter; a sinister-looking man told the boys to call him Ratner, at which Kyle replied “I’ll call you whatever I want, ratface”; and the last guy was a mustachioed named Scragg Channels, who said he was principal at a school.

Kyle and Danny couldn’t help to laugh quietly.

“When are we going to be fed?” asked Ratner.

“You have food in your cages,” said Danny.

Wally couldn’t contain himself, and he spoke angrily.

“What’s going on, Danny? We trusted you because you said you were going to help us!”

“I did,” said Danny. “How long did you expect to survive in the forest? Look at you, so tiny and weak.”

“Stupid ungrateful little jerks,” said Kyle. “If you think we were going to baby sit you, you’re dead wrong.”

“What do you plan to do with us, then?” yelled Wally.

“We don’t know yet,” snapped Danny.

“We’ve got to think of stuff,” snapped Kyle. “Meanwhile, we give the orders and you obey.”

“What are you talking about, kid?” demanded Wally.

“Hey, show respect, little one,” replied Danny.

“You’ve got to learn real fear,” said Kyle in a cold voice.

Ratner suddenly walked into Wally and pushed him. Wally fell on his ass.

“It’s your fault! I insisted not to go with this boy!”

Wally tried to get up, but Ratner pushed him again. Ratner began to kick him brutally, but two colossal fingers grasped him by his torso and drew him away, his little legs kicking the air.

“Hmmm, maybe you can solve this with a good fight,” said Danny. “To make this better, the winner will fight him.” He pointed at Hammer. “And the losers… well, we’ll see about that.”

“I won’t fight anyone,” said Wally.

You’ll fight or I’ll squeeze the crap out of your body!” threatened Kyle.

“Of course we have to prepare this,” added Danny. “Train yourselves, and when you’re ready, you’ll fight. I’ll get some things to make this more interesting,” he said, leaving the room at once.




Chapter 6


Kyle put everybody back in their cages, except Sherri, Nikki, Shannon, Stacey and Yumi. Even when Nikki had had a reluctant attitude, Kyle decided to let her on the desk. He walked slowly into them. At his size he figured he was pretty damn impressive to the girls, his mammoth body being the ultimate monument to young beauty. The girls were perplexed; Kyle’s massive chest was like a billboard, and they could watch his nipples through the light shirt. He sank in the chair with a cocky attitude. 

                Sherri, Shannon and Yumi walked towards him. They realized the giant boy was too far to have a conversation, and Sherri made a sign to Kyle with her forefinger, indicating him to get closer. Kyle smiled and leaned over, placing his arms on the desk. His face was now merely inches away from the tiny girls. 

“How old are you Kyle?” asked Yumi. “Can I call you Kyle?

“Call me Master Kyle, or Wicked Hot. Whatever you want,” he said in a serious yet gleeful tone.

“Sure, my Wicked Hot,” said Yumi.

“I have to tell you,” said Sherri, “that you’re one of the hottest guys I’ve ever known. You’re cuter than any of those over there.”

“Don’t put me side by side with your bug friends,” said Kyle. “I’m more man than all of them put together.”

“Sure you are,” said Sherri, in a subtle mocking tone. “What you do think of us, Master Kyle?”

Kyle smiled again, showing his white teeth. He exuded such raw sexuality that even these girls, experts as they were in their exploits, and in spite of their ironic conduct, felt really excited.

“I think you look delicious,” said Kyle, making the girls laugh. If they interpreted Kyle’s answer in another way, they didn’t seem to.

“We know,” said Yumi, putting an arm around Stacey. “We can be very pleasing with you. Just keep us hale and hearty, and we’ll do whatever you can imagine.”

“I could make you do whatever I want, actually,” said Kyle. The little women kept their persuasive tone.

“You’re absolutely right, Master Kyle,” said Shannon. “Who wouldn’t succumb to you? Am I right girls?

“You know it. Fifteen year-old boys are so charming with their oily skin and their unflossed teeth...” said Sherri.

“Their hairless bodies reeking of day-old sweat and chips...” added Stacey.

“Their aggressive saliva-filled kisses and their sticky hands…” said Yumi.

“And of course, their sexy, sexy, skid-marked underpants...” said Shannon.

“Irresistible. Absolutely irresistible. I get it,” said Nikki, speaking for the first time and more relaxed now.

The girls giggled, but Kyle was just smiling.

“We have a lot of experience, Master Kyle. We could share it with you,” said Sherri.

“You’re daring little bitches, aren’t you?” said Kyle. “I am a million times more man than any worm that ever nailed you.”

“Well,” said Yumi, “Show us then.”

“Do you want to know Kyle’s special french kiss? I’ll bet you’ll like it,” suggested the boy.

“Go ahead,” said Yumi.

Kyle lifted his head off the table. He picked Yumi up and brought her to his lips. He salivated for a few seconds, and when he felt it was ready, he stuck out his drooled tongue and licked Yumi’s whole body. Kyle saw Yumi’s expression of disgust, and he grinned.

“You like that?” his mouth slobbering.

“Aaagh! No! I thought french kisses were different.”

“You can teach me, then. Give me one, if you feel it.”

“Oh Master Kyle,” said Yumi, “I do feel it. Get me near you.”

Kyle carried her close to his lips.

“You’ll have to open your mouth just a little bit, and let the tip of your tongue out,” said Yumi.

“Okay,” said Kyle innocently. His warm breathe aroused Yumi even more.

“You’re a true man, Master Kyle,” said Shannon on the desk. The girls watched the scene very entertained indeed. Yumi saw the pink, shiny tip of Kyle’s tongue peering out, and she got closer to it. She opened her mouth and she grabbed Kyle’s lips and pressed her lips against the wet tongue. She kissed it passionately.

“That is a french kiss, Kyle.”

“Let’s do it again!” said Kyle, impatiently.


And without more warning, Kyle bent his face forward until his lips pressed against Yumi’s drenched body. He covered half of her body in an ardent kiss, licking her, kissing her breasts and head. Yumi could barely breathe. Kyle opened his mouth and slid his tongue across her. He continued to kiss her, but the force of his lips and the amounts of saliva were suffocating Yumi. A couple of minutes later, Kyle stopped and realized that Yumi was still. He made an Oops! face, without saying a word; he raised his eyes and saw that the girls didn’t know exactly what had happened. Sherri and Stacey were kissing each other, and Shannon was looking at Kyle’s lips glistening with saliva, and she couldn’t contain herself.

“It’s my turn, Kyle!” Shannon yelled.

“What do you wanna do?” asked Kyle, without lowering his hand. Shannon made a shy face that made her look more delightful. 

“I had always fantasized about playing with giants toes. I always had a foot fetish but more than the foot in all I love big toes,” said Shannon. Kyle raised an eyebrow in a you-are-one-weird-chick manner.

“We can fix that,” he said in a lower, playful tone. “Your friend can sleep a little more while you enjoy yourself.”  



Chapter 7


                Kyle got up and put Yumi’s corpse on an empty cage. The little people watched him in an odd manner, and they realized with horror that Yumi was dead. Kyle sat back and pulled his boots off.

“Let you socks on,” yelled Shannon. “We can take them off…”

Kyle smiled and immediately raised his legs. The girls looked up as the massive legs made their course and fell with a loud thump, making them jump a little. Kyle rolled his pants up, uncovering his slightly haired legs. He was wearing black socks, and the girls didn’t waste time in getting into business. The girls began to pull one sock as hard as they could. The smell was strong, but they loved it. The sock budged a little, and Kyle chuckled.

“Too big for you,” he said. “I’ll do it.”

He reached down and pulled both socks off, leaving them on the desk. The foot odor was even stronger, and Shannon thought she was going to faint as she saw the smooth soles of Kyle’s barefeet.

“Those are the most beautiful feet I have ever seen!” yelled Shannon. Indeed Kyle’s feet were lovely, with that sheer perfection that young feet have: pinky-white colored on the underside, warm, cushy flesh, and certainly no wrinkles. Their size was overwhelming; the feet almost quadrupled the girls in height, so Kyle bended them so they could climb to his toes. Nikki and Stacey went for the left foot, while Shannon and Sherri ran towards the right one. Kyle wasn’t tickly, so he didn’t move his feet when the girls began to mount. Shannon reached the big toe first than Sherri, but Nikki and Stacey got on a small fight for the other big toe. Stacey won, and Nikki went to stand between the third and the fourth toe.

                Shannon was in heaven. She admired how clean was Kyle’s toenails. Sure she could see things Kyle never could, but they were minuscule spots that weren’t bothersome at all, like a few thin hairs here and there. Shannon began to lick the tip of the big toe, and so did Stacey. Nikki was rubbing herself to another toe, and Nikki was kissing hers.

“You like me feet then?” asked Kyle.

“Oh yes we do…” said Shannon.

“Absolutely,” said Nikki.

Kyle couldn’t hear them, but he continued.

“What about a squeeze?” asked Kyle suddenly, and he pressed his toes on Shannon, but not too hard. Nevertheless, as he moved his foot, Sherri rolled over and fell onto the desk. She howled in pain, but she didn’t hurt too badly. 

“Hmmm, that was good, Master Kyle,” said Shannon.

Sherri made signs to Kyle, who picked her up in his hand.

“What do you want, bitch?”

“Why don’t you lay on the table so we can play all over your body?”

The girls looked at him and they nodded excitedly.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” said Kyle. He pulled the rest of the girls from his feet. The girls went to the edge of the desk, and Kyle went up and placed himself on the surface. His feet extended beyond the frame, but the girls didn’t care. Kyle picked them up and put them on his chest. Shannon and Nikki ran toward his neck and squeezed under the shirt. Kyle felt that each girl had selected a nipple, and they were sucking them. Stacey went the other way, got herself inside, and began to suck Kyle’s bellybutton.

Sherri saw the outlines of her friends as she walked towards Kyle’s face. Kyle let her climb up his chin. When she did, she didn’t stand up, in fear of falling again. She crawled throughout Kyle’s features, touching his lips, his nose, and his cheeks. Sherri could feel the oily skin, and found in her way saw a few pimples, some bigger than others. She felt a little sick with the reddish zits.

“Would you like to pop my pimples?” asked Kyle, his facial movements almost knocking Sherri down as he spoke.

“Later Master Kyle.” She reached his eyes, and seeing the cold blue on them, the eyelashes, and the blond, large eyebrows. Kyle was looking at the ceiling, clearly enjoying the moment.

“Could I kiss you, Master Kyle?” she asked, not seeing Kyle’s wicked grin.

“Sure you can,” said Kyle.

Sherri crawled into the lips, and let her fall onto them. She laid on her stomach, and began to kiss Kyle, and to rub her body against his lips. Sherri could feel the air coming out of Kyle’s nostrils, when the lips slowly started to open. Kyle bared his huge teeth and Sherri found herself onto the wet, pearly teeth. Suddenly the mouth opened, causing Sherri to fall inside. She screamed, or so she tried to do, as Kyle savored her, caressing her little body with his tongue, pushing her around inside his mouth. He pushed him against his cheek, then clamped his jaw together so that she was trapped with his wet inner cheek against her on one side, and his molars on the other.

                He put his arms under his head, and began to chew. He felt the tiny bones crushing, grounded between his molars. He severed her body with his canines, all accompanied by snapping noises. Kyle went on until he glaringly turned Sherri to pulp. As Sherri went down his throat, Shannon and Nikki went out from under the shirt. A grinning Kyle welcomed her, picking them up on each hand, and sitting up. Stacey rolled down and fell on Kyle’s crotch.  He put them on the desk.

“Yumi doesn’t know what she’s missing here,” said Shannon. The three girls were all sweaty and red-faced.

“And she never will. She’s dead,” said Kyle.

Nikki screamed. The little people, who had stared awe-faced at the previous scene, heard Kyle’s words, and looked at him with terror.

“What?” yelled Shannon in shock.

Stacey looked around, not seeing Sherri.

“Where’s Sherri?” she inquired.

“She’s dead too. I suppose I’m too good of a kisser,” said Kyle, and he cracked up with laughter. Shannon ran, but Kyle caught her by a leg. Upside down, Shannon’s skirt fell to her waist, revealing slender legs and tiny pink panties. Her high heels went spinning off. Kyle didn’t stop snickering, and he watched Shannon’s tiny sex and looked guiltily around the room, as if expecting someone ready to catch him doing something shameful. Nikki and Stacey were too terrified to move. Kyle reached out and pinched the skirt between his thumb and forefinger of his other hand. The skirt tore away like the most gossamer tissue. Kyle grinned widely, and Shannon began to scream. Quickly, Kyle tore the blouse off, then ripped her bra open with his small finger, so it fell fluttering to the floor. The panties took Kyle a bit of time, but he managed to roll them off.  Finally, he laid her naked little prize in the palm of his hand.

“You girls are really yummy. Too bad you can’t satisfy me the way I like.”

“Oh no!  Please don’t!” squeaked Shannon. “I’ll do anything, please!”

“I think you’re not sorry at all for your friend,” said Kyle.

“Huh, what? I mean, well, I met her yesterday, but you don’t have to kill me for that!” said Shannon.

“You’re right…” said Kyle. He stroked her with his forefinger, entranced by the silky feel of her skin.

“I don’t have to kill you… I want to…”

She screamed as she had never screamed in her life. Kyle opened his mouth and shoved her inside. Nikki covered her face with her hands, while Stacey let out a yell. Kyle concentrated on the sensations and salty flavor he was receiving. Slowly, he rolled Shannon against his palate with his tongue. Shannon struggled with all her strength, trying vainly to grab hold of the slippery tongue, keeping her arms and legs away from the huge teeth that surrounded her. Kyle began to chew, Shannon’s frail bones snapping like popcorn. He turned and saw the little people in their plexiglass prisons, and smiled once again. He swallowed what was left of Shannon, and with that she was gone.

Kyle grabbed Nikki and Stacey and put them on the cage with Yumi’s corpse. They made fun of me and they deserved it, he thought.

Did they deserve it? Of course not, but Kyle didn’t need more reasons. I just wanted to do it, and I did it. He was more than glad he had killed them. He felt unaffected, distant from the little people, as if they were less than human. They’re just bugs.




Chapter 8


“Kyle, I forgot,” said Danny when he returned. “We have to carry the plane to the pond. What are you doing barefoot?”

“The girls wanted to suck my toes. Weird little people, aren’t they?”

“Weird indeed,” said Danny, smiling. “Hey, there are three girls missing, Kyle!”

“I ate them,” Kyle said indifferently.

“You did not!” shouted Danny, more amused than shocked.

“I did.”

“You’re mad, Kyle,” said Danny. “Now you’re Kyle the cannibal.”

“If eating bugs were cannibalism, then you’re a cannibal, too.”

“I was five! You’re fourteen, and these are real people. Even if they’re so puny.”

“Maybe you should try it,” suggested Kyle.

“What, we’re gonna eat them all?” asked Danny.

“Nah, that would be boring. But if you want to taste them, I recommend the girls.” Both Danny and Kyle saw the little girl’s faces.

“What happened to that one?” asked Danny, pointing at Yumi’s corpse.

“A kiss of death,” replied Kyle.

Danny laughed loudly, and Kyle followed him.

“How was that?” Danny asked, after composing himself.

“She thought I would care for her, feed her, you know. She must have liked the good life, the little slut. But I’m not caring for any little bug. I never did, anyway.”

Danny laughed even more.  The little people slowly began to understand the horror. Who are these kids, for heaven’s sake? What can we do? What?

“Let’s go to the forest, Kyle,” said Danny.

Kyle put on his socks and boots, and picked up the airplane, along with the scrapes of metal. 

“Oh, I almost forgot,” said Danny, tucking his hand on his pocket. “Here’s more food, and stop complaining.” He dropped a few raisins on the cages.

“What if they complain?” asked Kyle.

Both boys left the room. On their way to the forest, Kyle asked Danny about the weapons.

“Oh yes, I got them. Look,” he said, showing some needles, nails and metallic sticks. “I can’t wait for seeing those little people killing each other.”

“Me neither!”

“What if they don’t want to fight?” asked Danny.

“They have no choice,” said Kyle malevolently.

Minutes later, Kyle was hurling the airplane into the pond. Slowly it submerged into the bottom, and both boys tossed stones at it to sink it faster. They returned to the house to eat lunch. Danny’s parents asked them what they were doing in the forest, and Danny told her one of his well-elaborated lies.

Danny read on a newspaper an ad announcing a fair at the mall’s parking lot. The boys greeted the good news with joy. They made their plans for that afternoon while eating. Kyle ate like a caveman, which didn’t please Danny’s mom very much.

“Alright, so who should we bring?” asked Danny.

“We’ll just meet some girls there. That way, they’ve already paid their own admission!” laughed Kyle.

“And if we find some that have already eaten, we won’t have to buy them any food,” said Danny.

“Are you guys really that broke? I could lend you some cash,” said Danny’s dad.

“Oh, we’ve got lots of money… we just don’t wanna waste it,” said Danny.


The boys didn’t come back to the hidden room. After lunch, they watched television, and later that day, they made their way to the fair. They had a great time, except for the moment when Kyle got caught by a security guard, his arm covered in cotton candy.

“What did I do?” asked Kyle crossly.

“You stuck your arm in the cotton candy machine!” retorted the guard.

“No way, I brought this from home!” replied Kyle.

“You think you’re talking to a moron?”

“Well, you are a fair security guard,” said Kyle with a mocking smile.

“Don’t push me around, kid! You’ve got to pay for that, or you’ll see!”

Kyle had to hand his last bucks. “Stupid guard,” he rummaged.

Danny found him moments later.

“Hey, give me a bit of that,” Danny said, taking a tiny bit of the cotton candy from Kyle’s arm.

“For our pets, Kyle.”

Kyle put on an angry face.

“I’m kidding!” said Danny, sucking the cotton candy from his fingers.


That night, Kyle slept at home. The next morning, Danny woke up early and went to see the little people. It had been nearly eighteen hours since their last visit, with no food, no water and no cleaning. Nikki and Stacey were hugged in a corner, horror-stricken with Yumi’s corpse still inside the cage.

                Light was made again in the black room. When Danny walked up to the cages, some of the prisoners were laid on the floors, and others got up, with hopefuls expressions on their tiny faces. But Danny focused on Scragg Channels’ cage. The walls had something on it, like the bug splats on a car’s windshield. Danny leaned down and realized with rage that the splats were shit. Channels had tossed his canister’s filth to the plexiglass, after hours of desperation and anguish.

“You disgusting little bug,” said Danny as he hastily gripped Channels. He held him in his fist, squeezing it a little, making the guy twist his face with pain. Channels was coughing after the strong clutch, but Danny ignored him. He had a message for the rest of his prisoners.

“The punishment for this will be death,” he said looking at them. “This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. However, if any of you keep provoking us so we kill you and free you of this, you’re wrong.” He looked again at Channels. “It’s amazing how quickly you give up, little man. You’re principal at a school, right?” Channels nodded. “Yeah, most of you are just cowards. Crooked and perverted faggots that become teachers so you can feed on boys.” He brought his fist to eye level. “You will die, you dirty worm. I will personally kill you.” Danny dropped him on the cage. He saw that Channels twisted his leg with the fall, yelling desperately. Satisfied, Danny went into Wally and Ratner. Both cages were next to the other.

“Have you practice for the big fight?” Danny saw that Ratner got up readily, while Wally was sitting, his back pressed to the wall.

“I got some things that you can use as weapons. They’re of different sizes, so you can choose what suit better for you. I do want a good fight between you two, but we’ll wait for Kyle.” He turned on his heel to leave, but Bink Hinkelman yelled at him.

“Hey, my friend, we need some food and water!”

“Yeah, I forgot.” He took out a cookie from his pocket, smashed it and scattered the crumbs all over the cages. Then, with the same glass of water of two days ago, he refilled the containers.

“See you later,” he said merrily, and waved them good-bye.




Chapter 9


Kyle and Danny stormed in the room, hours later.

“Ready to rumble!” said Danny. Kyle went to address the little people.

“Mornin’ victims. So, that’s the bastard who shit his cage?” he said, looking at Channels.

“Yeah. But he will pay for his offense with his life.”

“You should flush him down the toilet,” said Kyle. “There he would find plenty of dirt to throw around.”

Danny was lining up several needles, nails and metal sticks over the desk.

“Bring the wrestlers, Kyle.”

Kyle plucked Wally and Ratner off their cages, and placed them on the desk, each far from one another. The boys made them comfortable on the chairs.

“Choose your weapon, and begin to fight at my sign,” Danny told them.

“Aren’t you going to set rules?” asked Wally. 

“No rules,” said Kyle.

“At my sign,” repeated Danny.

“Ten bucks to the ratface,” said Kyle.


 Ratner was physically better than Wally, but Wally was younger. Ratner chose one of the sticks, which seemed a little heavy for him, but he managed to use it. Wally went for a needle, which was lighter but with a sharp tip. He wasn’t willing to fight, but he wasn’t going to let Ratner kill him like a dog either. Ratner saw when Danny nodded to him, and he ran into Wally, brandishing the stick. He made a first attack, but Wally dodged the blow just in time. Ratner turned ferociously, and Wally lifted the needle like a sword, but in a wrong way. Ratner assaulted again, hitting Wally’s hand with the stick. The needle went flying as Wally dropped to his knees, rubbing his hand in pain. Danny wasn’t as excited as Kyle.


“You’re going to make me lose ten bucks! Stand up and fight, you moron!”

For a moment, Wally looked at him with hatred, and then he realized that Ratner was in front of him, the stick high in the air, ready to blow him over his head. But Ratner dropped the stick.

“Don’t you fucking dare, little man,” said Kyle in cold fury, his fists on the desk. “Kill him now!”

Ratner looked at Wally again, and lifted him up by the collar.

“Stand up and fight like a man!” he told him. Danny and Kyle smiled.

“This is getting good!” said Danny.

Wally and Ratner circled about one another. Ratner dove forward at one point, but Wally tripped him. Ratner almost fell, and with his good hand Wally punched him on the shoulder. Ratner reacted with equal force, and he hit Wally twice on the face. Wally spat blood, and he fell to the floor. Ratner kicked him on the stomach, and Wally fell on his back, howling. But Wally avoided a second kick, and made Ratner stumble. Ratner fell on his face in ridiculously, spurting blood everywhere. Kyle and Danny laughed at this, but Ratner wasn’t as near as entertained. With homicidal attitude, he got up and flinging himself over Wally, began to strangle him. Danny gasped him by the torso, but Ratner kept hold of Wally, lifting him along with him.

“Let go or I’ll broke your arms,” threatened Danny.

Ratner reacted and released Wally, who fell to the desk choking.

“My ten bucks pal,” said Kyle, smiling. Danny put a bill on the desk.

“Lucky boy,” he said. “And you,” he told Ratner, “he doesn’t belong to you.” He got up and put him on his cage. “Prepare for the next fight.”

“What’s going to happen to the loser?” asked Kyle.

“What do you suggest?”

“Hmmm, what about chopping him up into pieces?” suggested Kyle.

Danny laughed, but suddenly noticed that Wally wasn’t moving.

“Damn it,” he said, moving with his index finger Wally’s inert body.

“So what?” asked Kyle.

“We can’t let him die.”

“But who are we to play God?” joked Kyle.

“Maybe a bit of air will revive him,” suggested Danny.

“What are you talking about? I’m not putting my mouth on that bug!”

“You put your mouth anywhere, Kyle,” said Danny, grinning.

“Why are we wasting our time with him?”

“I don’t want him to die… just like this.”

“I see. Let’s put your toy pump in his mouth.”

Danny ran to his room, and got back with a small pump that came along with a set of toy bikes. He put the pump in Wally’s tiny mouth, but he had to hold it there. With his free hand, he started to pump.

“What if he explodes?” he asked.

“That would be awesome!” said Kyle.

Wally coughed again, and Danny removed the pump.

“Good. You see, Kyle?” he said, “never let go a chance.” And with one swift movement he brought his fist

down on top of Wally with a sickening crunch. A shot of blood came out from Wally’s mouth.

“Cool!” exclaimed Kyle.

“This is what happens to losers,” said Danny, his eyes fixed on the smashed body. He raised his head, and his eyes met Kyle’s.

They both looked at the cages, and all of the little people were standing, staring speechless at what had happened. Kyle got up, snatched Wally’s body from the desk, and Yumi’s from the cage.

“I’ll be back,” he told Kyle.


Kyle went to Nikki and Stacey’s cage, and rested his arms on the edge.

“Alone again,” he said. “Wanna do it?”

The girls hugged each other, closing their eyes, expecting the inevitable. Lambert Torriero, who was in a cage next to the girls, was shouting something, but Kyle couldn’t hear it, so he opened the lid.

“Are you talking to me, worm?”

Torriero yelled with a rough voice at him, his little fists clenched in frenzy.

“You’re doing this because we’re small! You’re nothing more than a coward!”

“Don't piss me off, little man. You don't know what I can do to you.”

But Torriero had nerve.

“Why don’t you face someone of your size, like a true man?!?” he asked in fury.

“Are you challenging me, bug? Do you think I’m not brave enough to kill somebody of my size? Listen worm, you’re right about you being small. It’s a lot easier to deal with someone like you and even easier to get rid of the body. But if you want me to prove something to you, I’ll take the deal. I will kill somebody of my size. And it’s going to be your fault. An innocent person will die because of you.”

“You’re rotten, kid. Rotten the core,” said Torriero, shaking his head.

“Yeah, no kidding.”

They heard the door’s two locks being opened.

 “I flushed the bodies down the toilet,” Danny said. Kyle didn’t tell him about this conversation, already making a plan in his head.




Chapter 10


That afternoon the boys went to the backyard to play hockey.

“Way to cheat! That doesn’t count, Kyle!” said Danny at a tricky shoot of Kyle.

“Alright, alright, but this one counts!”

If you could see them play hockey, they were your average 14-year old boys. Kyle was Kyle, but no one could imagine what cruelties could come from these teenagers. Things were getting worse every day, in terms of their interpersonal, affective and behavioral characteristics. Danny had to work hard to disguise from his parents that irregular conduct of him and Kyle, and he was pretty good at it. Surely he was different from Kyle, but both boys were manipulative, egocentric and forceful. They had turned into more shallow and non-empathetic persons; they did not experience guilt or remorse for their actions against the little people… or anybody else.

And so they wanted to refine their “games” with the little people. Kyle and Danny went to the town’s library to look for a special book Danny had read once. Kyle had never been in a library before, and he sank boringly in a chair while Danny went to look for the book. The face of Sean, the chubby boy from whom they had stolen the first little people, appeared in his mind. He smiled wickedly at his thoughts.

Danny sat in front of him, and dropped several books on the table. Kyle pulled out a black one with the title in red letters, “Physical Torture Methods throughout History”, and a blue one with that read “Ethical arguments regarding torture.” He discarded the second book, and began to read the first one. He liked the disturbing illustrations, smiling and sometimes laughing as he flipped pages. He read through lines, without stopping at a specific chapter: “It is plainly evident that, since the earliest times, tremendous ingenuity has been devoted to devising ever more effective and mechanically simpler instruments and techniques of torture… Several methods need little or no equipment at all and can even be improvised from innocuous things. Methods such as consumption by wild animals (antiquity), impalement (Middle Ages) or confinement in iron boxes in the tropical sun (World War II), are examples of other means which required little more than readily available items… A modern method of torture is to apply electrical shocks to the body. For added effects, torturers may apply the shocks to the genitalia or insert the electrode into the mouth, rectum or vagina...”

Danny had a book named “Origins of Psychopathy.” He was grinning too. “One of the most renowned researcher in the field of criminal psychology and psychopathy, describes psychopaths as ‘intraspecies predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation and violence to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they cold-bloodedly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret…’”

They spent an hour or so in the library, but Kyle grew tired after checking more books on famous murderers and the like, and he said he wanted to leave. Danny preferred to stay. They agreed, and Kyle went home. Lying down on his bed, he went back to his plan. Who would suspect me anyway? Why things would lead to me? I have no reason to kill him. People couldn’t even say they ever saw us together. Me and that nerd, give me a break. He kept thinking about it for a while. That puny worm, how dare he to defy me? But I’ll make him pay, I swear.

For the next days, he kept watching Sean’s house whenever he could. He tracked his movements, his schedule, and his parent’s outings. No friend ever visited Sean; he was a lonely kid, and Kyle felt just lucky for that. He was determined to kill him. In the secret room, he told Danny about his intentions.

“What the heck are you talking about, Kyle?!” Danny shouted. “No way! That’s just plain stupid!” He looked at Torriero with vicious eyes. “I’m going to kill that bug!”

“I’ll do it, man. You can’t stop me,” Kyle said, very seriously.

“Don’t you understand that you’re putting yourself in risk? What if the police find out? Have you thought about that?”

“Yeah, I have. I figured out everything.”

“C’mon Kyle!”

But Danny understood that Kyle was resolute, and he knew better than anyone how strong-minded his friend was. He looked at him for a few seconds before he got up and snatched Torriero from his cage.

“I’ll finish him off,” said Danny with the little man in his fist. “So you won’t have to kill anyone.”

“I wanna do it anyway.”

Danny saw that there was truth in Kyle’s eyes, no matter what he argued. He smiled as a sign of true friendship.

“Fine, Kyle. The only thing I can do is offering my help.”

“Don’t feel bad, but I’ve got to do this alone.”

“I don’t care what you say, Kyle. I’ll be behind you.”

“OK” said Kyle, noticing his same willpower in Danny’s face. “But I will kill Sean alone.”


That night, both boys went to bed feeling more murderous than ever. About three o’clock in the morning, the secret room was in complete darkness, as usual. The little people where sleeping out of total weariness, hunger and thirst. Danny had substituted the canisters for new ones, preferring to throw the others away, which were full of filth.

In one of the cages, Sean, the tiny rocker who shared his prison with Blake and Phyllis, was half asleep when he thought he heard the room’s door open. This was weird, since the boys never came down so late in the night, or so he thought. He, like the others, was losing his sense of time. He waited for the light to turn in, but nothing happened. Seconds passed by like minutes. Had he gone insane at last?

                Then he heard clearly the cage’s lid being lifted up. The others woke up at once. Blake’s voice was heard. “What is going on?” But nobody said a word. A chill shook them as Sean screamed.

“Who’s that?” asked Blake.

“Sean, is that you? What is it?” Phyllis asked, squinting into the surrounding darkness. He reached out, but his fingers encountered only air. Sean didn’t answer. They could hear muffled sounds right in front of them, then above them. The sounds were diminishing now. The cage’s lid was shut with a thud, bringing complete silence again.


When the boys came back the next day to the secret room, there were twelve little people left, but either Kyle or Danny said anything. Danny prepared the desk again for the match between Ratner and Hammer.

“This will be a true fight!” he said.

He put Ratner and Hammer on the desk, facing each other. On the center of the desk was the stain blood of Wally’s crushed body. Hammer looked at it, and raising his eyes he told Danny he wasn’t going to fight.

“Don’t be stupid little man, and choose your weapon.”

Hammer shook his head.

“This is not honorable,” he said, “and you’ll kill us anyway. You can go to hell, twisted brats.”

“Don’t be a coward,” snapped Ratner, his eyes fixed on him. “Fight me!”

“Shut up, ratface,” said Kyle, “we’re in charge here.”

“Prepare,” said Danny, ignoring Hammer’s words. Ratner went to select a long needle that he brandished like a spear. Hammer stood firm on his spot.

“Very well,” said Danny. “Any idea, Kyle?”

“Another little man sentenced to death,” he told Hammer. Two fingers clasped Ratner’s legs, knocking him down. Ratner yelled as Kyle quickly dragged him along the desk, towards him. Kyle snatched the needle from his tiny hand, and stabbed it right in Ratner’s heart. Ratner only managed to let out a long, horrendous scream as Kyle savagely twisted the needle, until he ripped the heart out of his chest.

Kyle watched absorbedly as his victim died instantly. He lifted the needle with the heart stuck through it. Hammer was thunderstruck, not capable of expressing anything, as were the little people in their cages. Danny clapped a hand on the desk with joy.

“That was awesome, man!”

Kyle turned his head towards Hammer.

“Happy now, shithead?”

Hammer didn’t answer. He stared at Ratner’s dead body, all splattered with blood.

“That’s for defying us. No one does that and survives.”

Danny disposed of Ratner’s body as he did with the previous one. Remorselessly, he saw the tiny corpse with the ripped chest spinning in the toilet, before going down to make its journey all the way through the sewers.




Chapter 11


Kyle had planned the murder for that night, when Sean’s parents were out. Before going to Sean’s house, the boys went to pay a visit to their prisoners. Kyle came up to Torriero’s cage, and saw him sitting on the floor, his hands on his head. He tapped the cage with a finger.

“Hey, little man, why so sad? I’m going to kill an innocent because you asked me to. Aren’t you sorry you defied me?”

Torriero didn’t raise his head.

“Yes, you are. But you won’t suffer long… I will kill you next.”

Danny opened the lid on Scragg Channels’ cage.

“Your sentence will be carried out tonight. This is your last meal. Kyle?”

Kyle spat his gum out of his mouth and dropped it on Channels’ cage. Then the boys departed to Sean’s house.

Like they did the night they kidnapped the little people, the easily penetrated into the house.

“Look Danny,” said Kyle as they were in the living room. “You’ll go upstairs with me, but do nothing.”

They observed Sean’s house for couple of seconds, remembering of not touching anything. Danny used a pair of gloves to open all the doors. When the silently entered Sean’s room, the boy was sitting at his desk. Kyle walked in without a sound.

“Hello Sean,” said Kyle.

Sean turned swiftly. He had light-brown hair, blue eyes and a teddy bear’s face.

“Wha-What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“I’m here to win a bet,” said Kyle. “You’re the bet.”

“What are you talking about?” He felt unease, especially for Kyle’s gleaming eyes. Danny stood on the door. Kyle slowly walked towards Sean. In the last six months, Kyle had grown up enough to be as tall as his next-to-be victim.

“What d-d-do you want?” Sean stuttered. Kyle saw he was getting panicked. He grinned.

“Ss-top,” said Sean, really scared by now.

“No…” Kyle replied, and thinking himself a big man, he shoved Sean backwards. Sean hit the desk. Promptly, Kyle grabbed a heavy golden trophy and bludgeoned the boy on the side of his head. Sean fell onto the floor, and started crying. Kyle was enjoying every moment of this.

“Are you crying?” asked Kyle in a sardonic tone. “You’re such a baby.”

Blood smeared across Sean’s face, and he saw a sadistic smile upon Kyle’s face. He was thinking how to strike back, but Kyle told him something that made him freeze.

“Have you found more little people, Sean?”

“What? How do you know?”

“Because I have found some in the forest, like yours.”

Sean became enraged at Kyle’s words, and he tried to get up in an angry response, but Kyle stomped him hard on the stomach. Crying of pain, he managed to speak to Kyle.

“It was you… you… stole my friends…”

Kyle nodded in a naughty way.

“Yeah, I did. I squashed them. Like cockroaches.”

Sean looked at Kyle with horror.

“I grinded one beneath my foot. His guts were still on my sole a week later.”

“I killed Sam,” said Danny from the threshold, and Sean looked at him with equal revulsion. Danny raised his hand and made a strong grip.  “Squeezed to death in my fist.”

“Why?” asked Sean, “what did they do to you?”

“Just that they existed,” replied Kyle.

Sean wiped the blood from his face and clenched his fists, but Kyle kicked him on the ribs, causing him to call out in pain. Kyle kicked him again, and the third time he hesitated, deciding on the best method to inflict the most pain on Sean. Kyle’s foot collided with Sean’s testicles so hard that Danny winced. Sean’s tears fell like rain drops, and the pain was agonizing. He moaned, observing Kyle on the verge of laughter. He felt so worn out, so weak, he didn’t bother to open his eyes until he heard the creaking of a floorboards. He saw Kyle’s foot turning into a blur as it made contact with his face.

“I’m going to kill you, like I killed your pets.”

Kyle pressed hard on Sean’s face, and Sean tried to grab his foot. Kyle grabbed the trophy and hit him with all his strength on the other side of the head. Kyle gave a third blow, and then a fourth, a fifth, a sixth blow, until he was sure Sean was dead. The room was eerily silent, only Kyle’s heavy breathing could be heard. Danny got near him, looking at the disfigured face of Sean. From his backpack, Danny pulled out a pair of tweezers, and gave them to Kyle, who leaned over Sean’s body. Danny held open a plastic bag, and Kyle introduced the blood-spattered trophy inside. Kyle lifted one leg and took his sneaker off. Danny held a second bag, in which Kyle deposited the sneaker. Carefully, Kyle put his socked foot outside the blood below. He took his other sneaker off and put it on the bag. Danny sealed the plastic bag, and proceeded to open all the drawers and revolve the insides. Kyle kept watching the gory head of Sean, without blinking. When Danny finished, he left the room, and Kyle went after him, his footsteps light as a cat’s.



Chapter 12


It was ten minutes past ten when Kyle walked in the secret room. Pacing slowly, he opened the lid on Torriero’s cage, and from a small plastic bag, let something fall inside. Torriero yelled as Sean’s little finger touched the floor like a piece of sausage; the last few drops of blood made tiny spots around the finger. The little guy felt sick,

Nikki and Stacey, who were sitting in their cage next to Torriero’s, also yelled in terror.

“You fell for it,” Kyle sniggered. “Any doubts about me now, worm? I killed someone of my size, and it was way too easy. When my friend’s here, I will kill you.”

Danny was getting rid of the plastic bags, including Kyle’s clothes, which he had changed before going back to the room. When he got back, he found Kyle sitting on the desk, his gaze fixed on the cages.

“Done!” Danny said. “No one will found anything.”

“Thanks,” said Kyle.

Danny walked towards Torriero, and looked at him in the eye.

“The funny thing is that he was really nice to the little people,” said Danny. “If only he had found you…”

“We’d have stolen you from him,” added Kyle.

“Yeah, sometimes fate is relentless,” said Danny, seizing Scragg Channels from his cage. “Isn’t that right, faggot?” He squeezed the little man so hard his eyes almost popped out.

“Time to kill,” said Danny.

Kyle jumped from the desk, and plucked Torriero out by a leg. Each boy had their next victim ready to be executed.

“What’s the best death for a school’s principal?” asked Danny.

“Rip his legs and arms off, one by one,” replied Kyle, raising both eyebrows. “Leave him for a few minutes, and then… decapitation.”

“Tempting,” said Danny. “What about burning him alive?”

Channels was moving his head side to side, looking at both boys with sheer terror.

“Or putting him on the refrigerator and deep freeze him.”

“That would be cruel, Kyle.”  

Torriero was still upside down. Kyle lifted him up to his face, smiling perversely. Torriero’s little head was red with the blood concentrating in it.

“Please! I regret every word I told you. Please, stop this!” he shouted.

“Too late, worm. I don’t forgive. You should know that by now.”

“I’ll kill this one first,” said Danny. Channels went frantic, struggling pointlessly in the teenager’s fist. Only his head was out of the grip, and he made a superhuman effort to bite Danny’s flesh. He managed to sink his teeth on the skin, but Danny laughed at his pathetic attempts to get free. The school’s principal finally shouted something.

“Aghhh! Don’t do this boy, I beg you! I don’t deserve this!”

“Shut the fuck up runt,” said Danny. “You’re a school’s principal, and that’s enough for me. And don’t forget your dirty idea of shitting your cage. I wish the kids at your school could see that!”

Channels kept begging and yelling as Danny sat on a chair. The boy watched him spitefully.

“You’re so pathetic.”

“Please, please! What do you want from us?!? What is it that you want?!?”

For a few seconds, Danny looked at him in a curious way, but then followed his lethal impulses. He dropped Channels on the table, who fell on his face breaking some front teeth. Danny took off his jacket, and rolled up his sleeves.

“Let’s see how long you resist,” he said. Kyle watched in vicious expectation.

Danny put a thumb on Channels’ back, pressing him firmly. He grabbed a tiny leg and violently pulled it out. Dark blood started to flood from the stump, and Channels screamed until he hadn’t voice. Quickly, Danny pullet the other leg out. This time, he pressed so hard on the little man’s back that he broke his spine. Channels let out a silent scream, and both Danny and Kyle fully understood their power over the little people.

                Danny turned the Channels’ legless body face up. Tormenter and victim looked at each other, and Danny could see clearly complete defeat in the little human being. Kyle sat next to him, to enjoy better the slaughter. Torriero preferred not to look anymore.

“Rip his arms off,” said Kyle, his small blue eyes gleaming.

In two swift movements that finally knocked Channels into a semi-unconscious state, Danny twisted and pulled out Channels’ little arms. Fearing that the he was going to die from the shock, Danny violently ripped the head off the principal’s flopping torso with a horrible twist on his neck. Danny did it with such brutality that the spine almost went out along with the head. On the desk remained an oddly atrocious display: the legs, arms and head separated from the torso, like a disbanded action figure.

“I’d like to see how you’re gonna beat that, Kyle,” said Danny with sadistic pride.

“Hey, that was my idea!” Kyle lifted Torriero up to his face. Torriero had his eyes shut when Kyle let out a noisy burp, and the little guy sniffed the essence of scrambled eggs with beacon. Kyle opened his fist, and picked up one of he longest sticks. Wielding it, he lodged the end into Torriero’s stomach, impaling him. Torriero grabbed the metallic stick trying to take it out from his body, but Kyle pierced it even more, until he felt the stick touching his palm. He lifted the little man up and observed him, thin lines of blood cascading onto the desk.

                Torriero clenched his teeth, his tiny hands still holding the stick. Kyle rolled him over, leaving him upside down. Torriero let out an ear-splitting howl, and he thought his entrails would go off by themselves. He wished this was a nightmare, and that he would soon wake up from it. Kyle was like hypnotized, watching directly at the little man’s face, then at his stomach crossed by the stick, and Danny could only glare in enjoyment. Kyle got up and paced around the room. He felt ridiculous walking with only one sneaker, so he paused to take it off, along with the sock. The little people were more than shocked; Nikki could not resist anymore and fainted.

“Kyle,” called Danny in an amusing voice, “you’ll have to mop the floor.”

Kyle walked to the cages, and took the stick out of Torriero’s body. He placed him in his mouth, leaving his head sticking out, his teeth resting on Torriero’s neck. The little man was face up, and the last thing he saw was Kyle’s nostrils. Kyle bit the neck, and Torriero’s head fell on the rockers’ cage, rolling across it. They jumped backwards, but then Kyle spat the body out, which almost fell on top of them, sprinkling blood all over. Kyle wiped his mouth, and the boys congratulate each other. They turned the light off and went to bed.

Later, Kyle was dozing off, when Danny told him something he hadn’t thought about much.

“I was thinking,” said Danny, “about the place where they come from. How do they get here from Jump City or that other city they mentioned?”

“Pek Island,” remembered Kyle.

“Yeah. I thought, maybe we could do the process in reverse to go there. Or possibly there’s some kind of entry in the forest.”

“I think is a tunnel,” said Kyle, smiling and thinking on the possibility.

“One of them must know something else…” said Danny.

“The pilot,” suggested Kyle. “He’s got to know.”

“We’ll ask him tomorrow.”

“I hope he refuses to tell us,” said Kyle, smiling.

He yawned, and a little later, they fell asleep.




Chapter 13


Kyle and Danny where in a deep slumber when loud sirens woke them up. Two police cars had arrived at Sean’s house. Apparently, Sean’s parents hadn’t learned that their son had been murdered until midday. It was summer break after all, and they probably thought that Sean was still sleeping, when his mother entered his room and saw the chubby boy lying in a puddle of blood, his head brutally beaten. Danny could see with his binoculars when Sean’s body was taken out in a white bag.

They learned that the police investigators were interrogating all the residents in the area, who weren’t many but included Danny’s parents. Kyle and Danny decided to keep things cool, and they began working on an inoffensive water balloon launcher in the backyard. Later that afternoon, two police officers went to Danny’s house and talked to his parents for a few minutes. They asked to see Danny, but Kyle was never mentioned. He was right, and felt proud of it. Who would connect him with Sean?

“What did they say?” asked Kyle, after the officers left.

“Nah, they wanted to know if we’d had seen strangers around here. None of us ever talked to Sean after all, his parents barely know mine, and we never had visited that house before…”

Both boys made an effort to silence a laugh, and they almost failed upon hearing Danny’s mother commenting on the barbaric act of the killer cutting Sean’s little finger.        They kept working on the launcher, until Kyle went back to his house. He never had much supervision over him, so nobody asked more annoying questions about the murder and the like. He was as happy as always.


                Danny decided to begin his particular interrogations to the little people. He saw that some of the cages were getting really dirty, so he moved the remaining captives onto clean ones. He didn’t want them to get sick and die from the unhygienic conditions, nor for underfeeding. So, to stimulate them and make them feel better (as if only fairly sad things had happened in the last few days), in addition to the moving, he provided them fresh water, and bits of bread, sausage and apple. It was the first time in weeks that the little people had a decent meal, which they welcomed with joy under the circumstances. Danny almost felt sorry for them.

                Danny was especially kind to Dieter Phillips, the second pilot. He put him in a single cage, with no wooden litter, and gave him an extra portion of food. He observed them while eating, taking the food with their tiny hands. How pathetic, Danny thought.

“Very well,” he said. “Time for a little chat.” He picked up Phillips and carried him out of the cage. After depositing gently on the part of the desk with no blood stains, Danny sat on his chair and crossed his fingers, putting himself very close to the little man.

“Consider yourself lucky to be treated like this,” Danny told him. “Be honest and things may get better for you.”

The little man nodded, wondering what on earth his keeper wanted.

“I want to know how you got here.”

Phillips wasn’t very sure what to say. Why does he want to know?

“I-I, I mean, we just lost control of the aircraft. We were heading to The Bay, and there was this light from nowhere … a whirling light. Yes, that’s it. Then the plane crashed onto that big tree. Luckily none of us…” He stopped his brief tale, looking down desolately.

Danny was getting angry. He knew the little man was telling the truth, that he didn’t have the chance to explore the surrounds. He fought a sudden urge to swat him away like a fly, but he just put him back on the cage and snatched the last little man left from the group he had caught. I am so stupid, he thought, remembering that Ratner or Wally could have informed him better. Even the nerdy Sean could have been useful under pressure, but now it was too late.

“You were in the forest too. Did you see anything unusual?”

Bink Hinkelman wore the cheery smile he had worn his whole life, thought this time it wasn’t for entertain an audience.

“Whoa, everything was so extraordinary, you know, gigantic trees and tall grass, rocks like houses, you know, big bushes and all sort of terrifying creatures chasing after us, this squirrel got very close to me once…”

“Stop being stupid, little man. I’m talking about the light that you saw before crashing here.”

“The light, uh, we didn’t see that light anymore…then, we were really busy trying to survive.”

“Are you telling the truth? Or do I have to be more persuasive?”

Bink didn’t answer. Danny heard a vague police siren in the distance, and the doorbell upstairs. He seized Binkelman, and put them in his cage, storming out of the room. 

The police had come again to bring some photographs of suspects, and for making new questions. Danny thought they were rather clueless about the murder. However, from this day on, Danny saw many officers in the area, including the woods. Kyle kept coming to Danny’s home, and both boys decided to act as normal as possible, except that they didn’t go back to the secret room in order to be alert. They even talked to some police officers, and Danny once said hello to Sean’s father, faking a sad expression.

After a few days of this, things were taking their normal routine again. Danny had left plenty of food in the cages, so he hadn’t checked the little prisoners in the last 24 hours. The room was sealed, and nobody could walk in, or walk out. 






Chapter 14


                Danny always was a cool-headed boy, but he did some things erratically in the last hours. When he and Kyle entered the secret room, they lost their haughty smirk. Their eyes were fixed on the rockers’ cage, whose lid was open. But the worrying fact was that one of them had managed to escape!

                Danny strode to the cage, brutally knocking down Talan and Phyllis as his hand rummaged about. He toppled the miniature tower that the little people had raised with the three canisters, making a mess of food, water and poop. Kyle spun around, scanning the room. Then he stalked forward and crouched, peering under the shelves, reaching beneath and groping fruitlessly. Both boys began to feel really agitated. Danny engulfed Talan and Phyllis and brought them to his face.

“Where’s he?” he spat angrily.

The little people were compressed together in the powerful fist, unable to speak clearly. Phyllis managed to say something, out of pure fear.

“He-he went out!”

Kyle quickly stalked through the door. Danny kept squeezing his fist in cold fury, but restraining himself so the little men would be alive for the punishment. Kyle returned, closing the door behind him.

“He’s not in the basement, and he definitely could not climb up the stairs,” he concluded.

“So he’s still here,” said Danny, looking around.

“Or maybe a rat found him,” said Kyle.

“There aren’t rats in this house, Kyle. He’s still here.”

Danny carelessly dropped Talan and Phyllis on their cage. He crouched down and he saw the little fugitive: hidden behind the shelf’s last leg. Danny extended his arm under the shelf, but Blake was very far for reaching.

“He’s there, close to the wall,” he said, getting up. “But I can’t reach him. Let’s see if we can move this.”


They couldn’t. The shelf was big and heavy, and it was actually fastened to the next shelf.

“I know what we can do,” said Kyle. He picked Phyllis up and put him on the floor. Phyllis tried to run away towards Blake, but Kyle knocked him down and put his sneaker over his legs.

“That’s it, runt,” said Kyle sadistically, “fight for your life. You won’t last long.”

Kyle twisted his foot, crushing Phyllis’ legs, who reached out a hand towards Blake, screaming for help.

“Get out of there, little one, or I’ll turn your friend into jelly!”

Blake didn’t get out, and Phyllis tried to yell, but he disappeared beneath the sneaker, and only faint howls came out from him. Kyle lifted off his foot and crouched down. He positioned Phyllis’ face right in front of Blake.

“If you wanna make him suffer, take off your sneaker Kyle, and just put your barefoot over him. Your feet reek!”

Kyle sneered and took a sneaker and a sock off. His foot was whiter and hotter, as they are when you just have taken off a shoe. He pressed it onto Phyllis’ body, and the little rocker felt the heat and the potent stench overcome him along with the sweat. A cold bolt of fear shot through Blake then, and it intensified when he heard another anguished scream from Phyllis. He saw Kyle’s big toe over Phyllis’ head.

Kyle was killing his victim, slowly and excruciatingly. Blake could not resist it anymore, and feeling terribly guilty he ran towards Kyle’s foot, crashing into it, trying to lift it up in a desperate attempt to save his mate. With pure malice, Kyle pressed harder, grinning as he exerted more force. Blake didn’t let go, but he fell backwards as Kyle twisted his foot side to side, putting his whole weight on Phyllis in a sickening crunch, blood flowing out from under his sole. Kyle removed his foot, and the sight was unbearable. Phyllis was just guts, bones and shredded clothes merged in a mangles mess that made Blake throw up all the food he had consumed earlier. Kyle and Danny surveyed the scene and laughed nastily.

“That was a very stupid move,” Danny told Blake. “The pain you’ll endure won’t be worth it.” Blake had just looked up when Danny’s sneaker smashed on top of him, the dusty sole compressing his body to the ground. Danny got excited with the crushing, and he lifted his foot up and took the sneaker and the sock off. He placed his bare foot over Blake and pinned him under the sticky, hot sole.

“Lick my sole, worm!” he commanded. Kyle just laughed more. He turned his head to the desk and saw that Talan was running into the edge, ready to jump, but Kyle caught him just in time.

“Your life is mine, bug!” said Kyle, awkwardly clutching Talan in his fist.

“What is it?” asked Danny, momentarily stopping the crushing. Blake cringed even more at the feeling and odor. Danny’s smell was so bad, he almost passed out.

“This little bastard wanted to jump to his death.”

“Kill him!” snapped Danny.

“I’ll swallow him whole and he’ll die in my burning stomach acid!” sentenced Kyle. He shoved Talan into his mouth, and the little man found himself in hot, humid darkness. Kyle waited for a few seconds, feeling Talan’s last movements inside his mouth. Then he tilted his head back and swallowed him in one piece. Danny saw as the little bump went down throughout Kyle’s neck. Talan was so small that for Kyle was really easy swallowing him. For the young slaughterer this was a fantastic experience.

“I can’t feel you licking my sole, bug!” Danny said, but Blake couldn’t manage to do it. Delighted in the feel of his prisoner squelching beneath his big foot like a worm, Danny could not hear the last squeaky screams as Blake’s bones began breaking. Danny grinded Blake into the ground, crushing him like an undersized banana.

“Done,” said Danny. “Squished flat!” His words shook the insides of those still alive in the cage.

“So, did you find out anything interesting?”

“Nah, they don’t know much,” replied Danny looking at the cages.

“They may be lying,” said Kyle maliciously.

“I don’t think so. But you never know for sure…”


Kyle enclosed the pilot in a fist, and walked to the desk, leaving a couple of grimy footprints on the ground.

“Do you have something to say, little man?” asked Kyle, but Phillips was all pleadings.

“I swear to you, I don’t know anything else! Have mercy!”

But mercy had lost its meaning for Kyle and Danny. Period. Danny got up.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, leaving the room. Phillips was trembling.

“I promise, you’re going to shit your pants little man,” Kyle told him. “Meanwhile, let me give you something to think about.” Kyle opened his hand, and twisted Phillips’ left arm, breaking it. Phillips yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Be grateful I didn’t pull it off, bug.”

Danny walked in with a wooden plate and a roll of sticky tape in his hands.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said. Phillips was panting, but Danny took him from Kyle’s hand and stuck him to the plate with a piece of tape, his arm aching terribly. 

The plate was on top of another plate of the same size. Danny began to spin it very fast. He and Kyle found this very funny, and both were laughing blissfully. They looked like normal teenagers enjoying a game of air hockey. After a few minutes, Danny suddenly stopped the spinning plate, and ripped the tape off Phillips, tearing his clothes up. Phillips laid down on the plate, with cold sweat all over his body and his face paler than ever. Danny lifted him up by his head and put him on his feet. Phillips just gave a couple of steps before he stumbled and fell over, yelling for his broken arm. Danny and Kyle laughed even more.

“Why are you screaming, little man? Does that hurt too?”

“I broke his arm,” said Kyle, still laughing. “By the way,” he continued, calmer, “I like that wheel.”

“Yeah, me too. You know, we have to go back to the forest,” said Danny. “We need to catch more.”

“Sure we will. I have a couple of ideas by the time we find more. Right now, I think this little bug needs to warm up a bit. Would you stick him again on the plate? Let me look for something in the basement.” Danny picked up Phillips from the desk, eagerly awaiting Kyle’s next brutality.






Chapter 15


                Kyle got back with a matchbox and a bottle of gasoline. He locked the door and poured out a gush of the reddish liquid on Phillips, who was more conscious now and began to choke and shriek. Danny had put two pieces of tape over the little man, one pinning him on his chest and arms, and the other on the legs.

“OK Danny,” Kyle said when he finished. “Make it spin!”

Danny gave the plate a strong turn, making it spinning very fast. Kyle lighted a match and threw it on the wooden plate. It burst in flames, the fire enclosing at once the unfortunate Phillips in the roulette from hell. Phillips let out his last yelps, and Danny jumped from his chair as the fire expanded. Phillips could see them through the flames, like a pair of teenager demons. He fixed his last stare in the shining skull that hanged from Kyle’s neckchain.

 Kyle loved the moment, until Danny put out the flames to avoid the entire desk from catching fire. Phillips had become a black curled form.

“He looks yummy,” said Kyle, grinning.

“Would you dare to eat him?” asked Danny, as he dispersed the smoke with his hands.

“Nah, the tape just got melted on him.”

“I’m still hungry,” said Danny.

“Eat the bug girls, then,” suggested Kyle.

Danny went to the cages and plucked out Nikki and Stacey. He was hesitant nevertheless, as the two girls supplicated for their lives. 

“What?” asked Kyle. “Are you afraid?”

“Of course not. It’s just…”

“What?” asked Kyle again.

“Maybe if I cook them.”

“Oh, just eat ‘em, Danny. Alive. That’s the fun of it.”

“With no clothes, then” said Danny.

“Let me help you.”


Danny transferred Nikki to Kyle’s hand, and they began hurriedly to tear the clothes off the little girls, not taking any care not to hurt them. Nikki and Stacey babbled in squeaky voices, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. When the boys finished, Danny placed the tiny female form head-first onto his tongue and drew it in so only the kicking legs could be seen. Stacey shrieked, struggling with manic strength to no avail. With a strong slurp, the legs vanished. In Kyle’s fist, Nikki jerked spastically, as if she had been shocked by an electrical charge. Danny opened his mouth for a second, allowing Stacey’s gut-wrenching screams of terror to come out, and then slammed his lips shut again. He almost spat the girl out as he laughed. Kyle observed him with a look of sadistic lust on his face.

                Danny simply enjoyed the feel of the hot, slippery little body thrashing around in his mouth. He chewed Stacey up, and the little body burst out in viscera and blood. Danny savored her, swallowing the pulp in single gulp.

“Not bad,” he said, his teeth stained with blood. “Not bad at all.” He grasped Nikki from Kyle’s hand.

“But I’m going to try something else.” Gripping her torso firmly between his fingers, he twisted it and ripped it off, snapping Nikki in half.

“Here,” he told Kyle. “Try the blood.” Kyle’s lips closed around the lower part of Nikki and began to suck. Nikki had passed out, but Danny didn’t care. He locked his mouth tight around her waist, and began to suck, too. Blood flowed down the boys’ throat, more and more with every suck, until they drained the last few drops. Nikki had become two whitish, shriveled halves, which Kyle and Danny ate in a single bite.

“Blood is good,” said Kyle, his lips shining.

“Absolutely,” added Danny.

They licked the blood off their lips and turned towards the last little man.

Bink Hinkelman looked to his right and left, seeing the now empty cages. In front of him, Kyle and Danny were standing. Bink saw the young faces, and for a split second they seemed like the faces of two irreproachable, nice boys. But then Kyle spoke.

“Right now little shit, you’re more worthless than ever.”

“Your life is as insignificant as a flea’s,” said Danny. “We really don’t know what to do with you.”

“That’s low, bug. Even for you,” added Kyle.

“We wouldn’t care if you die of hunger down here. We may well go upstairs and forget about you.”

“We could let you go, too.”

“But somebody would catch you and you could tell all.”

Bink shook his head. “I promise I won’t!” he shouted.

“I’m afraid we can’t hear you, bug,” said Kyle. “It doesn’t matter. We’re gonna kill you. I’ll squash with my barefoot, so I’ll feel it,” said Kyle, his eyebrows rising. He seized him and dropped him onto the floor, not from too high so Bink would be okay for being crushed. Danny cruelly kicked him. Bink landed on top of Kyle’s foot.

“You look so pathetic from here, bug,” said Kyle.

“The most insignificant being I’ve ever seen,” said Danny.

Kyle shook him off is foot and Bink fell painfully.

“Pulverize him, Kyle!”

Bink let out a high pitched yelp as Kyle’s smooth sole smashed down onto him. Kyle pressed his foot against the tiny body, the limbs giving way to the power of the giant teenager. With a last grind Bink Hinkelman was reduced to nothing more than a bloody smear on the floor. Kyle smiled contently. “Sucker!” he snapped.

They put their shoes on, and mechanically began to clean the room, well enough to hide the evidence of the massacre. Danny couldn’t take off the blood stains from the desk, so he painted it. They left the room, which stayed again in darkness.

“I hate cleaning,” snorted Kyle as they went out to the street.

“When we’ll be back to the woods?” asked Danny.

“Tonight,” answered Kyle. “Now I’m going to graffiti the Retirement’s House.”

“They’re gonna know it was you who put it on. You always write ‘Kyle rules,’” said Danny smiling.

“It lets people know who rules,” replied Kyle.



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